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  1. And people said classic was pointless
  2. Pfft, mage portal time. Who uses a HS?
  3. I'd like them to do a seasonal affix that hits you on boss fights rather than trash. Like something happens for every 25% HP the boss losses or something.
  4. I love the way that is actually flagged as a positive feature. Occasionally I think about logging retail to do the 8.2.5 content and start leveling my neck to 70 now AK is maxed out and then I realise it is entirely pointless and of no benefit to me at all.
  5. Rymmer - Warrior Moostifer - Shaman Teorino - Druid Kryteon - Mage Lekaara - Rogue Crashtie - Hunter Dreathu - Priest All horde on Mirage
  6. I was due to be at a lunch tomorrow with David Gauke but we have had the message he may now cancel due to having to actually go to work. This is particularly infuriating as the pub next to my office does a deal on ribs and chicken wings all day on a Thursday and will be showing the rugby!
  7. Huh? When did I say that? I just said I can't join you due to queue time.
  8. Sorry but I get precious little time to play so I really can't be on a server with queues at peak times.
  9. Is the next album ready? Nice
  10. And if they join the queue now they can play after dinner
  11. Liaster - Undead Warlock - Mirage Raceway I've created that as that seems to be the low pop realm people are on. I don't really care about PvE/PvP as I won't play enough but I really won't have time to sit in login queues.
  12. Yes well done all (except the tanks who can't stand still). I must say I like these quick, single boss raids. Glad to see Blizzard bringing them back.
  13. I agree to some extent but some of the issues the MDI really highlights are still present in "normal" M+ groups. If you look at the pug groups being formed in group finder you will find large numbers requiring not only a daft raider.io score but actually seeking out a rogue. They are basically a requirement to do very high keys in time. Think how much more comfortable our runs were with shroud available.
  14. @Welsper I've been thinking about the MDI and the immense variation in comps we see each event (for those who don't watch, it's prot warrior, resto druid and 3 rogues 98% of the time). If shroud left the group with a debuff similar to sated from bloodlust so you couldn't just use another rogue's shroud on the next pull, would it make a difference? It's not a direct nerf to the class as such but only to class stacking.
  15. I'll more or less echo what Nacey said. Having been part of running this guild for over a decade and endured plenty of mergers/separations/cooperatives etc etc in that time, we definitely won't be looking to merge in-game. People in this guild have a long link to it and to a few other "old" names that still knock around our connected realms. Just yesterday in fact we had a player log back in for the first time since whenever level 80 was the cap. Much like yourself, real life has moved a long way in that time for a lot of our guild members and hence our very casual approach to everything. As officers we do precisely nothing (I mean, I raid lead occasionally) and that suits us fine. I'll disappear in a raid because the baby woke up for example and that's fine. We stepped back from heroic in this expansion in part because I didn't want to run them but I don't believe that was the only reason and the appetite for it is very low here now. That isn't to say no-one would be interested, but many are not. However, there is a core of 7/8 people who push M+ each week and try to gain AP in an efficient manner so there is nothing beyond attitude holding us back from heroic, we certainly have the gear for it. I would propose an in-game community be set up for both guilds to join and to act as an expanded pool of players to draw from when setting up raids, M+, islands etc. I'm guessing, though your post doesn't say it, that you might be facing a similar position with raid numbers as we are. When the stars align there are 11-12 people online but typically it is 8-9 and hence raids don't happen. A community would be a good way for our players interested in heroic raids to join your runs and a good way for us to look for more players if we're short on raid night. I don't think you'll find people here who are willing to raid 5 hours a week with you though. I might be wrong (Welsper has nothing else to do but who's counting him) and you find a couple but I doubt it. Personally I can just about get M+ and maybe a raid into a week but that's it. I enjoy M+ much more than heroic raiding so I wouldn't be looking to change that on a regular basis but if I have a free week and am in the mood I could be persuaded.
  16. It heavily depends on how many pearls you are going to get. Kryton has earned at least 300 pearls since the patch came out, maybe 350-400 as I used some on the profession quests and essences. That's from running follower, bounty and requisition quests each day and WQs if they reward pearls. It's enough to get 5/6 pieces to 415. I have simply used AMR to determine which benthic pieces (at 415) would currently be upgrades and leveled those up. I haven't fished for sockets. Now I need to save up for a 420 piece and I'll go through those slowly over the coming weeks until either I'm done or M+ gear has covered all the slots. I would suggest avoiding azerite slots unless you have a really bad piece now. M+ will give us controlled access to 445 azerite so getting a piece in each slot over the next couple of months is guaranteed. Plus at 420 pearls to get a 385 benthic to 430, they are insanely expensive.
  17. I'll try to make this but have a meeting at the end of the day on Thursday and might not be home much before 8.
  18. I can do a sat/sun most of the rest of the year except the very end of August/October.
  19. Loz and I talked about this on Monday night. I honestly feel the "seasonal resets" have killed this expansion for me. I got my Heart to lvl 47 in early April by really maximising the weekly gains. If I'd kept going it would have capped out at the end of April but on Wednesday there will be some mechanic to let a returning player leap forward and catch up in no time. My item level will be similarly trivialised through updated WQs/dungeon rewards at the same time. I'm sure this always happened to some extent but it feels far too prevalent and in your face now. My account is active and I may well log in again but it is tough to find the motivation tbh.
  20. Yeah numbers are looking bad tonight.
  21. I'm often getting the "next unread post" button on the bottom right of the page even when there is no next unread post. I assume it's linked to the flagging issue above. Clicking gives an error code: 2S136/J
  22. Would not surprise me if DPS warriors used fishing in their rotation at this point. What else are they supposed to press?
  23. I had that on the WoW forum. Marking the forum as read from the homepage seemed to fix it and it hasn't reoccurred