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  1. Won't all 5man tanks want the masochists ring?
  2. Am I the only person who sees "proroguing" and reads "pro-rogueing" and assume @Rykanik has been raiding parliament?
  3. Todd here is the bar I mentioned: https://goo.gl/maps/PiMyX41mLRY5z5Qr6
  4. Fuck it if there was a general election today I would vote Labour just for a second referendum even if Corbyn is a tofu-eating final-solution-apologizing goat-like cunt.
  5. All the heroic all the time
  6. Alternatively she has intentionally delayed the parliament vote, and will delay subsequent votes until those within parliament who don't want a no deal Brexit have no choice but to vote for her deal. I'm not saying it's a good plan, but I'm hoping she has any plan.
  7. Starting point: the 10 year old PC stopped turning on about August time last year. We need a computer at home. (Side note: I had probably played computer games about 10 times the whole of the year before that. Computer gaming was becoming a bone contention for family life, and not gaming has left me in a happier and healthier position) Activities the new PC will be used for: Web browsing Light gaming - assume rocket league and LoL as a benchmark Home office - smooth use of MS Office applications, I am looking at the following build: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/ZPgR9J Assumptions made: The graphics card (Todd's old GTX770) still works and therefore cost avoided, and while it will be a choke point will be sufficient for light gaming The SSD still works and therefore cost avoided I will not be able to transfer Windows 10 license (which was a free upgrade from XP)as I have new MB I need a new case, just so I have USB 3.0 at top of case. This brings the build to the £650 mark including OS. Do the components all work together? Can/Should I save money on the Power Supply? If the GFX card doesnt play ball, what should i replace it with? 1060? Do I need Windows pro or is home sufficient? Do I need the aftermarket cooler? Will I need additional fans for the case? Will Todd help me build it in exchange for dinner and cider?
  8. I got some awesome heartfelt presents from Todd and Sarah with help from Khatum. Photos will follow tomorrow, but would like to say both me and my wife were really grateful.
  9. Still not got last year's present
  10. I have given up on idealism. At the moment all I want is stability, and this draft exit proposal seems to me to be the only choice we currently have to give some stability. It does not give what brexiteers want (good) or what remain wants(unfortunately but we do not have a path to a second reformendum) but it does give a basis for industry to plan for the medium term. If party politics rejects it then we may end up with no deal, at which point my job and my assets are at serious risk.