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  1. Kryton


    I should be around as house move is delayed.
  2. Kryton

    World Cup Chat

    Too close. Ref didn't want to give us a penalty all game though.
  3. Kryton

    World Cup Chat

    I did like the stat that apparently Ronaldo's hatrick was both the 51st of his career and the 51st in World Cup history but let's face it, if he skills were actually as big as his ego then Portugal would walk this. I was surprised not to see a card for diving. If they don't stamp on it now they'll struggle later. As usual people are predicting who would come out of each group and so far I don't think any of that has really changed but the order of 1st and 2nd in groups could well be different to the predictions and also be quite fine margins so the draws for later in the tournament feel quite up in the air.
  4. That'll be on the second screen.
  5. Kryton

    World Cup Chat

    I thought Spain and Portugal both looked strong but equally they were entirely capable of losing all concentration for 5-10 minutes at a time hence the goals. Saudi Arabia were dreadful and yet they qualified. God help us in 2026 when there are another 16 teams in contention! I didn't see much over the weekend.
  6. Kryton

    Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    One thing I hope they change for BFA is how queues work, LFR in particular. I queued up this afternoon to get my weekly kill. The queue took an hour until it popped. When it did I hit accept only to be greeted by the message that I couldn't zone in with encounter in progress. Turns out they were on the last boss and had pulled it with the invites outstanding. They then proceed to kill it so I get absolutely nothing for my hour in queue. It's not even hard to fix. Just make the bosses go immune when invites go out and there we go. Really dumb.
  7. Kryton


    That's up to you guys but pre-patch is coming up on PTR so there won't be too many lockouts left and I can't guarantee I'll be around the week after either. I might be moving house next Friday (will find out today) so between packing and then sorting out an internet connection it might be a couple of weeks before I return.
  8. Kryton


    I'm extremely unlikely to be here next week btw.
  9. Kryton


    So tonight I assume we're trying this on our own? I am concerned on the dps needed. Having done normal with 10 and with 20 in a pug, the 20 man kills were far far easier than ours (by minutes not seconds) so as usual the scaling for player numbers is completely wonky. I still believe the safest way to get the kill would be for Sarah to list us looking for, say, 970+ geared people and just steamroller it. Did we figure out what was making Welsper go splat last time round?
  10. Kryton

    Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

  11. I assume Gaz meant 20:00 tomorrow if he's starting that commute this afternoon :P
  12. Kryton

    Theorycrafting Everything

    Well of course you did
  13. Kryton


    And I also won't be on anyway. Let's go with Thursday