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  1. And people said classic was pointless
  2. Pfft, mage portal time. Who uses a HS?
  3. I'd like them to do a seasonal affix that hits you on boss fights rather than trash. Like something happens for every 25% HP the boss losses or something.
  4. I love the way that is actually flagged as a positive feature. Occasionally I think about logging retail to do the 8.2.5 content and start leveling my neck to 70 now AK is maxed out and then I realise it is entirely pointless and of no benefit to me at all.
  5. Rymmer - Warrior Moostifer - Shaman Teorino - Druid Kryteon - Mage Lekaara - Rogue Crashtie - Hunter Dreathu - Priest All horde on Mirage
  6. I was due to be at a lunch tomorrow with David Gauke but we have had the message he may now cancel due to having to actually go to work. This is particularly infuriating as the pub next to my office does a deal on ribs and chicken wings all day on a Thursday and will be showing the rugby!
  7. Huh? When did I say that? I just said I can't join you due to queue time.
  8. Sorry but I get precious little time to play so I really can't be on a server with queues at peak times.
  9. Is the next album ready? Nice
  10. And if they join the queue now they can play after dinner
  11. Liaster - Undead Warlock - Mirage Raceway I've created that as that seems to be the low pop realm people are on. I don't really care about PvE/PvP as I won't play enough but I really won't have time to sit in login queues.
  12. Yes well done all (except the tanks who can't stand still). I must say I like these quick, single boss raids. Glad to see Blizzard bringing them back.
  13. I agree to some extent but some of the issues the MDI really highlights are still present in "normal" M+ groups. If you look at the pug groups being formed in group finder you will find large numbers requiring not only a daft raider.io score but actually seeking out a rogue. They are basically a requirement to do very high keys in time. Think how much more comfortable our runs were with shroud available.