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Break my stupid shit, assholes.

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I've been working on a little city builder thing. Placing roads makes buildings spawn, adding services increases their height. Height = score, surpass the next score target and get more roads and/or a choice of services. The buttons on the left let you see the effect of those services individually.

This is at the proof of concept phase, eventually I want to add terrain to make it an actual game.


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Scrolling seemed a bit off, didn't always respond. That might just be me being a derp though.

When I tried to summon Godzilla it didn't work.

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sorry for the delay meant to do this but got sidetracked.

When I try it everything only has height when i select the individual services.

ie everythings totally flat all the time except the main service buildings. they only rise up when i select each service. i'm guessing from your description and the picture they are meant to be up all the time and reduce to the subsiduary parts when you select an item.

I didnt have any issues with scrolling or rotating etc.

I saw you'd been playing islanders recently which is probably helping with some inspiration (though different setting)


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