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  1. We just did a MC pug and someone recognised me. A druid called Prio. Apparently was Niro the hunter from years ago! What a small world. He clearly remembers the important people.
  2. While we have the anniversary ( think it runs till ~8th Jan 2020) you can get a lot of Exp doing the AV event. Just from being in there you get exp that scals based on your level. With one loss (more exp) included I got a level in about 20 ish minutes. Not sure what the minimum is required to get in there but if you wanted an easy way to get several characters up to 120 this is definitely it! I am definitely gonna run a few classes up on horde and get my alliance paladin up as well. Then I can finally access dark iron dwarves!
  3. You are using different frames and gear when killing the proto lich things right?
  4. Sorry but I'm with Welsper on this one.
  5. So its the end of the expansion throw everything at the wall patch. Time for fun!
  6. Some friends of mine have a had a graduation today so going out for a meal with them.
  7. The queue is what got me. It has shrunk a bit but still over 2 hours most of the time. I want to play not stare at numbers going down .
  8. Album? I am completely musically inept! Its just a podcast recording. Normally do them Saturday but I have to attend a friends wedding.
  9. Not around this Thursday as I need to get some stuff recorded due to being away at the weekend.
  10. I want to raid. Its nice to have a difference of play. I will sit on classic and discord till people say it looks like a raid.
  11. List your characters here and I will add to a big list so we have a easy access to everyone's characters: (I will add armoury links when they come up) (Also anyone started any Alliance yet? I want to try some original Paladin then cry in a corner). LOz Gragneth - Warrior - Horde - Mirage Raceway Coilla - Hunter - Horde - Mirage Raceway Thundrin - Paladin - Alliance - Mirage Raceway Welsper ???????? - ??????? - Alliance - Mirage Raceway Todd Nacey - Undead Priest - Horde - Shazzrah (PvP) Sarah Elana - Undead Mage - Horde - Shazzrah (PvP) Romana - Undead Priest - Horde - Shazzrah (PvP) Mark Liaster - Undead Warlock - Mirage Raceway Rymmer - Warrior - Mirage Raceway Moostifer - Shaman - Mirage Raceway Teorino - Druid - Mirage Raceway Kryteon - Mage - Mirage Raceway Lekaara - Rogue - Mirage Raceway Crashtie - Hunter - Mirage Raceway Dreathu - Priest - Mirage Raceway Sharp Tsubasa - Undead Rouge - Mirage Race way Kanade - Undead Warrior - Mirage Race way Dave Mohrigan - Tauren druid - Mirage Raceway Lei Buachalla - Human Paladin - Hydraxian Waterlords (RP) Wolfskin - Tauren Shaman - Hydraxian Waterlords (RP) Buachalla - Hunter - Horde - Mirage Raceway Gaz Khatru - Troll Hunter - Mirage Raceway Tim Thrunu - Orc Shaman - Mirage Raceway Tom Tari - Undead Priest - Mirage Raceway John Scosha - Undead Warlock - Horde - Mirage Raceway
  12. Thought I would at least try and do some Mythic+ runs to get chest stuff (is there an essence in there?). Did temple and I have never seen a group of people fail at the eyes so much. Must have been 6 minutes down the drain!
  13. So... I was randomly looking to get back into EvE/had a twitch reward to redeem. Attempt to login and it couldnt find my email. I have had support trying to reclaim my account for a month now (though I think they put it as a low priority) and I think its linked to Todds email? Do you still have access to it Todd?
  14. Huh, that is interesting. Amazing to find us just from WoWProgress. Well I guess there will be some interest in this. So we are a group that formed 2005 (thereabout) from a group of friends at uni playing wow. Most of your story would probably reflect the same as ours. Currently we only raid Thursdays 20:00-22:00 due to the peoples schedules and lives. However must say it is a delightful proposition, cant wait to hear what others think.