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  1. katou danzo is also damn great, bloody hell. doll/robot joints! but, saving, yes. im more concerned by shutens rate up given how hard i already tried to get her on every single other rate-up so far.. mind of steel indeed. either way, shimousa was quite fun in my opionion, a few typos/mistranslations aside! and i only had to "cheat" a single time with a non-knight team, vs the shuten+raiko matchup. complete bullshit fight, lets give an ai the aoe cc with a base cd of 7, except make it have a cd of 0 instead! surely thats fair! nevermind getting 1shot by amped berserker crits! arrrggg. shame salems bond-boost is utter nonsense, only applying to casters. no variation allowed, good luck finishing all fights with 6 casters. at least theres no "forced-useless-npc-frontline" fights.
  2. Hey, the dialogue and the torturer boss are ingame, just probably.. subject to change.. for shame. Also: the final pet battel dungeon: BRD!
  3. Should be up on ptr soon as they already have the nlyalotha isles and boss models and everything... also datamined: DK assets for all allied races -> next xpac wrath of the lich king (banshee queen) 2.0 ? and a personal favourite: Spoilers!
  4. never mind grievous, im sure the new seasonal affix will be way better than void-emissary week at least. Ofc, given its the last content patch they might just go all out.. and simply combine the last three seasonal affixes into one. so you get reaping waves + ghuun infest emissaries at the same time!
  5. im sure itll work great in combo with grievous! heal em over 90%, but be careful not to hit 100.00001%!
  6. damn shame. i do LOVE tomoes design and the sprite is godlike, but after the summer disaster of 516sq for NOTHING im on full savings mode till abi/eresh, with nothing to spare. fortunately, the actual character is also not really intresting, so i can delude myself into not feeling too bad about it. couldnt care less about musashi to begin with.
  7. id imagine, but which curse you get is apparently random, and we dont know if those curses are all there is so far. given that you could just as likely end up with the 25% heal absorb on overheal (better not have any leech on gear/azerite traits on pull! 100dmg overheal = 150k healing gone) , the mechanic seems more worriesome than anything. the curses in general seem badly balanced, the "focus 1 target or -10%!" or any of the killing blow effects are non-issues on raid bosses, but will ruin your m+ runs. the fear seems completely unusable unless you have a fearbreak (with a lower cd than its internal proc rate), as does the 50% slow. The "spawn a thing from below" seems intresting mind you.. how will the dmg work? is it ignoreable? does it scale with m+ modifiers? are the spawns targetable? use two so you can always have 3 target aoe and let the healer deal with dmg you take but do crazy aoe dps even on single target fights!
  8. Im still looking for the "fun" part on all of that ptr stuff.. theres some tank nerfs, mostly brewmasters, no gcd changes, MORE ap grind, and uh.. oh yes, more island expeditions in the "nightmare visions of nzoth" - but those seem to scale with player count.. all the way down to 1! so ill just solo em i guess.
  9. hey, theres a quest at 70 to unlock your bigger azerite-fireball animation (rank4) in which you get to kill not-sinestra. because there must always be a... chromatic flight dragon consort for deathwing who died quite a long time, sister to ultraxion, who just figured nows the perfect time to get put down. also quite fancy: "corrupted" rings in 8.3, those give an flat 2% dmg/healing in addition to their base stats, but also come with a downside, such as: (edit: see picture) apparently they also want to "change" titanforges due to old gods assaults on the literal titan-forges out in the world, i.e. old.god-forged, madness forged, or hell, cursed. given the above, id wager you get those (or similar effects) as a trade-off for the increased power of the item.. so your new loot can be +15 ilvls, but completely unequipable instead! people are gonna love that!
  10. Alright, 8.3 confirmed! and with it: nyalotha - the old god raid, which kills the very last threat left on azeroth, good times. wow over? vulpera for horde confirmed! and, the thing youve all been waiting for!! Additional infinite progression slot!!! so more ap grind for your all new legendary cloak, you didnt think you were done just because your neck was 70, did you! hurray for blizzard!
  11. Antorus mythic was merely off-limits due to the silly eonar shenanigans, but tomb mythic has nothing like that, at worst you need 2 warm bodies for a few fights to separete shit (torturers, marrowgar). dont see why we would bother with heroic.. which we had on farm back in the days!
  12. That worked out nicely indeed, good thing we had such a great pala tank with us, the warrior was an insult to the entire class and tanking in general, as usual. Didnt even turn up on time! BAH! I /spit on that "person". Next up: tomb? could even do that on mythic for the sexy sets! and none of the mechanics are too bad.
  13. I hope we can get this show on the road in the evening, most of those achievments are trivially easy at 120 and merely need more than 1 body and some dps control as to not accidently kill stuff too fast. the only mechanically challenging ach in there seems to be argus himself. Should probably be doing all of it on hc, for the extra hp on the mobs. I solod the entire place on normal last week, so we really have to be careful with our dps tho. mythic is still impossible unfortunately.
  14. So much for the "epic" conclusion of the war campaign.. does anyone at blizz even give a damn anymore. mind you, ignore the lore, my only real complaint is: why are the cutscene models so godawful? every single major lore charactor looks better as their ingame model, the rendered drenai, NE and sylv specifically look like horrid abomination. i mean, alright, sylvs a rotting corpse, so maybe justified, but why NE and drenai?
  15. technically, squeek is currently a perfectly broken tank for scaled content due to legion antorus gear + legos at 110! but alas, alliance. i will however fap some more to that sexy NE lass for the sake of that very nostalgia indeed.