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  1. Hey, we totally had like, 6 warriors online last evening.
  2. im at 8/11 transmogs from the chain alone already (incl. gloves), but thanks. seems quite easy to get the full set as the assaults youll have to farm for cloak and mothers research dropp them on the regular.
  3. Hey now, this raid has to last for about a full year and a half, it better be lenghty enough to provide entertainment for months to come! The loot certainly wont do, as i want, in total, 2 items from there. all the azerite traits are ass and the nzoth 2h sword is for fury warrs/blood dks only (GJ with the hp scaling dmg proc blizz, real nice thinking there). But hey, at least i get to farm for yet another gethikku! Why did i ever even spent any amount of time in bfa outside of kings rest in the first place! At least the "free" catchup gear this time uses the LFR tier set models, so ill never have to bother going there.
  4. Heads up for all of them engineers who were looking foward to your new INFINITE PROGRESSION ITEM: the stupid legendary cloak cant be equipped with a goblin glider. im contemplating to just keep on using my 450 and whatever upgrade i get from mythics instead, given that the loottables still have 50% cloaks anyways. great design blizz! also: anyone with a max lvl alliance (and horde) character willing to help me get the "servant of nzoth" quest done? gotta kill 10 allies and then 10 horde for the good ol' "hostile to everyone"-item of this xpac (i.e. censer in mop+wod, feather in legion) and im too shit to actually kill ppl in a real fight as prot or arms.
  5. silly mage, i never clarified WHICH raid! AHAHAHAH!
  6. Alright, 8.3 tomorrow! Raid on thursdays with a full vulpera team? clearly everyone is going to racechange into the furry menace right away afterall.
  7. Given that i basically only play solo ill see how i can make it work in... 6 days ish? when all my stuff is build. 15 argon tho, damn. thats a lot of void for a day. the only resource even i dont have thousands off, damn you halflife! first of all ill be spending the next few days fapping to ivara prime tho, thatll keep me busy for the forseeable future.
  8. i took me one full week of scouring our dojo to find the bloody dry dock. ONE FULL WEEK. youd think itd be a challenge to hide an area the size of a soccer stadium in a space station, but you sure managed, BAH! accordingly, i couldnt even try railjack yet, so ill hold of my judgement. seems like its just archwing in planetary orbit, tho Also: the railjack login captura is one of the worst ive ever seen. mostly the mag. that stupid pose makes it really obvious she suffers from hank-hill syndrome. why not use ember, valk, whis or ivara instead. theyve got the proper assets!
  9. But im like, level 20 already! rerolling now would take 1-2 months just to hit the same lvl again! and youre horde, arent you.. doing horde-side lvling for the 26th character is about as thrilling a prospect as.. playing retail.
  10. I really wish i could bring myself to play classic, but everytime i log in i just.. log back out. tho to be fair, retail is no different currently. except that i look more sexy.
  11. it is indeed quite nice, about a lvl or more for a single AV regardless of what you actually do in there. everyones scaled to 60 so even alts can perform perfectly well. as azerite traits are completly worthless anyways.
  12. Yes, ive been varying my gear and frame each time. The element has to be radiation, so i can only chose 1 out of 7 frames which i keep rotating, and the loadout is usually just a single melee wpn and no other slots to speedrun adaro for a larva proc, so far rotated atterax - gram p - guandao - cassowar - p kripath. for my last lich i went with a full mk-1 setup and got a non-repeat at least (seer). All i really want is a karak or a quartakk (or a brakk with a non-minimum roll ffs) but oh well. at least my foundry is full of tonkors now.. which i wont even bother accepting. i tried running some jupiter nodes for the larva/lich spawn aswell, but given adaro has, aside from the 4 tonkors, given me two ogris and one brakk, the mission does not seem to be a wpn seed itself, at best weighted? maybe i should put varying karaks as my rifle..
  13. 6th lich, 4rth tonkor. what the fuck.
  14. Hey now, i tried to balance it, i.e. my first line: great visual assets! which even i cannot deny. everything is still subject to change anyways, i wouldnt really give a lot about the details of the shown essences so far (the prot paladin one would be hilarious on live, avengers shield on all targets within 30 yards + bounces and aoe explosions? prot palas could time m20s in a single pull on their own with it) my only really worrying issue is ions comment: "we wont do any class overhauls". Well, great, so everything will stay shit and unfun then? i really love how my entire prot "rotation" is pressing thunderclap for 20mins straight, or how 50% of my arms dps is an auto attack bleed while my "mortal strike" and "execute" crit for 20k in 440gear with a 430 gethiku, while getting smacked in the face for 100k templar strikes.
