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  1. TD (and back in the days, EV) is a special case mind you, its 18% hp regardless of ilvl instead of flat dmg. personally, i was so disappointed in my stars2 performace even on a 475 that i cleansed it off. it mightve been the superior choice for raidbosses - but lets face it, with LFR as the highest lvl raidcontent i can do, ill stick with TD for m+ where it utterly outperforms stars. i wouldnt even rely on sims for this, on multi-mob pulls (i.e. all of em) you will never get more than 1 stack on a random target - extreme case here was the final UR boss where, during the entire 6min fight, i had a single star hit the boss, the rest hit random 1hp adds. its just not practical to use. tentacle wouldve actually been damn amusing here, as it retargets with ai speed and precision each time it instantly overkills the 1hp adds, one of those mightve wiped the entire add wave.
  2. I would strongly agree with tim here, 470 mindflay is damn good and WAY more reliable than stars, outside of no-add single target raid encounters.. especially in m+ tentacle should shine, that proc alone does what, 30k single target for 10 secs? ive seen up to 3 proc at the same time, crazy stuff. Hell, the current #1 parse for ST dps in mythic nalotha (doggy) does infact not use stars at all, despite there only being just that one target for the entire fight. it simply has a 475 tentacle with... 100% uptime for 4mins straight.
  3. Id agree with the discord part most certainly. If i didnt seem too shaken at the far-and-wide best tank the guild has ever know leaving, it was because i figured: wed stay in contact with discord anyways - and lets face it, gchat is very much dead with 1-2 conversations a week, while discord at least has some discussion or comments ongoing at virtually all times. Ofc, if i contributed to people feeling rejected or alienated, i can only apologize. Any jokes about classic being not really that great were in good spirits i thought - and i was rather vocal about not enjoying it in the first place. And sorry if i pressured people into doing content (m+) they dont really enjoy - i remember forcing sharp and mark into a 15key of mine randomly, despite sharp being less than enthusiastic in the first place - a run that ended abruptly in disaster. if that upset you so much that you had to leave us for the alliance, i can only take all the blame and flagelate appropriately... i try to keep positive even when spending quite a lot of time to get the weekly done at all costs, but i dont know if it comes accross like that... i dont mind wiping for hours, im swimming in dosh, i can afford the bills!
  4. Oh my, that is quite sad. And i just know youll be joining those corpsecamping alliance raidgroups in uldum and vale as soon as youre over there! curse you! also, best of luck ofc.
  5. yes, abyssal healing potions are highly underrated - a 170k off-gcd heal! health pots dont even put your dps pots on cd anymore, so theres no need to worry! I carry a few at all times!
  6. Damage rework time! (yet again). and corrosive projection nerfed, as there was never any point to use any other aura over it, unless you had an organized squad with 3 other guys using CP + improved aura effect. gotta spent some time figuring out what works now. GREAT NEWS however! explosive wpns no LONGER SELFDAMAGE! yeeeesss. dont even have to waste a slot on safe shot (that never worked in the first place anyways) anymore, i can finally play UT with my kuva ogris, good times incoming. edit: apparently viral is now king (as if it wasnt before, wtf), expect nerfs in 10.. 9.. 8... ALSO: my full-auto glass shotgun has 200% status now. now if only the glass shards would get full punch-through benefits...
  7. Lets hope we can actually get some runs in then, a single m+ like last week is a bit of a waste for an entire evening..
  8. So were essentialyl down another person on the regular then. oh boy.. better start playing to AH in order to make enough gold to buy those.. 11 m+15 clears?
  9. Why, i think that was quite alright for our first raid! no real problems, with maybe a minor hiccup due to possibly slightly overly corrupted peeps, but in general, good times! ofc, we kind of skipped the hard bosses, but i think that was fair game with puggies. i noticed that we were a bit close to the enrage on prophet, and that was probably my fault due to too slow marks. Nacey did mention the exorsus tools tho, so i think i shall have a look into that. mind you, corruptions (especially my own) feel entirely out of line and make damage logs and metres really pointless. it doesnt matter if your class or spec performs 10% lower in sims if you can just equip a single item to gain 40% ish extra passive dmg with no control or agency on your part. why even bother with a "rotation" at that point.
  10. Judging by yesterdays runs, we really need to put in some more effort here i should think. Especially in toldagor where we ended up with not enough %... i understand ofc that pulls will change in +10 due to the possible mini-boss skips, but in general, i suggest using something like the "mdt"-addon to math out the pull % beforehand, as to avoid that awkward runback over half the instance to find something to kill. Even on the more straight forward "cant-miss-kill-%" dungeons like KR or temple this would allow for better planning with the free shroud. further, we need to hope for not-bursting and just aoe everything within half a mile, incoming damage be damned! better rev up those aoe specs!
  11. Sounds lovely, im all for it! and aotc "on our own" feels way better than just getting it with a random pug (or paying for it). As far as gear is concerned, normal doesnt even compete with the visions or god forbid m+, so yea. Srsly, normal loot = +6.
  12. Id love to do just that and im willing to expend any amount of consumables and time it requires, 6-7 days a week if it comes down to it! alas, i dont have t3 stars or devastation or echo, so im basically worthless on anything beyond a 10. but hey, at least anyone who gets a t3 corruption gets free t15s?
  13. Hey, we totally had like, 6 warriors online last evening.
  14. im at 8/11 transmogs from the chain alone already (incl. gloves), but thanks. seems quite easy to get the full set as the assaults youll have to farm for cloak and mothers research dropp them on the regular.
  15. Hey now, this raid has to last for about a full year and a half, it better be lenghty enough to provide entertainment for months to come! The loot certainly wont do, as i want, in total, 2 items from there. all the azerite traits are ass and the nzoth 2h sword is for fury warrs/blood dks only (GJ with the hp scaling dmg proc blizz, real nice thinking there). But hey, at least i get to farm for yet another gethikku! Why did i ever even spent any amount of time in bfa outside of kings rest in the first place! At least the "free" catchup gear this time uses the LFR tier set models, so ill never have to bother going there.