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  1. Thought I would at least try and do some Mythic+ runs to get chest stuff (is there an essence in there?). Did temple and I have never seen a group of people fail at the eyes so much. Must have been 6 minutes down the drain!
  2. So... I was randomly looking to get back into EvE/had a twitch reward to redeem. Attempt to login and it couldnt find my email. I have had support trying to reclaim my account for a month now (though I think they put it as a low priority) and I think its linked to Todds email? Do you still have access to it Todd?
  3. Huh, that is interesting. Amazing to find us just from WoWProgress. Well I guess there will be some interest in this. So we are a group that formed 2005 (thereabout) from a group of friends at uni playing wow. Most of your story would probably reflect the same as ours. Currently we only raid Thursdays 20:00-22:00 due to the peoples schedules and lives. However must say it is a delightful proposition, cant wait to hear what others think.
  4. For those its kind a do most "normal" content and you will find essences as you go. For instance there will be one that can drop in the raid off boss three, the boss with the lots of whirlwinds and arcane explosions (raidiance of Azhara). I am doing raid find as well each week just to get more essence per week. You can get a different essence from the chest at the end of M+ runs. If you are not sure where to get particular essences you can hover them in the heart of azeroth interface (shift click neck in rested areas) and mouse over tool tip to list the location you get them from. As for which one is best? I am sure there are silly websites that tell you these things. I will make sure I am available Mondays from now on (this week was testing my mocap setup) so if you want more people to do X,Y,Z content I will be available mondays. Also seeing as gearing is not hard at all for now wont even mind some mythic plus if needed.
  5. Wait we can heroic warfront with 10 people? SIGN me up!
  6. No powercreep, free ticket, weeb waifu game! All amazing. I know of Fate and enjoy it. I prefer games where I have some reference to it. Its why i play several Final fantasy gatchas. The free ticket. Is there any requirement on getting that e.g. login days, an account made before X, or can I use it as well as re-rolling to get two decent units? Also what the rates like? I have heard of lots of people saving up mountains of stuff for X unit and not even getting close.
  7. Right... seeing as this game seems to be making all the money I might as well at least try it. I can only play it on my old spare iphone for now (as i need to swap region). Though i might get an android phone soon. Whats the best thing to re-roll for at present. (FGO still sits at number 1 for revenue in JP app games https://imgur.com/a/eE0cj10
  8. That is lovely, congratulations.
  9. I have only just realised that Benthic gear is a complete scam. For previous raid tiers we got a battlefront that rewarded a item of heroic quality ~every two weeks. This time the gear can be upgraded over time. However it can only reach 425, which is 5 ilvls off the heroic tier. We also cannot get weapons from benthic gear. I think it is a better system overall but the bait and switch annoys me.
  10. Well it has been that time of the year again. Time for Loz to paste shiny videos of the updates from Tenno con. I am a little disappointed as we still haven't received the space battles. However we got an update on it. So first we got an update cinematic intro that will probably be leading to a revamp of the beginner experience. This was followed by another teaser for the next story quest. (TBH, the end reminds me of stabbing certain swords into planets. ) Then we got the very long game play demo of the space battles and "king pin" system (enemies that are unique to you and get stronger like that LOTR game). Also includes SQUAD LINK (Shown at 27:50) which is an interesting concept. Players in a completely different part of the game will be able to attempt to aid your progress in your mission. e.g. Battle of endor where team on planet shuts shield down for people in space. Then finally we got the off the wall closing teaser of the next open world. NOW WITH HORSES!!! So the game is still going strong and as always expanding in new ways.
  11. Wiki says they broke up. Its in the "before the storm novel" However clearly Blizz are interested in taking 5 steps back and pandering to the Thrall x Jaina shippers. There is also some debate whether or not Aggra and thralls child died. In the safe haven video of Saurfang talking to Thrall he only says that his family are "Not far". Which would still fit if they were dead and buried. After killing the two rogues Thrall doesn't seem to be concerned that their might be other assassins that could be attacking his family. His only worry is that Saurfang was followed. Finally he decides very quickly to just give up on doing whatever hes doing and go off with Saurfang. Doesn't even consult his wife. However this could just as easily be attributed to lazy writing. However if this is leading to an expansion with a massive shake up where we don't have the alliance vs horde at all and the game "merges" the factions I would be interested in it. WoW needs a massive shake up to stay relevant at this point and that might be an interesting change.
  12. If you guys are around for certain times can you give dates please.
  13. I was thinking about this some more. 8.0 was flawed but I enjoyed it. However 8.1 felt like a reset you get between expansions not within one. I can't really place my finger on why. Item levels always increase but never has patch made me feel that everything I had worked on that expansion was so pointless. Maybe its Azerite gear and necklace stuff or maybe it was the weird release dates? Don't know but it slowly drained the enthusiasm right out of me. Hope 8.2 will do some interesting things...
  14. Yeah kinda the same here. I am willing to give 8.2 a go but FFXIV and Shadowbringers have me super hyped right now.