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  1. Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    Oh man, regarding our conversation about BE racials last evening: the new alpha build dropped tonight and arcane torrent has been changed to a dispell, on a 2min cd. no longer silences or interrupts. also on the gcd ofc. one less button on your already pruned hotbars ! good thing blizzard is tackling that horrid "i have more than 3 skills on my screen" issue with unyielding fervor! in the same build, human pvp trinket racial remains unchanged, just goes from 30 sec cd to 90 secs "shared with similar effects". so well be going back to 100% humans in pvp just like pre-legion, as theyve killed the only viable horde alternative...
  2. Im up for as many instances as we can reasonably fit in between 2000-0800. I also have many suggestions and ideas for better clears!
  3. CoS14 + BRH14. we sure got our share of courts this week...
  4. Sounds good, we certainly have a nice choice of starting keys. Even tho i really would like to do something else than CoS at some point... 2 chesting tyrant HoV means we should be able to stomp any 15 aside from seat. (and maybe ukara)
  5. Ret pala was quite easy to do even with 0 legos, pure mechanics fight really. ppl have been doing that one and the tauren dude at 880ish.
  6. I still cant even do my dhs dps challenge, archmage xylem, at 935 even tho i managed teh tank challenge on the very first go... i just dont understand how to do more than 400k dps on that guy...
  7. My monk obviously can ww aswell for a bit, i still do lack 3 legos for my offspec tho. obv, all three are the BiS options. This shit aint rigged at all! On a more m+ related note, i feel we should copy some of their pull strats. such as pulling everything in between boss #1 and #2 in nelth at the same time. ~12 pelters +2 hulks + pelter casters + avalanche guys!
  8. To make it thread related, im obvioulsy going to watch all of it and adapt the pro-strats to our own runs. This includes having everyone reroll into ww so we can run the cookie-cutter team of 1dk4ww for healerless sub 20 runs. amusing new tournament rule: loser to gets to choose map + affixes, anything goes. ppl actually picked grievous + necro, bloody hell.
  9. oh my, the MDI is on again! gotta love the balance this time around... 50m+ dps arcane mage in BRH! 100% DK tanks! and just go check out the raider.io frontpage for upper kara23... great group setups!
  10. BoTPug

    Admit it, youre just gonna play virtual cardgames instead of raiding with us tonight instead!
  11. HoV15 and Eye14 myself. We should probably try right after the raid then, even tho our key selection is shit. of course, we just gotta finish any of the 15 keys so it should still be doable.
  12. Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    My main concern are ofc the tanking cds, as thats kind of what i do. If i have to be carefull to use a few abilities as possible just incase i might have to use my "reactive cd", thats a crappy playstyle. better not push buttons! But the problem with just "chaining" dps cds is, aside from the horribly clunky playstyle ofc, that it lowers the value of the cds. the power of cds grows exponentially by how many you can stack, preferably with a trinket as a cherry ontop. if you can only use one cd at a time, the overall value of any cd talents dimnishes greatly. of course, balancing these cd talents vs their alternatives which should provide a similar overall benefit is in the end a numbers game, but i cant see myself ever picking cd options for a clunkier playstyle that neither provides more burst nor smoother rotations while giving merely similar sustained. the only real benefit in making cds feel like shit to use and ruining the entire playstyle might be: easier pvp balance. if noone has any burst cds anyways, or basically has to announce their burst in advance, its quite easy to balance. might aswell add a macro to all your cds "IM GOING TO HIT SLIGHTLY HARDER IN 1.5 SECS; BE AFRAID!!"
  13. Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    Yes, but that didnt affect certain talents etc until the current built. If you play fury for example, "popping all cds" now means -> battlecry -> avatar -> bleed thing -> dragoncry: total time elasped 6 secs, battlecry now has 1 gcd left to use 1 offensive ability. its pretty awful. To be fair, hardly affects arms at all, colossus smash + ravager always used to be on gcd and have been completely reworked anyways and battlecry isnt even worth pressing right now on live anyways.
  14. Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    Urgh, the most recent alpha build put "CDs" i.e. battle cry, avatar, blood fury etc on gcd. This feels awful as a dps, and even worse as prot.as it even includes shield wall etc. can really fuck you over in oshit-moments, got low? too bad, wait for 1.5 secs to use a defensive cd. so far bfa only has even MORE pruning, and an overall even slower playstyle. Blizz is trying really hard to turn this into some slow-ass ffxiv clone. WHYYYYYYY.
  15. Sounds like a plan, CoS15 should be smooth as usual, given that we can even finish it in time by now with me disconnecting like 3 times, and a 16 afterwards means a nice selection of 15 starter keys for next week again. If anything, we gotta watch out not to finish it with +2/+3, because a 17+ is gonna be a bitch to deal with, regardles off easy (non-tyrant) affixes. Teeming/quacking means we can just aoepull = fun runs at least, hah.