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  1. BoTPug

    Great raid, healing is actually challenging again on Heroic and I had a lot of fun. Hope we can keep the progress going even if we only get an hour on Heroic for the next few weeks. It's good to do the Normal skip/clear to get trinket upgrades (and trinkets for those without them). Argus seems to be trivial for us now, even with idiot puggies dying earlier in the fight. I think the only people who died on the last phase were unavoidable orb one-shots and even those seemed to get cheesed half the time (insert Dave laughing maniacally and yelling "I'm a fucking bear!"). Tree was still alive when the boss went down and I assume we were well under the enrage timer. Portal boss (I'm sure it has a name, you can figure it out) fight was very tight, I was OOM at the end but didn't make it to my third potion cooldown due to using Angelform too late in the fight. But we can get better at the execution where we need to so I'm sure we can push further. I should have logs too so will get those up when I remember.
  2. BoTPug

    We'll be on, would be nice to get a raid going, has been a while. Please log in if you can .
  3. Sarah: EoA 13 Todd: VoW 13 I think we're pretty much around any day except Tuesday. If there's no raid tomorrow we could get a couple done then.
  4. Grievous Tyrannical Eye 16, sounds lovely!
  5. Yep we're up for tonight, what time will be people be on from? We'll be home around 18:00 though I may need to collect a package first which would add ~30mins to that. Ideally we'll do food first so we 19:30ish is probably the earliest we can commit to. I think we have UKara 16? Or Lei has...HoV 14?
  6. I'm going to start using Disc more for Mythics. I said this before and I did it briefly but then we got back to pushing for 15s so I went back to Holy due to familiarty. Now that we're mostly doing these for fun I'm interested to see how it performs at higher levels. Last time we didn't have any significant problems as far as I remember and in some regards it is actually more reliable. This shouldn't really affect anyone else, except maybe try to stand in Barrier I guess. Mostly just a heads-up that incoming damage and healing may feel a bit different. Also Disc does not get angelform and therefore there shall be no self-ressing, sorry! My lego choices are a bit limited for Disc, I may look at fixing that with tokens, but my gear is otherwise well suited for it due to heavy Haste/Mastery. Edit: No, I actually have the best five Disc legos, I forgot that all the spec-specific ones are garbage.
  7. BoTPug

    For the avoidance of doubt, I'll be on regardless of what Sarah is up to. I mean, unless the axe throwing goes horribly wrong and Sarah hits me from several miles away. I can't rule that out entirely.
  8. Yeah we'll be on for 20:00.
  9. @Fyria and I are out for food tonight but only in Westfield and I think we'll be back by 20:00. But I have not made those plans so Sarah would have to confirm. Otherwise we are around tomorrow if we can get five people together.
  10. Rocket League

    So you're still garbage at RL? Here's another video!
  11. Beginner board games

    Ah yeah, King of Tokyo, forgot about that. It's better with three or four but works okay with two. I own it, plus expansions, so it's borrowable.
  12. Beginner board games

    The two things to watch out for with Pandemic are: 1) The rules are not trivial so make sure you have a good idea of them going in. Reading all the setup and turn steps and such is a bit tedious and can ruin a first play for someone new to games entirely who may go in thinking that games are nerdy and complicated and then have this confirmed. 2) Since all knowledge is public (I think, certainly close to, at least) it suffers from quarterbacking. Make sure the new player(s) get to make decisions about what they will do, and are involved in the overall strategy. I actually dislike co-op games with two people as it tends to turn into both of you playing both characters at once. But you may be fine with that feel. I like to have my own persona in a game and make my own decisions. Power Grid is not a bad shout but I think it's a bit long to make a good gateway game and the first time you play it you don't have a good feel for how the game progresses and what is valuable at different stages of the game. I also can't imagine it being very good with two players, though I realise that was not the suggestion being made.
  13. Beginner board games

    Ticket To Ride is my go-to recommendation for a competitive gateway game. It's super simple, the theme is not too nerdy (yes trains are nerdy but not like orcs or vampires and the game isn't really about trains so much as routes), and it doesn't take too long to play. I don't own it though. Can vouch for Rivals of Catan too. I also don't own it. I'll have a look over our game collection when I'm at home for anything suitable you could borrow. Also paging @Fyria who might have an idea.
  14. We've landed, heading for tube now, we'll be on 21:30 or a bit later, not sure exactly, have to get across London from Heathrow.
  15. Old PC games in boxes

    One or two gamss are collectable but most stuff is worthless. We got rid of all of ours a few years ago. I slightly regret dumping my original jewel case copy of Uplink from when Introversion were tiny and you bought their game by mailing them a cheque. But meh, even then it's not valuable at all, just fun.