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  1. Loz and Xenogelion shoutout on the official stream, dear lord
  2. Welsper

    Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    Another issue with warmode is ofc ret palas one shotting people (dejavu anyone?) with a certain darkmoon trinket equipped even in bgs.
  3. Welsper

    Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    So, bfa prepatch, first impressions after 1 day: Warmode is fancy, but being able to change it only in ogrimmar instead of any major hub is a bit of a bother, as ogri is ugly and impractical. also, losing 4 skills from my hotbar whenever i enter an instance/raid is pretty shit. and i miss my passive traits.. heroic leap going from 16 to 30 secs cd is just bleeehhhhh. BLEEEHHH.
  4. Welsper

    Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    Damn, gotta hurry then to manage everything before the weekly reset! alas, they already fucked my lvling strategy of keeping a few stacks of bear tartare around for that lovely 70% sprint on kill, it now only gives "speed rating" which will scale down hard to a mere 5% ish at 112+. goddamnit!
  5. oh yes, and some of these legendaries have been turned back into talents anyways (*coughayalacough*) which... stack with the still active lego effects. DOUBLE ayalas!
  6. oh, frost are the twins, arent they? i did that on my boomkin, hilariously easy, just running in circles spamming aoe moonfire till everything died... very challenging fight.
  7. In the end, you can brute force 90% of those, really. this was designed for ilvl ~900 (even tho ww and dhs apparently managed theirs as low as 880ish back in the days, as they just had a godlike toolkit to counter all mechanics)
  8. Sygrin and Runetotem felt like pure mechanic fights, but the challenge really varies by spec.. rogues and ret can ignore everything that happens on sigryn, while its quite hard for arcane, and ww can ignore all mechanics on runetotem, while disc priests actually have to play the game... personally, the only challenge i didnt manage and wont even bother with anymore is still havoc dh, because its a shit spec i dont even remotely understand. hell, i never played boomkin and managed the twins fight on the second go, but even after spending literal DAYS on havoc i just cant do any dps whatsoever, or even just survive his generic frostbolts, because i cant heal either. like, wtf.
  9. wait, theres a RF version aswell? i only got normal and heroic. FUCK i hope they dont remove that by tomorrow, better do ToV rf this evening on all of my chars.
  10. well done, gz! managed that a while ago, but damn i suck at ret. personally, i felt ret was like, a really bad version of arms. but i LOVE that set youre wearing. shame i cant get the full thing offset for welsper...
  11. What largi said, also, keep in mind the battle stops at 10% hp, and the adds should start dying at around 30% ish. so the fight actually gets easier the longer you keep it at it, with no zerk timer to ruin your day. personally, i only noticed a single issue with the fight, as at around 2mins in, you will get an overlap of melee goes zerk + sygrin ignites + explosive runes + valkyr lanes. that combination should only happen a single time, and while rogues and paladins can ignore it with clos/evasion/bubble, i dont know how arcane would do it...
  12. Welsper


    Alternativly, we could try mythic ToV instead and get the according transmog set, which is getting removed as well, because blizzard are a bunch of dicks. might just be easier, as we slightly outgear it. edit: actually scratch that, while odyn and guarm die during BL, helya is apparently really heavy on 1shot mechanics even with at 100 ilvls above the intended challenge.
  13. nicely done! my priest hit 110 just last evening, but oh boy, i cant even kill the questmobs to unlock my artifact... gotta see if i can finish the argus quests for some 910 gear and maybe get a lego in.. 1 day. bloody hell...
  14. Welsper


    presumably, theyll be gone in bfa, stands to reason they will. and due to awful timing, ill miss todays 10-16 due to work, tomorrows 0400-1000 due to.. actually i can set an alarm for that, but still, 105-110 to go, then argus for full 910 and then mage tower? 4 days seem to be too little time to get it done, my own fault ofc, because i shouldve lvld my lock a year ago. fuck. and that scythe is so damn snazzy...
  15. Welsper


    Arg, fuck, so much for lvling 3 more alts to 110 and getting magetower done, i doubt i can manage that in 4 days. gbye, affliction super scythe T_T