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  1. dangphat

    BfA Leveling and General Chat

    Didnt you double prot last night and clear the place in a couple of hours?
  2. dangphat

    Guild Thursdays

    So heroic next week?
  3. dangphat

    The Android Thread

    My wife is in the same position (she has a Moto G 2014 if I remember correctly) so would be interested in the Todd seal of approval on the current Moto G.
  4. dangphat

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    Look at you changing your mind every 5 years.
  5. dangphat

    Guild Thursdays

    Mythic or quits
  6. dangphat

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    Mumble, and everyone must use webcam microphones combined with the cheapest PC speakers they can find turned to maximum.
  7. dangphat

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    @Hideo for raid leader
  8. dangphat

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    I declare it is time for Omenos, Stramoll and myself to takeover BoT again, we can run Ulduar 10 man every week and I can modify the website settings to substitute random words to say "cock". It was a glorious time with the highest ratio of drama:achievement.
  9. dangphat

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    oh well back to my cage
  10. dangphat

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    Nic, the thing is, Todd runs the forum and voice serve(and some of your other geeky forums or they could be gone now) and he does this in his own time and funds it with his own money. I know he enjoys doing this but we should give him a bit of respect for doing it. I am sure if you had spoken to him separately privately about the benefits of the Discord vs TS he would have had a reasoned discussion with you. Instead you posted one of the things he runs for us for free about how we shouldn't use the other thing he does for free. I can understand how he would take this personally. If Discord is better for some specific reason (I like TS and find Discord clunky) then fair enough but it is difficult to have that proper conversation if you don't approach it from a position of respect.
  11. dangphat


    I assume for priest option, that deathrattle effects work in the order they were played?
  12. dangphat


    Would you really want to run discards with a deck built around needing one specific card?
  13. dangphat

    World Cup Chat

    It's coming home
  14. dangphat

    World Cup Chat

    Wow, I feel for Kasper Schmeichel he was amazing for the penalties (both the one in extra time and the shoot out) but the Danish penalties were shocking. I feel the Croatia team have a lot more to offer in the next round.