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  1. Beginner board games

    Thanks for all the suggestions. We ended up going to Draughts and played 2 games of Carcassonne. It took around 2 hours as I've never played it before either so it took a while to get going. I see what you mean Mark by how you can be very aggressive, but we ended up mostly building our own bits and even cooperated sometimes. I lost both games xD
  2. To me structured running is like joining a guild; it involves setting a schedule and arranging things around the running as opposed to the other way around. Yeah I'm lucky to have Lee Valley park right next to me, which has a variety of paved, trail, and just grass/mud paths. It's nice to see and feel the seasons changing while you're out there as time goes by. I'm not looking forward to summer! It's too hot and I have terrible hayfever between June-July.
  3. @dangphat E = Easy LSD = Long Steady Distance F = Fartlek T = Tempo I = Interval H = Hills MP = Marathon Pace Mostly running easy at the moment with a weekend long run. Started to introduce speedwork in the form of fartlek sessions. Once I get above 30mpw I'll weave in aerobic intervals and hills.
  4. Beginner board games

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I'm going to go with Pandemic as the co-op game and Ticket to Ride/Carcassonne/Agricola as the competitive game depending on borrowing and what's available in a cafe. I played Pandemic as a 4 fairly recently and it was a blast, though we struggled to win. I really enjoyed The Captain is Dead but it's apparently not as good in a 2, and thematically they may not find it as interesting. Haha, definitely no to Monopoly and that genre of games. Playing competitive games might be a good way to suss out a bit more of their character too!
  5. Beginner board games

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. Sorry I should have been more specific; I'd prefer co-op and neutral games over aggressive competitive games. Cheers for the offers Mark. We'll do Gloomhaven again soon and can discuss/pick up games then.
  6. Beginner board games

    Could you guys please recommend me some beginner friendly, 2 player board games? The other person has probably never played a board game before, and I'm very much a newbie as well! Preferably something that is likely to be available in a board game cafe. Or perhaps something I could borrow from Sarah & Todd's collection?
  7. Old PC games in boxes

    PURGE PURGE PURGE Most of the time things worth less than a tenner aren't worth your time selling. I sold PS1/2 era games like the old non-Platinum FF games, but straight up binned old PC games because no one wants them.
  8. I found this list of satirical rules for cycling and thought it was quite funny: http://www.velominati.com/the-rules/
  9. My top suggestion is to not have any unhealthy snacks around, and replace with healthy ones. Don't buy any, refuse offers from others, and give presents away - like what I did round yours. xD I guess I will be bringing celery sticks, hummus and guacamole only next time?! I used to drink at least one can of Coke per day, snack on biscuits and chocolates etc. Some of it was because I got given them as presents for Christmas, Easter, and the like; I didn't want to "waste" it so I end up eating it. A lot of it was "routine", as in I'd always get the urge for a cold fizzy drink after lunch, or associate going to get a coffee with having some chocolate to go with it. Once you identify these chain of events, it becomes easier to break. I was doubly motivated by the effects of unhealthy snacking on teeth, after I had a number of fillings done a few years ago. It was sufficiently traumatising that it made the process much easier for me. All in all I didn't find it too difficult to cut out. Then once it's gone for a while, you really don't miss it at all and it becomes super easy to say no to things. I'm reintroducing sugary foods as race fuel. I ate a ton of jelly babies during the 4 hour mini mountain marathon. A benefit of cutting out sugar is that sweet things taste really sweet, and it doesn't take much to satiate.
  10. I used to raid 2 nights per week, 3-4 hours per night, for a total of 6-8 hours. Plus time doing at least one m+ per week, and AP grinds between raid tiers, it easily added up to 10+ hours per week on average. At the time I honestly didn't think this was very much, which was kind of true since most "serious" guilds raided 3-4 nights per week. Having stopped, and turning some of that time into running/cycling, it's become apparent to me how long 6-8 hours per week actually is. I train cardio for around 4 hours spread around a single week right now, which currently feels like a lot, yet I would routinely sit for that long during one raid night. Having typed this originally in the Rocket League thread, I realised it's rather off-topic there, so here is a double post instead. How are you doing with your training Tom? When's your HM? I'm running slowly and steadily atm, slowly increasing mileage. Good to see you starting to ride again Todd, now that the weather is slowly improving. We will do a ride together soon!
  11. Thanks, I'll be visiting Decathlon to get some cleats and panniers. My foot pod finally arrived from Amazon US. Turns out "Garmin" is a sensitive export/import keyword and customs on both ends held it up for ages. The data really tickles the nerd inside me. I love it!
  12. I had no idea bone induction was a thing, Tim. Distinctly reminds me of the "codec" Snake uses for communication where only he can hear. You're absolutely right Todd, seems like I won't be investing in cleats yet. Do you maintain bikes yourself Tim? I know Todd uses his LBS. I've done some home maintenance to the drivetrain/brakes but honestly, I lack confidence in what I've done while out on a ride.
  13. Sharp, I thought 2D waifus would accept me as I am...?! Thanks for sharing that Tom, I'm getting good ideas for extra snacks to eat by checking your log. I eat a lot of oats as porridge, 80-100g a day. Horses eat oats and are fast, right? A housing estate right next to mine has a circular road that's exactly 1 km. Seems like a safe place to ride away from traffic while listening to podcasts. @Nacey, I learned that cleats aren't just extras but help produce force on the upstroke using hamstrings. Looks like I'll have to visit Decathlon again...
  14. Amazon have a voucher 'BIGTHANKS' that takes £10 off a basket over £50. Valid only until the end of tomorrow, and for items sold directly by Amazon. Now you can buy things you don't want or need, but cheaper!
  15. Thanks Mark. I don't think I'll buy a Vi, especially after buying a GPS watch, but it's interesting development to follow! That's exactly what I've been doing, Tom. The most difficult part for me is actually getting the calories down my throat because I have to eat even if I don't feel like eating. This hasn't been getting easier, since as I move more I have to eat even more.