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  1. Just confirming Gaz has now received prizes. This is all wrapped up until the next one.
  2. The guild this forum represents seems to be presenting a few error messages, please can an admin sort this. Many thanks in advance
  3. @NaceyDoes that mean you won't take the piss out of my email address anymore?
  4. Wait I thought we were using zoom now?
  5. Zoom meeting booked id 737-8713-5078 20:30 24th April. Questions written (should make people feel smart) Rounds are: 1. TV and film 2. Sport 3. Bottle or tree/wow 4. Languages 5. Geography 6. General Gaming
  6. If the two of you agree to be competitive that's 5 entrants, let's make it work. The prize will be up to£25 of Amazon chocolate/sweets/alcohol of your choice.(healthy choices not allowed). Will start 20:30 on Friday. Will post meeting invite just before.
  7. Right, I don't speak to any of you lot half as much as I should, I don't check discord enough etc. I miss you all, this community represents a social crutch that I had for the best part of seven years. Especially when I was away in Holland being able to log onto vent/mumble/TS and not feel alone because there was always someone I wanted to talk to was invaluable. Anyway end of gushy stuff. I would like to setup a quiz night which I will put up a decent prize for, with a mixture of bottle or tree/ general knowledge questions. I will host it on zoom(unless Todd tells me I should use a different teleconference software). Video joining would be optional for those who hate webcams Post in here if you have any interest at all, if we have more than 5 takers then I will make it happen. Arbitrary date is Friday 24th April. Can someone link this to discord please. If this feels dumb or contrived apologies. Zoom link will be sent by DM so link is not on internet.
  8. If it helps I stopped playing about three years ago when my computer stopped working (pretty certain my wife did it with a glass of water on purpose) I haven't replaced it with a gaming rig since and now pay a half hour of Fortnite twice a week at most on the Xbox. I miss the esprit de corps we once had. In case anyone is wondering life after gaming is great and you have so much more time. Just wish I had stopped before having kids so I could enjoy it.
  9. Won't all 5man tanks want the masochists ring?
  10. Am I the only person who sees "proroguing" and reads "pro-rogueing" and assume @Rykanik has been raiding parliament?
  11. Todd here is the bar I mentioned: https://goo.gl/maps/PiMyX41mLRY5z5Qr6
  12. Fuck it if there was a general election today I would vote Labour just for a second referendum even if Corbyn is a tofu-eating final-solution-apologizing goat-like cunt.