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  1. I’m afraid I’m done with the game. Just can’t get myself to log on anymore. The setting and narrative kept me around longer than I expected, but doing the same old dungeons and raids for little to no reward just doesn’t cut it anymore, despite the awesome people to play with
  2. Are you part of May’s government, by any chance?
  3. Ok. So I just saw Alyn Smith’s speech in front of the EP. In my 15 years of adulthood I’ve never been moved by a politician’s speech.. until now. ”I am asking you to leave a light on, so that we can find our way back home.”
  4. Jetlagged as fuck. Going to skip this week as well. Sorry
  5. Thanks! Hope I don’t get shot!
  6. Sorry I couldn’t make it. Was called away at the last minute. Also won’t be here next week, as I’m travelling to Chicago. Good luck!
  7. Got too much work to finish this week, so most likely won't be around tonight ;(
  8. I should be around on most Thursdays and Fridays if needed. Other days will probably need to be decided on a week-by-week basis
  9. I should be on and up for anything, really.
  10. I'm Green, can I share in the love and hugs?
  11. Problem with Vodafone and moto, is that they can't be found here in Belgeland In the end she went with an Acer Liquid Z530. Seems te be a pretty good and respondive device so far. Thanks for the adviced, though!
  12. My mother in law's lumia died and wants to buy a new phone. But not an iPhone (too expensive) and not a Windows Phone (too shit/annoying). Leaves us with Android.. Anyone know a good one for a budget not exceeding €150 (£115-ish?)
  13. Upcoming BoTmeet in the Ardennes! Fairly easy to find cheap-ish (self-catered) cottages for a weekend and plenty of stuff to do (biking, kayaking, hiking, climbing, paintballing, shooting bows and shit, wildlife safaris, etc). Could be a bit of a hassle to get to, though. Car would definitely be required.