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  1. Kryton

    Distant Worlds

    I'm done. Do what you like.
  2. Kryton

    Distant Worlds

    It is quite hard to fathom how you could misinterpret or misunderstand quite so many things or make so many incorrect statements in one forum thread. I hate to apply logic to a situation (that's a lie) but here we go. The conversation on this topic began in Discord before you started this thread. Nik made efforts to include you by tagging both Todd and you in the thread and was unaware that you would not see that. Quite apart from the fact that he did not know, Todd knew about the conversation and engaged in it so every effort was being made to include you. The fact that those involved had not seen this thread in the 7 hours you went from posting to throwing all your toys out of the pram is not an insult or rudeness or whatever other slight you feel it may portray. Most people are not on here 24/7. You have been invited to join multiple times by multiple people so the first point is entirely untrue. The whole drama thread shows people trying to get you to join in but you were too wrapped up in whatever was going on in your head to acknowledge that. I don't understand what you're talking about with people's attitude towards you. Most people involved in the conversation wanted to move voice to Discord (which didn't happen because of your objections so we all went with you) and text chat had already transitioned over organically. Other people not sharing your opinion is not them being dicks to you, it's just a difference of opinion. Once again, you are misinterpreting what is happening. People were not ganging up on you it's just that everyone else had one opinion and you had the other. People tried to talk to you about it and all we got in response was a load of hyperbole about how mean we all are. If you look at what happened, everything kicked off so we delayed using Discord for raiding to give you and Todd a chance to look into what was bothering you. Literally not a single thing on Discord was changed over the following three weeks and you didn't attend raid either. Since then the raids have been done on TS so basically you got exactly what you wanted out of the whole thing. Now that is the logically part of picking about your factually incorrect posts over, time for the last bit. I've had enough of this ridiculous emotional bullshit that you randomly spout on the forums without warning. We all have to tip-toe around you because you might blow up over a tiny little thing at any moment. Just look at what a nice, easy, relaxed conversation about a concert has turned into (see whole thread above here) for absolutely no reason and it is all because you are seemingly incapable of going through a rational thought process. I'm going to post this one more time in the hope that it will get through (because god-knows the other dozen attempts made by me and others have fallen on deaf ears). THERE IS NO DISCORD CLIQUE THERE IS NO ATTEMPT TO EXCLUDE YOU NO-ONE IS GANGING UP ON YOU YOU ARE IMAGINING EVERYTHING AND PISSING EVERYONE OFF IN THE PROCESS SO FUCKING STOP IT
  3. Kryton

    BfA Leveling and General Chat

    Alliance are attacking Zandalaar during the work day! Filthy scum!! (now I'm missing out on a 370 piece 12 residuum due to work)
  4. Kryton

    BfA Leveling and General Chat

    This is why I'm going to buy random 385 pieces for the two slots I don't have then just sit on the currency. With traits being subject to balance passes totally at random, our current progression being limited to efficiently clearing 10s/11s and the fact that for pugging only the ilvl matters I don't see the point in spending three times the amount for a specific piece. I'll get my first piece this week, as I'm on 130ish residuum as of this morning, second piece next week then stockpile.
  5. Kryton

    BfA Mythics

    Did you bin your key? That costs you a key level the next week (though can't be done anymore anyway)
  6. Kryton

    BfA Mythics

    I might actually be on tonight but the in-laws are over so it depends if I can escape.
  7. Kryton

    BfA Mythics

    Second 385 chest. Guess I can choose different traits.
  8. Kryton

    BfA Mythics

    Couple of good runs last night and it sounds like the second Freehold went well too. I'll try to be about tonight to help with the 11 but it'll depend on family matters.
  9. Kryton

    BfA Mythics

    If awake and not on baby duty then sure
  10. Kryton

    BfA Mythics

    @Fyria I can't commit to much time online as it is entirely dependent on if Zeke is asleep but at the same time I'm not currently doing anything specific any evening for that very reason. The best solution is that if you're putting a group together then poke me on Hangouts and I'll let you know if I can log in.
  11. Kryton

    Guild Thursdays

    Won't be here as having exciting day trip to Wolverhampton for my first day back at work. That's right, hugely sleep deprived so time to drive 6 hours on motorways day 1!
  12. Kryton

    BfA Mythics

    Poke me and I'll log in if I can. Have a temple 11 key I think
  13. That all seems fair to me. The RAM did look a little low for my liking when I went over it. It looks like a good deal in the context of expensive pre-built gaming laptops to me. I totally accept £1k would buy a much better desktop. I think your last point is very valid. I'm unlikely to do any kind of serious gaming on the move and am much more likely to do smaller things like the odd daily in wow or play more indie Steam games and for that I need a moderate spec but highly mobile laptop and a decent gaming rig at my desk which could probably be achieved for similar money. Thanks for taking a look.
  14. Cyber Monday means I'm looking at laptops again. Thoughts on this please: https://ao.com/product/fx504gmen150t-asus-laptop-black-59693-251.aspx
  15. Kryton

    BfA Mythics

    I might be around this afternoon if the rest of the house goes to sleep. Poke me on Discord.