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  1. My only concern here, to draw together the two active threads for a moment, is time. Pushing to m+15 well require, as Tim says, learning the instances very well, along with the new affix, consumables etc. It's going to need more than one night a week of m+ runs so we can push up keys and clear. It also involves doing instances that we avoid like underrot (not sure I have done more than a 9 in time ever). I'm worried people don't have the time to schedule in both m+ and heroic raid progression each week. It would be a shame to push for both and miss both.
  2. I'd like to push the 15s and my evenings are generally more free then they used to be as the baby is sleeping through more. That said, this week I'm barely here. The 10 felt very doable, but the new affix needs a bit more learning than the old one as it helps to know which mini boss does what.
  3. By my count we have 10 active players and so could form a raid but it wouldn't be terribly diverse. It's inevitable we will need to pug people most weeks at which point we might as well go for one of the better scaling break points like 14 people or whatever it is. Most of our 10 people are active in m+ to a greater or lesser extent and hence the normal raid gear is, with a few niche exceptions, largely useless. As this is the last raid of the expansion and will last at least 6 months minimum, I suggest we change it up slightly. We run normal on an extended lockout until clear, however many weeks that takes. Then we do the same for heroic. If we just ran normal with fresh lockouts we'd never clear 12 bosses and we'd end up farming the first half forever. Or rather for about 4 weeks until we were bored. Thoughts?
  4. Do you want that stuff for trnasmog? I have a plate gloves token (two actually) I can send you.
  5. I mean there are like 28 bosses in it or something daft so keep dreaming
  6. Fair point. Siege of Orgrimmar tomorrow night then?
  7. Raid unlocks next week
  8. And take skinning to really slow it all down
  9. And people said classic was pointless
  10. Pfft, mage portal time. Who uses a HS?
  11. I'd like them to do a seasonal affix that hits you on boss fights rather than trash. Like something happens for every 25% HP the boss losses or something.
  12. I love the way that is actually flagged as a positive feature. Occasionally I think about logging retail to do the 8.2.5 content and start leveling my neck to 70 now AK is maxed out and then I realise it is entirely pointless and of no benefit to me at all.
  13. Rymmer - Warrior Moostifer - Shaman Teorino - Druid Kryteon - Mage Lekaara - Rogue Crashtie - Hunter Dreathu - Priest All horde on Mirage
  14. I was due to be at a lunch tomorrow with David Gauke but we have had the message he may now cancel due to having to actually go to work. This is particularly infuriating as the pub next to my office does a deal on ribs and chicken wings all day on a Thursday and will be showing the rugby!
  15. Huh? When did I say that? I just said I can't join you due to queue time.