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  1. Yeah numbers are looking bad tonight.
  2. I'm often getting the "next unread post" button on the bottom right of the page even when there is no next unread post. I assume it's linked to the flagging issue above. Clicking gives an error code: 2S136/J
  3. Would not surprise me if DPS warriors used fishing in their rotation at this point. What else are they supposed to press?
  4. I had that on the WoW forum. Marking the forum as read from the homepage seemed to fix it and it hasn't reoccurred
  5. But there are new bosses to wipe to!
  6. This simply isn't true. Changing the trash % sounds like it'll make the runs longer which is tedious.
  7. Can't spot the trash changes point. Where am I looking?
  8. The next raid is two bosses so I expect we'l be alternating between them when raids run. Unfortunately this tier took quite a long time to work through for some reason and you missed about 4/5 raids in a row. We've actually only cleared the back end of the raid the same number of times we did G'Huun I believe so it's quite similar. We're also hitting that mid-expansion lul. Even I'm not logging in for emissaries and skipping M+ despite not getting my HoA to 50 yet
  9. I'm not sure how likely a raid is tonight. I'm on baby duty so will be prone to unannounced, indefinite periods of absence with no warning. Dave is out but no-one else has indicated either way.
  10. There's like 6-8 versions of this on Amazon alone. Need to poke around in my case to make sure I get something that fits!
  11. Well that's all of £30 difference in price anyway so cool, thanks.
  12. Balancing power vs price, what's the current go to option for gaming at 1080p? GTX 1660?
  13. Strange. I havent had any issues with matchmaking. I did one lvl 10 mission scaled up to 28 but otherwise no issues.
  14. Planning to put in a decent shift on this Sunday.
  15. Yeah well worth it. The first one started bad, had a bad season pass that split the playerbase but if you stuck with it, the current version is very good. Whilst not all the game modes are in game yet, the lessons learnt from the first one very much are. Basically, if you enjoyed the gameplay of the first but found the structure in which it played out to be annoying, you'll like the second.