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  1. And this marks the 4rth time i fail to get shuten with considerable investment. i think aoi yuuki hates me..
  2. Looking bad for this evening, isnt it. Most ppls subs ran out, other ppl are hold till 8.2 and worst of all, the treacherous paladin went off to some scottish village!
  3. Successfull raid(s) last evening! virtually flawless execution and some fun in dazalor as well! now to wait out the content draught till 8.2...
  4. So.. raid tonight?
  5. poor dps warrs. Tanking on the other hand needs toons of buttons instead! good thing they made tc have no cooldown so i can just ignore 90% of em regardless and keep on stomping for them deepz.
  6. And all those npcs seem to be actually swimming, as opposed to standing around on the lower decks next to their cannons, hah. Seems you found your very own gragneth-only world phase! PS: love your hotbars. clearly 80% of the buttons are phased out aswell! oh wait.. yay pruning.
  7. Ah, good old mythic progression raiding. Nothing but spriests and aff locks for method's crucible run (and a single dh for the touch of extra magic dmg, hah)! gotta get that cleave down!
  8. Well, that seems like a fun little raid. both bosses seem reasonably entertaining in terms of mechanics, and nzoth seems like a better old god villain that freaking ghuun for sure. nvm that all wipes where caused by my gift of nzoth, which i never dispelled and dont intend to at any point in the future.
  9. Alright, new raid tonight! and given that its merely two bosses, we should straight up start on heroic and get aotc week 1 tbh. Im sure theyll prove a pushover. and next week we can race vs method and limit on m+ crucible!
  10. Bah, never have i seen a more boring mdi. Every single group runs prot warr /resto / outlaw / outlaw / ww, with the ocasional uh dk switched in for the ww just for ending motherlode in 2 pulls. and the ww is only a tag along for the +5% phys dmg for the outlaw rogues anyways, their dps is pitiful in comparison to hell, sometimes even the bloody resto cat. Ofc, nerfs already on the ptr, prot warr tc talent down from 100% to 50%... still the only talent worth taking in that row, because the alternatives are just so awful, regardless of how lame the tc "rotation" talent gameplay actually is. I expect a lot more nerfs incoming, mostly adressing the ridicolous survivability vs physical dmg. outlaw rogues on the other hand had their 2 - 4 target cleave buffed considerably, because they really need more dps. (their 50+ target aoe has been nerfed, but lets face it - this does not concern anyone outside of the mdi runners)
  11. Thats teh quote from the write up, almost word for word what the q&a said. Youd think just giving minibosses or certain trash packs "see invis" would be less effort...
  12. The prot warr nerf was expected, the dps is bonkers, and all the armor and hp buffs went way overboard as a panic reaction to prot warrs in uldir unable to even tank a single boss in mythic. Now how about those arms changes blizz? being dead last on all metrics (and awful to play) is getting trite. as for the mythic % part, blizz talks about "a fairly large % rebalancing", and buffing the % of minibosses that proffessional runners generally skip. of course, as we never actually skip anything ourselves, well end up having to kill twice the trash anyways, cause thats the fun part, isnt it. the heart traits they showed were rather boring, but they only showed prot palas (and arcane mages) so obv. they stuck to their class fantasy of being lame, no suprises here.
  13. Alright, another.. preview for the next path, with ion & company, including great highlights such as: no class changes for 8.2. everything is fine, and everyone else is wrong if they say classes play like shit (thunderclap hoooooo!) heart of azerite "changes" - it gets turned in a literal legion artifact, you will need to lvl it beyond 50 to gain access to the built in traits.. that are just the same traits we already have, but at least you wont need to hope for the right gear in 3 slots anymore. water strider loses waterwalking - instead every mount gets an equipment slot for stuff like: cant be dazed, immune to fall dmg, and ofc : waterwalking. technically, as you need to be lvl 100 to access the water walking item, "regular" players could get the water strider mounts before water walking can be enabled - but theres none of those left anyways so fuck it. m+ changes: blizz thinks ppl skip too much trash in m+ ( see: mdi runs all NE partys for vanish + 2 rogues minimum for double shroud on every single team), so % will be adjusted to require a full clear of all trash, to de-incentivize using skips. thanks mdi.
  14. Just a quick heads up, i might be late by up to ~30ish minutes this evening, depending on traffic due to work (and the subsequent ride home). Ill try to sneak away early enough to make it in time, but no promises
  15. I guess they already did it wirth hildryns heavy gun and her ammo bonus, didnt they.. but i dont think equi gets any bonus for using the signature wpns? odd. and while i dont mind the idea in general - it should be kept to "basic" wpns in my opinion. Orokin design is already an established style for several years by now - its gaudy, pointlessly ornamented and full of gold. Nothing about tipedo or stadavar p. seems to fit that.