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  1. When I was young, I discovered Warhammer. I loved it, tiny metal miniatures with such great stories. However one thing I never understood was the Dwarfs history with Grudges. Every mark against the Dwarf race would be written in a book, every massive incident down to even the smallest slight would be entombed in a book. It would always be remembered year after year, generation after generation. To be brought up against those who have wronged them. Only when each individual event was returned in-kind or greater would it be stricken from the record. It has led to some grudges growing to unimaginable levels from merely the smallest of origins. Whole wars would be fought just to avenge a social faux pas made against someones great great great great grandparents. This I couldn't get as a kid, I thought it was funny and didn't understand how anyone could behave this way in reality. Why hold on to every little thing to the nth degree at the expense of themselves and the effect it has on other people/the world. After reading the above thread I now understand this mindset. This is not an explanation or an honest attempt to fix anything. This is a list of grudges directed at one individual. I cannot even see what the original thing Mark has done from that explanation. He is just the focus of the grudges and so it is written so it must be. Looking at that it makes me wonder what happened to the old Todd and Sarah. Where are the people who just enjoyed doing things together. Maybe they were never really there to begin with. Maybe they have only been a front to the true people secretly writing in the book of grudges all the slights they have perceived. If this is what is written about Mark it makes me wonder what has been written about me? Would I ever be able to absolve those wrongs? To be honest I just want my old Todd and Sarah back. If only they could wake up and take their noses out of their book.
  2. Just wanted to say that it really isn't just Mark you need to be referring to at this point. It has always been beyond just that and you should acknowledge it. Mark is not the only affected here and if you just keep focusing on him you maybe ignoring things still.
  3. Really? What is this? Did you really think this through? This is just awful and disgusting. A terrible reply to the post above no matter what. I guess maybe some drama happened in game/TS yesterday but whatever it was this still does not seem a good way to go about things. Sorry to say that is it for me. Gonna pull all my characters from BoT. I left the classic server (and all the really awesome people there) because I was over reacting, saw myself turning bad and I didn't want to lash out at people pointlessly in a hurtful manner. Decided to come back to Talnivarr when it was simpler and less stressful. Now I am seeing you seemingly do what i tried to avoid myself. Not gonna give it a chance to reach me so I am just gonna distance myself.
  4. OMomcoac man! I have been back for this whole silly expansion, missed only like two raids. Then I leveled and raided with all the classic crew. I am here there and every where! Tis but you that hath become the shadow of the room!
  5. Yup, you are totally right about the veil of night. I waited till 4am to try and leave the classic guild while no one was on AND PEOPLE WERE STILL ON! If I waited any longer the sun would have come up.
  6. Yeah I definitely feel this one the most. My time on classic allowed me to meet some awesome new people and play more with people I already knew (I miss them all sorely). However the key thing is that people just hung out and chatted. I was sometimes with people into the wee hours of the morning just chatting about so many things. In comparison, BoT has soured in a lot of ways as it feels like their is a spectre looming over everything. Its a shame we all cannot seem to bury our burdens so that we can get back to the fun times together, instead it seems we must labour under them tirelessly. As for Sharp I feel this is a good choice for you. I feel you put your heart and soul into the game, for yourself and others benefit. Think its about time you were able to get something out for it. Hope you join a fun group of people and enjoy some solid raiding. Please make sure you put the server name on here as I may just burn a level boost at some point on there or move my Paladin on to it (its not like Martins gonna come back to the game).
  7. I did add a teleport pad in there but someone kept deleting it. Also you can use the Escape menu and pick dry dock from the fast travel options. The only place it would apparently fit was on the reactor floor. Railjack seems OK but they have done what they always do and have released a starting platform to build off of. Its mainly killing grineer in space... continuously. Lots of new resource grind as well. If you want to do some sometime let me know. You basically need to get rank 2 in piloting stats (only takes a few missions for this) before you can do things sensibly but at the start it pilots like a brick, you can shoot guns sensibly, you cant use the resource forges or the ship map. Joining a few missions just to get your first few points and space mats is a sensible thing to do.
  8. Yeah... I did that. hen realised I don't need leather-working as I will need engineering for the solo tribute wins. So I thought i could sell the leather I was skinning... Doesn't seem to work out well.
  9. Just do what Im doing on my hunter. No quests, just killing things. That way doesn't matter if its horde of alliance as killing things is killing things
  10. We just did a MC pug and someone recognised me. A druid called Prio. Apparently was Niro the hunter from years ago! What a small world. He clearly remembers the important people.
  11. While we have the anniversary ( think it runs till ~8th Jan 2020) you can get a lot of Exp doing the AV event. Just from being in there you get exp that scals based on your level. With one loss (more exp) included I got a level in about 20 ish minutes. Not sure what the minimum is required to get in there but if you wanted an easy way to get several characters up to 120 this is definitely it! I am definitely gonna run a few classes up on horde and get my alliance paladin up as well. Then I can finally access dark iron dwarves!
  12. You are using different frames and gear when killing the proto lich things right?
  13. Sorry but I'm with Welsper on this one.
  14. So its the end of the expansion throw everything at the wall patch. Time for fun!