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  1. In that case I would get the Intel. What motherboard does it come with? With a good Z series board and watercooling you should be able to get some nice overclocks on it.
  2. My opinion is that Intel has an advantage at 1080p. The difference becomes very small at 1440p and vanishes at 4K. 1080p at 60 Hz? 2700X. The extra frames are wasted. 1080p at 144 Hz? 9700K. Intend to upgrade to 1440p or higher in the near future? 2700X, especially with the £ saved. Intel is still better for WoW though, since that ancient engine is still mostly single threaded and you can overclock Intels higher than AMD.
  3. I have a Ryzen 5 1600 3.2 GHz running at 3.7 GHz on a potato motherboard. You get more cores/threads than Intel, but with a penalty of lower per-core performance. 2nd gen Ryzen have improved per-core performance and overclock well, especially with a X450 motherboard. If you intend to exclusively use the computer for playing games, particularly games like WoW which still demand high single core performance, Intel is probably better. DX12 Vulkan could change things, though, so always check benchmarks. If you use the computer for other things, the extra cores are nice. I use mine as a workstation, and at the time I built it, it was either a 6 core/12 thread Ryzen or a 4 core/4 thread Intel. Being able to do things like "make -j12" is great. I realise now that this may be irrelevant if you only do web browsing on the computer. 😂 Ryzen architecture really benefits from fast RAM, so if you choose to go for it, get 3200 MHz RAM at least.
  4. Ah nevermind it's out of stock. Not surprised as it was a bargain. But it is available here https://www.very.co.uk/sony-xperia-xz-premium-black/1600185719.prd
  5. The XZ Premium flagship from last year is only 230 on Amazon. Snapdragon 835. Unless the form factor is essential this should be a much better phone for not much more money.
  6. You can skip from pack before the bridge, as long as 1) the invis patrol is cleared 2) the leftmost stealth detector is CC'd. You also don't need invis pots to skip the pack directly in front of totem boss, you can just have tank run left, rest run right, let tank die and res him. Same with getting out.
  7. Myrrh

    BfA Mythics

    Speculation: What you get is based on the keystone level in your bag, not highest completed for the week.
  8. Myrrh

    BfA Mythics

    I'm around this afternoon and can help on rogue. Find me on Discord/Hangouts.
  9. Raid will be a month later with 8.1.5. Welsper, I'm sure they will add new non-raid azerite gear at the Siege of Zuldazar normal/heroic/mythic item levels on the vendors with 8.1.5.
  10. Myrrh

    BfA Mythics

    Grievous is a bitch no matter which spec. Unsure about next week as it's the first time we've seen explosive. I'm happy to join you Todd on my rogue if we align.
  11. Myrrh

    BfA Mythics

    I did a FH earlier as disc running ToF/MB/SCov. It wasn't too bad, can't blast much and lots of SMends. I quite liked having things to heal and triaging actually. I record most of my m+ runs if they are helpful to you Todd, both disc gameplay and dungeon route/coordination.
  12. If I'm around tomorrow, I can try and solo heal or boost Dave's paladin/Simon's priest.
  13. Myrrh

    BfA Mythics

    The main issue I see is that while raid nights attracts 15+ people, there's only 9 that actively do M+. Do the others not read the forums, and if so message them directly to sort something regular out? I recommend Method Dungeon Tools, so you can plan and save routes for different affixes/comps, then make small optimisations over runs. I don't think comp or utility is the problem. You hardly ever CC before infested at 10 anyway, and if you do you have both poly and shackle that cover everything. Comps are not the reason for not doing 6 7 8 keys in time. The only real difference is rogue and shroud skips, but it's not absolutely essential. Neither group can death skip unless hunter pets can CR? 2 melee vs 1 melee is a toss up. You win some dungeons with more stuns and interrupts, or lose some dungeons that are less melee friendly. A few ideas from me: Use flasks and food. Lasts for 2-3 dungeons or more if you're an alchemist, and is very helpful for pushing. Bigger pulls when the frost mage and warrior(s) have CDs up during suitable weeks. Burst AOE should be insane. Learn what to interrupt and stun, especially when making double or triple pulls. General damage output and boss mechanics improvements. Most of this can be improved with more runs.
  14. Welsper, like the majority of the community, forgets that class balance has almost zero effect if you are not in the top 200 or pushing 12+ keys.
  15. Myrrh

    BfA Mythics

    Not exactly sure, other than being efficient in the throughput sense with your GCDs as mana is unlimited. Sometimes it's okay to leave people not topped to wait for a more efficient GCD to come up e.g. WG. Having the group avoid damage in general, by dodging, kicking/stunning important spells and mobs will also enable you to spend more GCDs on damage. I did a heroic Atal Dazar for the bonus cache and ended up doing more healing than a m+ run because no one made any effort to interrupt and dodge damage.