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  1. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    I think Nik loved it. I think.
  2. BoTPug

    Don't think I'll make it before 9 for a few weeks. Tbh this always happens around now.
  3. Hearthstone

    Been doing a few dungeon runs this week. Only managed 6/8 as mage so far. Got screwed last night by Major Noggenfogger turning my pyro into my face despite the minion count being 6 to 0 in his favour so very low chance for it to hit me. I survived a few more turns but I swear something is up with that card. I was trying to face hit for the 2 damage I needed and no matter what I did, I couldn't land a blow. Some of my spells didn't even trigger (including hero power).
  4. BoTPug

    Unless we want to pug to fill up the odd slot. It isn't the hardest tier but I'm not sure I have the motivation to actually find puggies.
  5. Maybe all the mythic guilds secretly asked Blizzard for Christmas off? Let's be fair, two weeks before Christmas is a pretty dumb time to release a new tier.
  6. BoTPug

    I think Lei and Dave are both out so this week would rely on you to heal.
  7. BoTPug

    Given like 2 people had watched any videos, 2 ninja pulled at least 2 bosses and all I was doing for tactics was reading the wowhead tips I think that went very well.
  8. Gloomhaven

    I can easily enough yes.
  9. Gloomhaven

    I'd quite like to host the first session. Can we do 11am at mine?
  10. BoTPug

    Sounds like we could have a healer issue tomorrow.
  11. It won't if the combat is the piece of total turd I've seen so far.
  12. Gloomhaven

    I'll try to grab you guys online in the next couple of days but I can do 3rd so we just need to decide on venue. I can't even remember where Dave is for planning
  13. Gloomhaven

    Looks like I'm good for 3rd.
  14. Gloomhaven

    Assuming we get 3rd to work, how big is your table?
  15. Gloomhaven

    I'll try to be available for 3rd then. Might need some negotiating. I currently have nothing planned between Christmas and New Year.