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  1. Aaaaaand copypaste pretty much failed... anyway, if you want more info. Go search google or something.
  2. Nacey, I didn't find much more to explain why this is happening but I guess this will help. [table] St. John's Feast Day, L?go, Litha, Ivan Kupala Day, Juhannus[/size][/td]Northern Europeans and Anglophones[/size][/td]Pagan, Christian, Celtic[/size][/td]Summer Solstice on June 20-23[/size][/td]Maypole Dancing[/size][/td][/table] Wikipedia :bat:
  3. So. As I'm saying, we finns like to celebrate "juhannus" for about 4 days to be exact. Juhannus includes: 1. People drowning coz they go swimming so damn wasted that they cant even swim. (and I mean dying, happens every year). 2. Lots and lots of people are so damn wasted for 4 days. 3. Lots and lots of people go to jail because they act so dumb when they are so drunk @ Juhannus. 4. I'll be drunk as a mule too for 3-4 days. (SO I WONT BE RAIDING ON FRIDAY, +might have a freaky hangover which probably will take some time to heal. But hey, it's JUHANNUS) So gl with raids and all and wish me luck that I won't go swimming with other dumbasses in these 4 days. m/ -Darka