  15. So, one year later, and noones gonna comment about this years blizzcon? Look at all the new announcements for wow! Such as: great visual assets! more pruning! more anima power grind! hurray for AP! its never going to stop, EVER. essences gone but replaced with covenant essences that you cannot change on the fly anymore! or, infact, at all, given that they want to make it "expensive and time consuming"! player agency! lvl squish inspired by classics resounding success! also inspired by classic: more stuff on the gcd, and max 1 active ability for all classes! and i guess the entire story of the last 8 xpacs has been retconned and pointless so far, given that everyone who ever died is infact just a hearthstone-distance away. noones ever really gone, eh?
  16. technically, ive got a dk tank! but in barely 320 gear, so i doubt he can actually survive legion content.
  17. katou danzo is also damn great, bloody hell. doll/robot joints! but, saving, yes. im more concerned by shutens rate up given how hard i already tried to get her on every single other rate-up so far.. mind of steel indeed. either way, shimousa was quite fun in my opionion, a few typos/mistranslations aside! and i only had to "cheat" a single time with a non-knight team, vs the shuten+raiko matchup. complete bullshit fight, lets give an ai the aoe cc with a base cd of 7, except make it have a cd of 0 instead! surely thats fair! nevermind getting 1shot by amped berserker crits! arrrggg. shame salems bond-boost is utter nonsense, only applying to casters. no variation allowed, good luck finishing all fights with 6 casters. at least theres no "forced-useless-npc-frontline" fights.
  18. Hey, the dialogue and the torturer boss are ingame, just probably.. subject to change.. for shame. Also: the final pet battel dungeon: BRD!
  19. Should be up on ptr soon as they already have the nlyalotha isles and boss models and everything... also datamined: DK assets for all allied races -> next xpac wrath of the lich king (banshee queen) 2.0 ? and a personal favourite: Spoilers!
  20. never mind grievous, im sure the new seasonal affix will be way better than void-emissary week at least. Ofc, given its the last content patch they might just go all out.. and simply combine the last three seasonal affixes into one. so you get reaping waves + ghuun infest emissaries at the same time!
  21. im sure itll work great in combo with grievous! heal em over 90%, but be careful not to hit 100.00001%!
  22. damn shame. i do LOVE tomoes design and the sprite is godlike, but after the summer disaster of 516sq for NOTHING im on full savings mode till abi/eresh, with nothing to spare. fortunately, the actual character is also not really intresting, so i can delude myself into not feeling too bad about it. couldnt care less about musashi to begin with.
  23. id imagine, but which curse you get is apparently random, and we dont know if those curses are all there is so far. given that you could just as likely end up with the 25% heal absorb on overheal (better not have any leech on gear/azerite traits on pull! 100dmg overheal = 150k healing gone) , the mechanic seems more worriesome than anything. the curses in general seem badly balanced, the "focus 1 target or -10%!" or any of the killing blow effects are non-issues on raid bosses, but will ruin your m+ runs. the fear seems completely unusable unless you have a fearbreak (with a lower cd than its internal proc rate), as does the 50% slow. The "spawn a thing from below" seems intresting mind you.. how will the dmg work? is it ignoreable? does it scale with m+ modifiers? are the spawns targetable? use two so you can always have 3 target aoe and let the healer deal with dmg you take but do crazy aoe dps even on single target fights!
  24. Im still looking for the "fun" part on all of that ptr stuff.. theres some tank nerfs, mostly brewmasters, no gcd changes, MORE ap grind, and uh.. oh yes, more island expeditions in the "nightmare visions of nzoth" - but those seem to scale with player count.. all the way down to 1! so ill just solo em i guess.
  25. hey, theres a quest at 70 to unlock your bigger azerite-fireball animation (rank4) in which you get to kill not-sinestra. because there must always be a... chromatic flight dragon consort for deathwing who died quite a long time, sister to ultraxion, who just figured nows the perfect time to get put down. also quite fancy: "corrupted" rings in 8.3, those give an flat 2% dmg/healing in addition to their base stats, but also come with a downside, such as: (edit: see picture) apparently they also want to "change" titanforges due to old gods assaults on the literal titan-forges out in the world, i.e. old.god-forged, madness forged, or hell, cursed. given the above, id wager you get those (or similar effects) as a trade-off for the increased power of the item.. so your new loot can be +15 ilvls, but completely unequipable instead! people are gonna love that!