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  1. the only big things i've got are 31st aug/1st sep and 20-22 sep.
  2. I'd be up for something either this year (if practical) or next. cant fully commit as i have a few things up in the air at the moment but i'd be surprised if i cant attend.
  3. Good read. They also clearly thought through a bunch of things in advance too as it would have been much worse if they hadnt!
  4. sorry for the delay meant to do this but got sidetracked. When I try it everything only has height when i select the individual services. ie everythings totally flat all the time except the main service buildings. they only rise up when i select each service. i'm guessing from your description and the picture they are meant to be up all the time and reduce to the subsiduary parts when you select an item. I didnt have any issues with scrolling or rotating etc. I saw you'd been playing islanders recently which is probably helping with some inspiration (though different setting)
  5. Mokajin


    Haha yeh I missed my old character for a bit especially as i went from level 5 with full items to level 2! But new and shiny usually ends up being better in the end
  6. Mokajin


    You're pretty lucky you've managed to line up retirements. My 2nd character was nearly retiring before Marks first one. There are some wildly different retirement goals that can mean you get very skewed levels. Eg at the moment in our main campaign we have characters between level 4 with almost no equipment and level 8 with full everything. We also got more liberal with discussing what our retirement goals are as we've got further through because its more fun for everyone to unlock new stuff. (the rules allows it but for flavour we kept them secret for a while). Plus we have 6 characters swapping in and out so we try to avoid doing something one of the missing people needs etc. The character you've mentioned is the same one I currently am - I had to check a lot of stuff on BGG for clarification as there a lot of unique interactions I hadn't seen before and important wordings etc that I missed meaning I was under/overpowering some things. If you have any queries send me a message! But yeh it's an awesome game in itself and then you unlock new characters, equipment etc which just adds even more.
  7. Just to cover this bit off as didnt see a reply about it - I think JD and a couple of others still use teamspeak but I rarely log in. I'm on discord with another group of Alex's mates fairly regularly. The only other thing I use teamspeak for is a DND game run by NatoChris which I expect could easily move. Some people seem to prefer teamspeak but from my experience of voice programs it's usually just the existing one already has the settings and the knowledge and the new one i scary and not yet set up optimally. I find discord fiddly but a voice program is a voice program. I highly doubt there would be any issues moving to discord if teamspeak goes but I would prefer to give those guys a heads up so I can pass them the discord details (assuming theyre still ok to use it!)
  8. Mokajin


    Guessing you already asked mark about this or looked it up on board game geek, but in case you havent you can always send me a message with any queries. We also still find things we do wrong regarding some of the game mechanisms but havent found it to ever break/ruin the game.
  9. just make sure the agricola you go for is all creatures big and small the 2 player one that mark linked, not the full version agricola.
  10. Mostly just repeating on what other people have said but in terms of newbie friendly stuff I would suggest: Ticket To Ride (I played this with random work people for a while years ago it works fine with 2 and is a good gateway game) Patchwork Carcasonne co-op stuff like pandemic, forbidden desert etc as suggested. Personally I would steer away from Settlers of catan (2 player is shite and a fudge), and would think Agricola (the 2player one not the full game) not to be gateway enough. If you're going to a board game cafe place they can also make recommendations and explain rules etc. Or if you have some in mind a 5-10 min rules video before hand can save you a lot of faff but may not be required for the gateway type games. Also not exactly the same but on Board game geek someone listed 2 player gateway games as a suggestion which basically matches what we've said but with a few more most of which i've played so the list seems sensible: https://bgg.cc/article/28142655#28142655 Ticket to Ride Carcassonne Pandemic Sushi Go! Kingdomino Coloretto Splendor Patchwork Hey, That's My Fish! Takenoko
  11. Cool that's what I thought. Yeh obviously gonna keep anything sentimental that has printed rule books etc but ditch the rest, thanks!
  12. I expect I know the answer already but just wanna check i'm not missing anything. I have at least 15 boxed PC games from ~ 10 year ago that I'll never play again and doubt are worth anything. I expect they'd be worthless at computer exchange. I doubt a charity shop would want them. I expect ebaying them would take a lot of time for minimal value. Presumably all I can do is throw them away? Feels like a waste but I'll never play them and i already have millions of steam games i would play first.
  13. Mokajin

    Rocket League

    If I'm about I'd join but I am suuuuuper rusty by now (and was never that good at my best!). Feel free to poke me on steam (and i'll try to keep an eye out for if you guys are playing also)
  14. That is genius. Random but I definitely approve!
  15. Pretty cool even as a non coder and unfortunately a regular occurrence for companies at the moment claiming to have security features they just don't!