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  1. https://store.steampowered.com/app/780290/Gloomhaven/ ^Fully featured multiplayer co-op when it's properly released so one to watch - obviously not the same as in person board games but good if you're far apart and want to enjoy the same campaign!
  2. Maz

    Fate/Grand Order

    I got Sanzang! Tamamo still hates me Benienma looks like Maz cosplay fodder....
  3. Aww sorry dude, that was my bad, you guys were replying in turn so I got posts mixed up Apologies! Welp, I dunno what trains you looked up but it's like an hour longer down East Coast because you have to waste 50 mins traveling to Edinburgh.
  4. The Travelodge in Cambridge is opposite Inner Sanctum, a board games place, if that's any sway It's only open Sat though! Tbh Cambridge has a very good inner bus network so you could stay at any of the hotels near the station and take the Citi 1 into the town centre, which runs every five mins. Or just walk it. Also Gaz is talking shit, via Edinburgh is a stupid route to access Cambridge from the north unless you're in the Yorkshire region or trying to save a few pennies, it is far longer and often involves more changes (Peterborough, Ely). The best route of access is either to fly to Stansted and take the direct train to Cambridge, or West Coast main line to Euston followed by the short walk to King's Cross. Goodness knows I've done that journey often enough.
  5. My preferences: 1. Brighton - some excellent pubs and food places, plus we can go on the beach or mess about in the arcade. There's also the aquarium and you can go in a glass bottom boat on the Shark tank! 2. Cambridge - Know it reasonably well although not so much the pubs, also I think we'll get the most people if we go here. Loads of nice places to sit out, weather should be nice as it's early September. Also FUDGE KITCHEN omnomnom. 3. Chester - nice place, easy for us as well as cheap as can stay at Tom's parents and drive over. Wouldn't be bothered about tourist stuff here as have done most of it, but happy to zoo, pub and games. I don't really have any other preferences. I think Oxford is really expensive for what it is, based on hotel prices when I looked before, and I spent a week there on clinical placement, so I don't really care about going there again.
  6. Currently Japan trip is 4-25th august or some such, but we haven't booked flights yet and still not entirely sure we're going so probably best to just plan stuff and we'll come if we can.
  7. Pls can we stop with the 9am meetings about statistical analysis, my brain is nope
  8. I survived! I had to leave Sunday afternoon though, stupid work =_=
  9. There is a place down the road that does cream teas. For this reason I demand scones, jam and clotted cream! Advance apologies that you may not see much of me today - I have a grant due in for peer review today and it's only half finished
  10. Yes, bring your own towels, they are not included.
  11. Those are the prettiest tails I've seen on the internet The colours are really cool! I like the little differences in fins between each one as well. Separately, I wish this had been announced back when I was looking for a new dSLR - when my original Pentax stopped working fully there was nothing else Pentax on the market with the same form factor, so I went mirrorless. This new KP looks really damn nice and compact to boot, but I've bought into the Olympus system now and my EM5 Mk II has been too many places (and shows it) for me to get much value on selling it or trading it.
  12. Last night's Any Questions was recorded in my family's home town of Buntingford. In which Arron Banks declared during the discussion of Trump's visit that he'd rather have a misogynist than an IRA sympathiser (referring to John McDonnell also on the panel). That particular speech is a teenager now!
  13. I don't really have the brain space to think about this right now but basically yeah we can't get in before 3. My job is to go meet up with the owner somewhere beforehand to get keys, but I'm not sure what time before 3 that'll be, and won't know till a few days before when I've actually organised that. So assume you won't see us till you get to the house and if it turns out we can come for lunch then bonus. Nik, speak to Tom directly about a lift instead of posting here as I don't know.