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  1. To be fair, that was mostly the tanks fault for dragging her out of the frost orbs CONSTANTLY. with proper (non)-movement, our dps wouldve trippled, nay, quadruppled! and wed have killed her on our first 20% pull with ignoring all mechanics. But great job either way, hardest boss in the game ever down! also, lovely raid in general, way better than BoD i feel.
  2. Well, blizz seems to disagree and not only balances entirely around the mdi, they designed the 5mans with only those guys in mind in the first place. compare it to the legion mdi - s1 had all 4 tanks in the finals, and a healthy mix of dps classes all over - it was considered a "silly comp" to even use two of the same dps specs. a single team ran double arms warr due to teh set bonus for a single instance - eye of aszhara. s2 was a bit less diverse in regards to the tanks, as 70% of the ppl ran blood dks. there were still a few droods for their super tankiness, palas for utility, and everyone used prot warrs for their niche spell reflect in upper kara (that one also had a single 1prot + 4! ww run, but that was mostly for entertainment). dps was all over the place, with everyone playing the class they felt most comfortable with. they even had different strats - in the deciding match in s1, one team ran a resto drood to stealth past the entire demon wing while the rest of the party died on purpose at the bottom of the stairs past spider boss only to get mass rezzed to the felguard boss - this was considered the optimal strat - but they lost to the other team that just cleared and skipped some trash in the rest of the instance instead. that makes for good and entertaining to watch races. compare this to bfa mdi: s1: 1prot 2outlaw 1ww 1resto; s2: 1prot 3outlaw 1resto. all pulls are identical, only difference is how many rogues hit the 5buff jackpot on roll the bones. its just not fun to watch at all. and if blizz wants this the be a "viewership-esport" it should be first of all one thing: entertaning. and bfa class and dungeon design simply doesnt allow for that.
  3. Just do em on lfr, haha...good times. boss7, zaqul, is super easy tho. Ashzara on the other hand...
  4. Frankly, its not even shroud thats the problem. its is merely used extensivly in UR where they actually employ all three of them. And even then, the rogues utility simply makes 3 out of 4 bosses a joke. 3 melee for interrupts on boss #1 + the tank = not a single successfull spellcast. 3 ppl with a 20sec cd sprint (+the drood in catform) for the tantrums on boss #2 = no adds. boss #3 with three rogues so sprint and clos nullify every single shroom explosion. their sustain with vial is also top. They didnt use shroud at all in several instances, most notably waycrest and temple. the rest was usually done with a single shroud. motherload after boss #1, deathrun after boss#2 (masterminds have true sight), kings rest bridge skip, shrine bridge skip, etc. etc. Shroud is really just a very small part of why rogues reign supreme. Consider this: the (void) emissaries see shroud and are "randomly" placed through all instsances. did this in any way change the groups from last season? well, it did, they went from two to three rogues per group. The dps aside (which they also happen to be #1 on aoe, wtf. bladeflurry = ALL TARGETS; sweeping strikes = 1 target. thanks blizz), rogues have virtually not been pruned, some fancy passive effects aside. they have more utility than the next best 5 classes combined. simply talking about trash interrupts, which are damn important these days: kick, gouge, shotgun finisher, blind, clos and vanish to avoid. Compared to say: counterspell on a 30sec cd. and thats PER ROGUE. I dont know if youve seen the qualifier runs on the live servers btw, but the most impressive was a freaking 13minutes!!! freehold, with rogues doing all the work. what happened: all rogues stealthed ahead, sap&blind all caster mobs and misdirected (tricks) the rest, pure melee mobs to the tank who can survive pure basic melee mobs just fine -> blew those up, vanish+shadowmeld to reset the casters. No other class can hope do what rogues can and bring to a 5m. resto drood are a close 2nd tho.
  5. And people wonder why resto droods with their nonstop frontloaded + no downtime hots (and brez, dps, mobility, cc and mana efficency) are the preferred m+ healers... Sharp is right tho, warrs are largely irrelevant and outclassed in m+ these days, the mdi only runs warrs tanks cause no NE paladins - need that shadowmeld to skip 80% of the instance trash
  6. Everyone died. So it wasnt fine at all! the "proper way" worked out tho, so no big issues overall. and now lets all look forward to the fun week of tyrant + bursting + necro, where every pull will end with 4 stacks of bursting on a tank with 80% healing reduction and a disc priest with no target to dps/heal! itll be great, im sure
  7. Oh well, as expected, no raid last evening.. but at least we got a few 10s done. Crazy how much more difficult grievous makes everything. Tyrannical was virtually smooth sailing in comparison.
  8. Yes, i can imagine cragmaw is a nightmare, i remember doing that in s2 with both nacey and you at alternate points. good fun! Also, Atal9 for a key, which isnt actually all that easy with tyrant for the poison + last boss. Still should be doable, if ppl can be bothered at any point this week!
  9. that is true, your damages were OUT THERE. why even bother with "real" dps classes when discs can do 28k+ single target dps while 2healing the hardest mythic boss in the game at 430 ilvl.
  10. Clearly. only dps warrs tho, my best "defensive" cooldown puts me at 660k hp and that makes grievous hurt way too much. should be changed to physical dmg reduced by armor tbh. wish i had that raid essence for +7.5k armor, that would be so sexy.
  11. Will you look at that. The tripple warrior (+ two other guys) team DOMINATED some m+ last evening. First impression of beguiling: horrid. the reflect and the cc emissary seem manageable, if somewhat of a waste of time. The shadow guy however can get fucked. sarah had to essentially solo the only one we could not avoid as the spell cast is way too fast for melee to jump in - hit it - jump out. Mightve been a grievous issue as i can seen maybe only dodging every 2nd cast without that horrible debuff, but having everyone on 4 stacks right away is just not manageable. but at least we have the horrible fort + grievous combo out of the way for a while.. as we had it twice in three weeks. tyrant grievous up next id imagine!
  12. Hating this patch so far. but mechagon is indeed a cool dungeon. shame we wont get the m+ version anytime soon, seeing as at least normal mecha gets easier by the minute and can be 4manned essentially. hardmode ofc needs some 440 ilvl on everyone first id imagine.
  13. Well, that heroic warfront is quite a lot easier than i imagined, aside from the very first push, nothing actually happened. As Mark said, if you live through the first 5mins, you win. Still, bit of a shame we didnt proceed with palace.. id love that essence. takes 54 of those reliquaries to upgrade, and normal gives 9 per week on a full clear. lfr only 3! (max 2 currently, final wing when?) but then again, who even cares about max dps or stuff like that, im running vision as a dps for fun which actually sims negative... funny when a skill is so bad you actually lose dps for using it, isnt it. yay bfa class design!
  14. gotta love the benthic lottery.. i spent about 300 pearls on pants by now but didnt get a single pair of haste + socket.. no luck on boots yet either. fortunately i can use my alts to buy all the tokens and send em to welsper who keeps his growing stack of 300+ pearls by now to upgrade that stuff to the max right away, once i roll the good socketed base. im a bit annoyed that a socket gives + 10-15 ilvls worth of stats, which means while i perform like a 430+ ilvl, ill have the stamina and well, ilvl of some undergeared 420ish noob. how the hell am i sposed to get into pugs like that.
  15. Amusing essence related hotfix for 5mans today! due to dps having access to rank3 dps essences by now, and the ridicolous dps gain from stuff like lazer, tank threat has once again been increased by up to 300% (100% per 3% sta node on your neck). clearly a better solution than just not spec-locking the good stuff, greying out fun essences is perfectly in line with ions vision of super-pruned gcd-locked gameplay, wooo!