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  1. BoTPug

    How rude.
  2. BoTPug

    I'm sure the first few bosses don't really need tanks. Make the mages do it.
  3. Todd: SotT 13 Sarah: Arc 13 ✗ Thu - Sarah work party ✓ Fri ✓ Sat - Star Wars in morning, free otherwise ? Sun - Out afternoon or evening, not sure exactly, Danks invited people over but hasn't given us any indication of times ✓ Mon ✗ Tue - Office boardgame night So Monday looks good, Sunday may also be an option depending on Danks.
  4. BoTPug

    I'm not sure how I typoed today into that but you get the idea.
  5. BoTPug

    I am here and I want to kill some shit. Or, well, heal some shit. Need other people to do the killing. Sarah has her work Christmas party today but she may show up at some point.
  6. Seat and Arcway for us. Will post availability later.
  7. 20:00 is definitely fine. We may be available earlier but don't know for sure yet.
  8. Stuff You Should Read

    A perfect example of what's wrong with Internet of Things and "smart" devices right now. https://www.twosixlabs.com/bluesteal-popping-gatt-safes/ (This ons requires a little bit of tech knowledge though it's fairly easy to follow and you don't need to read or understand any of the code snippets.)
  9. Todd: UKara 11 Sarah: BRH 11 ✗ Wednesday - Cannot time travel ✓ Thursday ✓ Friday ✗ Saturday - Only around in the morning ✓ Sunday ✓ Monday ✗ Tuesday - Out for dinner
  10. BoTPug

    Mana issues on bosses that we've pulled once are generally not a big concern. If it takes us more than a couple of pulls to kill something then people will have mostly stopped taking damage to silly things by then and mana gets a lot better. We were one-shotting everything last time so the kills were actually quite messy. There were fights where nobody was ever really in danger of dying but total damage taken was actually very high. I have work drinks tomorrow but I'll be back for the raid. Raiding after free drinks, what could go wrong.
  11. We may be about 15mins late, just sorting food.
  12. Secret Santa 2017 - Drawn!

    Sorry yeah, mostly the same but I'll update it. Good: Android Cycling Edibles Football (QPR/general) Guitar (classical/electric) Games (PC/Xbox/card/board, especially small/portable stuff) Red pandas T-shirts (M or L are both fine) Colour themes: Orange/red, green Bad: Outdoor stuff (no garden) Toys/gadgets (the kind of stuff you find on Firebox)
  13. Gloomhaven

    No, Mark will pick you up.
  14. Raid Logs

    The AMR mod didn't update until after the raid which means combat logging wasn't automatically turned on yesterday. Does anyone have full logs? If not, I'll upload what I have from when I remembered to check and turned it on manually. I can't remember which boss we were up to but it was about 21:00 onwards.