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  1. Unique covenant content is max level only. You meet them all through leveling and "try out" their abilities in their zone
  2. With Beta underway and an expected November release date I think it's time to start planning for SL. Obviously our little guild has now gone out in a spectacular explosion and I have to accept I played a part in that. However, we should have seen this coming and done something about it earlier. BoT hasn't been a viable raid guild for some time and the time had already arrived to acknowledge we couldn't do max level content effectively anymore. Still, what's done is done and I don't intend to go back over everything again. SL is a chance of a totally clean slate with sins of the past forgiven and start enjoying some new content together. Currently, Dave, Gaz, Tim, Welpser and myself are in the guild The Gauntlet. Having server hopped and faction changed it is entirely typical that the guild just decided to move to Tarren Mill and switch to horde! So that is where we are, back on Horde and on a server that used to be famous for some reason. Honestly, the guild has been pretty great. The atmosphere is more like BoT of old with a lot of general fucking around but with a core team of mythic raiders pushing at the top. Social raids run through heroic difficulty and achievement runs on old raids. M+ keys of every level are run most days. I believe there is also PvP going on but most of us don't pay attention to that. I am confident the guild can absorb any of us who want to play in SL. We can keep our own forum and discord up if we want for our own stuff. Dave and I are planning to level to max overnight. I think Loz was also in for that but we haven't talked about it for a while. If anyone else wants to join us it was really good fun last year. What are people's thoughts?
  3. Thank you Sarah. This post means a lot to me. I know these issues have been hard for you and I want you to know that my apology post from way back was genuine. I'm sorry if I gave you reasons to doubt my sincerity. I hope I speak for everyone on here that even if BoT as a WoW guild has now had it's day, the community on this forum can continue to be a wacky family to us all. Also, we do need to move Gloomhaven forward. I mean, how silly would it be if I had just backed the sequel on KS without having finished the original...
  4. Ok I have no idea how long this post will be because it is late and I'm now effectively replying to both Sarah and Todd's posts in one go. Let's start by dealing with the situation that existed before Monday night. Over a year ago I posted in this thread offering apologises for unintended offence in an attempt to build some bridges and try to repair some of the damage to the guild. Todd and I discussed that post at the time and not unreasonably I felt, still feel, the ball is in Sarah's court. Had Todd directly asked me to contact Sarah privately I would have refused and I'm refusing now. My attempt at reconciliation was posted publicly, partly because this impacts other people, and I feel it is only fair and reasonable that her response is similarly open to the guild. Sarah has, on multiple occasions posted threads attacking me containing numerous inaccuracies and that behaviour is simply not appropriate. Now let's look at Monday night. I believe both your posts are factually incorrect on some key points. This is my recollection of the "conversation" after the instances. UR had gone badly for a variety of reasons and I will admit I was somewhat annoyed by that (including my own fuck ups). Tim began to offer Sarah some advice on how to improve her dps my directing her to wowanalyser using a link that he innocently posted on Discord. The response from Sarah was that she "obviously couldn't get that". This isn't the first time that attitude has been the response to offers of assistance so both Tim and I tried to call Sarah out on that attitude at which point it all went nuclear. If anyone would like to agree or amend that recollection I will not say it is perfect recall but I do believe it is sufficiently different to the version presented in earlier posts that it needed clarification. Sarah, it would help my understanding if you could explain what it is about the Discord that alienates you so strongly? Simply answering that with "me" isn't sufficient for me to understand. I'll be honest it is now very late and my thought process is trailing off so I am going to leave this post here. It's not to say this is my entire response but that I need to process a bit more.
  5. I don't think you really want to poke this Sarah.
  6. Thanks for the chat guys. Thanks Tom for the quiz!
  7. Will do my best to be on but someone is going through a difficult patch with sleep and it's delaying everything in the evenings
  8. Back to that construction site again is it? Some people will do anything to go out!
  9. So I haven't replied up and til this point as I as seeing what happened. That's a lie, I've been busy. Firstly best of luck Sharp. I hope you get what you're looking for out of the game through this move and I cannot blame you in the slightest. BoT cannot now feasibly raid and hence M+ is our only real content. Whilst this is a shame I think a lot of us have moved forward with our lives which is certainly playing its part in this downturn. To address Tom's points first of all. I don't think there is a Discord vs TS split but I would say there is a Discord vs forums split. It is quite clear that conversations are happening in Discord channels and elements are then cross-posted onto the forum to catch players who aren't on Discord. I agree it is a shame that this has to happen and it feels unnecessary. People being pushed away is something they can comment on but I hope I've not been a cause to push anyone away, it certainly isn't my intention. I want BoT to be welcoming to everyone and people to feel they can come and go as they please. In many ways that is even more true if we aren't raiding anymore. I totally agree about the needed commitment needed for +15s. They need consistent pressing and practice but I feel that has changed a lot since Tom posted and we're getting much further on these now. I don't really see how BoT can continue as a guild in its current form except as a social environment for people so I suggest we look for another guild to join as social members at this point. Lastly: Let me be clear, I always have time for that. If I had time I'd join you with my favourite Orc team. 12 lineman in the initial starting team BUT 8 rerolls.
  10. When you ran your sims, did you give the sim the option to swap out other pieces to avoid breaching your corruption cap? I don't know what rank mindflay you have but the sim will ignore it if it would push you over your set corruption cap unless you give it enough other options to shuffle pieces in and out
  11. That's fair. The stupid thing about corruptions is that it makes you feel obliged to run lower level content as a single good corruption can be as much as a 5% dps increase. In so many ways this is worse that running LFR and hoping for gear to titanforge up to the heroic equivalent.
  12. The trouble with this patch is that statement may not always be true because of how strong certain corruptions are. I've had 445 corrupted pieces out perform 470 uncorrupted more than once. Obviously you have to be able to handle the corruption and the 470 equivalent would be better but lower vision gear may not be rubbish. The lesson of this patch is basically that you need to sim everything
  13. Kryton

    CoD: Warzone

    At the risk of suggesting an activity that requires multiple people to be online at once, does anyone have any interest in giving CoD: Warfare a go? Free to play battle royale launching today.