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  1. Wealso do transmog runs, mythic+ and guild warfronts too. We're not raid focused, we also do raid and dungeon achievements for the lolz. Did I mention we have the memes too Feel free to add me to battle.net
  2. Hello All, My name is Haikon and i'm the Guild Master of PlayedTheGame on our connected realm group. We're a UK based gaming community established back in 2003 where we hold not only in game events but also IRL events. I came across your guild on WoWProgress and would like to extend our hand to you to see if you're willing to merge into our guild to form a bigger more active guild. Let me give you a bit of a backstory to our guild and community... We're a heroic raiding guild and we classify ourselves as a hardcore social guild. "What does that mean" I hear you ask, let me explain. We raid 2 times a week Tuesdays & Wednesdays 20:00 - 22:30 UK time. We have families, quite a few of our guildies having become fathers/mothers for the first time or for 2nd/3rd time so having a casual attitude is important to us. But we don't let people slack . We want everyone to be the best they can be and we raid with this objective in mind, so taking criticism and owning up to one's mistakes is the norm for us. For years we've taken new inexperienced players and coached/mentored them up to raiding level and as a result we've become a tightly knit community. We also have guild events IRL too as mentioned. We had a guild meetup in London this year (photo of us in a restaurant: https://m.imgur.com/vL9j5N6) and we also attend the Multiplay gaming LANs. Could you get in touch to discuss maybe further? BattleTag: Truk#2355 Haikon - GM of PlayedTheGame (EU-Sunstrider)