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  1. Oh I love going to extra lectures at the Uni. Loads of freed food!
  2. So I went to it. It was odd. He never even got to the part about the whole consumerism and surveillance state stuff. Instead he was explaining books he read and models he was designing. One model was a straight line with two "poles" at each end. One was "The divine" on the Left and the "The profane" on the right. Then he used this model on everything from the internet, to the structure of churches to drone strike tactics. One example would be how a funeral takes our experience of a dead body e.g. the bones, skin and decaying flesh and transforms that through the ritual of the funeral into the divine which is what the protectors of the divine want us to think. Another example was the explanation of how church windows were put up on walls as a form of oppression, because its not comfortable to look up at them... No possible understanding or consideration was made to the fact that if you want a lot of people to be able to see something you can make it big and put it above them. Personally I think my mental faculties have been diminished by my own brain out of self defence after experiencing that lecture.
  3. So we randomly get lecturer series so people can present stuff. However I have read some of the stuff in tomorrow session and it just made my brain crash. Thought it best to share my confusion with others. Does anyone want to work out what this one is about: 14.45-17.30 Wednesday 22nd May 2019 MC232, Millennium City Building University of Wolverhampton William Pawlett (University of Wolverhampton) From the formlessness of society to hyper-modern consumer-security zones: a schematic analysis This paper brings into contact the aberrant social thought of Georges Bataille and Jean Baudrillard with recent work by Giorgio Agamben on bio-politics and Grégoire Chamayou on violence and surveillance. It charts the emergence of hyper-modern security spaces, zones where consumer freedoms merge with security and surveillance. The principles of liberal democracy have done nothing to inhibit the merging of consumer and security spaces, indeed these principles are perhaps a condition of this merging. For Bataille all societies are ultimately formless, consisting only in a system of barriers erected against “sacred horror”: death and decomposition, menstrual blood, sacrificial madness, self-annihilation. Yet, in modernity, barriers are folded and multiple: they do not limit outsides but seek to eliminate them. A surveillance space is defined, following Baudrillard, as the product of the postulation of ‘reality’ by techniques of abstraction and representation generating an integrated, indifferent yet hostile space. I suggest that consumerism and surveillance operate in tandem as modes of internal and external disciplining, that is, as techniques for controlling others or outsiders as well as the control of the self. Consumerism and surveillance have merged almost to the point of being indistinguishable; the freedom to buy is also the unfreedom to be tracked and monitored: at train stations and airports consumer transactions are also security checks overseen by armed police; even at colleges and universities Prevent policies are seamlessly intermeshed with customer relations. As Chamayou contends, surveillance makes possible the complete separation of lethal violence from any possibility of reciprocity or of risk to the aggressor. Can human societies endure in formlessness, or are they being irreversibly deformed into consumer-security spaces?
  4. So I broke WoW. Well I broke Gragneth. I was doing the quest line for the old god stuff as was in the instanced raid. I was also queued for raid finder as I need to get a Jaina kill done. I accepted the RF invite and could not see any enemies or allies in the raid. I could get bonus rolls of loot however. After the raid ended (still didnt count for quest) I realised I can no longer see anyone in the whole world. I dropped the quest, died, went through some portals and nothing fixed it. A GM told me to go get the quest again and complete it. I had to mount run all the way up to the top of Vol'Dun and could recollect the quest. However i need to get to kul'tiras to complete the quest. I went to the boat and this is what I found. I still cant talk to Tattersall and dont know how to get to Kul'Tiras. Any ideas? Its also really weird that I cant see any enemies but I can see a handful of random NPCS.
  5. Finally unlocked clans. Why cant I have it on my armband? Seems silly. Still don't like the matchmaking of this game. Soloing as we go! Edit: Thought I would give it a go to get one more story mission done before logging off. It dumped me a group across the map and revealed a load of stuff based off this persons map. Then re spawned me in a safe house i hadn't unlocked. It was not a full group and the person was doing something else. Right not trying that again...
  6. Well they are trying to encourage the whole signature weapon thing. Shame they didn't add this to the prime.
  7. I guess the logic is that if you crafted them in the past you got use of them. Plains looks pretty cool now. However I wish they adjusted the bounties. Would have been nice to carry over the challenges on them for a better reward. Currently plains bounties put me to sleep. Well up next should be Jupiter tile set. Can't wait to see that. The new mobs on it look really weird.
  8. This expansion I do get the feeling that normal raiding really is a neglected tier of content. In comparison of effort M+ seems to make normal raids not a good time to reward investment. I know Dave mentioned both his Druid and his Paladin are geared beyond this raid tier now. I think Todd said his iLvl is around ~410-415 mark at this point. I assume most other M+ players are around the same levels on at least one character/spec. So I was thinking for the future (might even need to be next expansion at this point) that people might want to consider having an M+ character and a Raid character. That way raid content would be more challenging and more rewarding and M+ would still be doable. Obviously this could only apply to people with two or more characters. In addition because we clear on normal it is not like we are doing achievement runs or get any time limited stuff. So people can easily get the minimal compeletion achievements we earn in PuGs or after the expansion very easily. The main reason I was thinking this is that the only real reason I re-subbed was to play/raid with everyone. However, sadly, I find M+ the most dreadful of bores. I mean they barely swap things up between seasons! How about moving all the Trash spawns/making you do the instance in reverse/later season swap bosses between dungeons or each week/new boss mechanics/additional bosses/basically anything more than just changing the one themed affix of the season. So raiding is really the only thing holding me to the game at this point. This being irrelevant content to what feels like most people is quite demoralizing.
  9. Seems i can't join the group till i unlock a particular person. I have been trying to solo everything so far and I must say I find it a bit harder than the previous game. It's a fun experience but definitely slows my progress.
  10. Pretty hard to find a good quality video of his speech. Best one I could find: https://streamable.com/vnq6r
  11. Up for a stupid defence run and trio index run. What is with these nightwaves. Sometimes I feel they just want to be really annoying.
  12. Yeah definitely. Haven't had much time to play as had to catch up with warframe stuff, work stuff and other stuff. Hoping to really sink my teeth into Div2 this week onwards.
  13. Yeah it was great fun and the finish made it a proper enjoyable experience. Personally I feel they should reduce the general adds and then have an add phase in the fight. Just throwing all those mobs continuously makes the fight chaotic. Also it makes seem very similar to the plague star event which is infested. They at least make sense for a swarming mob style boss fight. Now to see what friend nightwaves appear next week!
  14. I have never done it myself either. I feel they really overcooked the way you access and attempt this boss. Compared to exploiter which is a cool and fun fight.