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Fibre Broadband

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TLDR: I have bought a modem and router to replace Plusnet's fibre combined modem/router and hope it will improve my internet, please validate or criticise my life choice.


I moved house Jan 17, our new house had a BT telephone line socket in the garage, which is located to the side of the main house. The phone line had no dial tone, the previous owners were old people who had lived in the house since it was built in the late 60s and apparently communicated without the use of post 19th century technology(or used a mobile whatever). After 6 weeks of Plusnet losing my install request(great start) the first Openreach engineer visited and got the socket connected to the cabinet and some internet was had.

For the next 3 month my internet was existent but terrible, so Openreach engineer number 2 arrives and detects a whole load of noise on the line and plays with the cabinet and confirmed we now have a stable connection, this is approximately June last year.

Since June last year we have had on average an internet dropout 3-4 times a day, coupled with average speedtest results via ethernet cable of about 30-35MB (on an 80MB fibre deal with minimum of 50MB). In that time another engineer visited and confirmed the line was fine. I have also had a new Plusnet Modem/router (Plusnet Hub One) delivered last week which did not resolve the issue. Plusnet have ran out of options as the line tests are all fine and I have a new router.

I have since done some research and it seems the free router that most Openreach ISPs give you is pants, especially if you have an old phone line and are not right next to your local cabinet. Apparently their ability as a modem is worse than the old Openreach seperate modems. Additionally as my router is in the garage my wifi coverage is not great in the house.

My overall home network requirements, are my PC which I connect to the Hub via powerline, then an average of 2 mobile phones, 2 tablets, smart TV, alexa, Hue lights in the sitting room all via wifi.

My Proposed Solution:

I have ordered a Dray Tek Vigor 130 Modem and an ASUS RT-AC66U router. I intend to keep the modem in the garage, then put the router next to my PC in the center of house. I intend to connect the modem and router using my existing Netgear 500Mbps Powerline connection. I have no idea if that will work in that configuration, worst case I put the router in the garage as well.

Links to equipment:

Modem: https://www.amazon.co.uk/DrayTek-Vigor-ADSL-Ethernet-Modem/dp/B00F9E5LQA


Powerline: https://www.amazon.co.uk/NETGEAR-XAVB5421-100UKS-Powerline-Adapter-Outlet/dp/B00QV8DRV4

Does anyone have experience of doing something similar?

The one benefit of all this, as while my fibre broadband has been crap, their customer service has always been good and best of all it has now been free for over a year while they resolve this.



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Those wanting another fibrous treat in this thread I shall give you an update.

New gear is installed, drop outs are reduced but still daily and WiFi coverage is improved, however still getting slow speeds on the line.

Plusnet have agreed it is the line and they have given me an extra £50 compensation and another 2 free months ahead. 

They have escalated again openreach so I expect another engineer in the coming weeks.

At this point I would like a new line installed but see this as unlikely due to cost.

Could be a SHINE issue so will need acquire an AM radio receiver to do some interference detective work.

I'm hoping there is a faulty relay somewhere upstream that previous engineers have missed but I see that as unlikely.

I also wish cable was on option but it isn't available out in the countryside. And if this isn't fixed in a few years there is always 5g mobile technology to look forward to.


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I assume you've verified that it's the actual modem dropping out and not just an issue with Powerline?

These things can be horrible to troubleshoot.

I can post you some internet on a USB stick.

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USB stick via DHL is pretty hard to compete with in terms of data transfer, ping not so great.

Regarding powerline, I have tested with the modem and router connected direct into the master socket and laptop connected via cat 5e cable.

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