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  1. BoTPug

    I am home tonight but will be clearing hc first starting at around half 6. Assuming a smooth run I could be done by 9, but I wouldn't want people to wait around for me.
  2. Method 10/11 already. Looks like an "undertuned" tier. It makes Emerald Nightmare look difficult in comparison, almost. Why can't Blizzard properly tune so it's not a steamroll into 2 hard bosses at the end? By the time I get back after Christmas, there's going to be no bosses left for me to kill!
  3. Gloomhaven

    Which do you prefer, Sarodd or Torah?
  4. Gloomhaven

    Sounds great. I can swing by the station to pick up Todd and save you the trip.
  5. BoTPug

    I won't be here on Thurs as I'll be in Leeds. I'm also not going to be around for most of December either, away for a few weeks then it's Christmas/NY/etc. : (
  6. You need to do weekly content to get legendaries.
  7. Gloomhaven

    I'm in East Herts, and can reasonably get to both yours via car or Todd's via train, so whatever works for you guys.
  8. Gloomhaven

    Sorry! I can do Sunday 3rd but I'm flying away for two weeks on the 9th. Then it's Christmas and New Year but I'm free between the two if you guys are. I need to collect my keyboard from Todd and Sarah, then lend them an MX Brown keyboard anyway.
  9. I built a PC this year and did some research. Apparently Intel CPUs haven't progressed much beyond Sandy Bridge (2xxx). An unlocked (K-series) Intel i5 or i7 part from the past 5 years will have no trouble paired with a modern Nvidia 10 series or AMD 5 series GPU. Intel just released a new generation (Coffee Lake) so now is the time, though they may not have made it into consumer products yet. Be wary that some "Coffee Lake" mobile components are rebadged Kaby Lakes from the previous generation. I don't really know about gaming laptops though. Most are rebadged Clevo chassis? Dell Alienware and Razer probably build their own. As Todd said, unless you don't have space for a monitor/keyboard/mouse, an mini-ITX build will always be superior to a laptop. For keyboards, I mentioned a few brands previously. Post what you are interested in here and I can give my recommendations.
  10. BoTPug

    Great job last night, managed to phase before the nasty combo. Yeah do normal first, if it's an easy stomp then you can think about going heroic. Remember ToS normal was no pushover and heroic is quite hard early on.
  11. BoTPug

    Yeah I'm around.
  12. BoTPug

    I won't be able to make it on Thurs, sorry.
  13. BoTPug

    GJ everyone.
  14. BoTPug

    Mon/Tues are my main raid days, but if we 1 day clear on Mon then I can be there on Tues.
  15. BoTPug

    I'm around, but do we have 2 tanks? Lei and Sharp won't be back until 9pm?