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  1. Sorry Welsper this is is the pre-patch thread, no discussing post-patch in the pre-patch thread.
  2. Nacey


    Correct, simultaneous stuff always resolves in the order that the minions/secrets/whatever entered play.
  3. We are up for it if you're happy to start early on Tuesday. We're not willing to play all night but we can start pretty much as early as you want as long as we know to get up. We're going out around 19:00 on Tuesday evening but before that we can be around all day. Why does this profession even still exist?
  4. Slightly odd request but is anyone planning to play this but not pre-ordering? I want to get a standard boxed copy so I can keep the box but I have to pre-order the digital one to get the 110 boost. Basically if anyone doesn't care about having it before launch and will buy the non-pre-order boxed version I'd pay shipping for you to send me the box for my collection.
  5. Oh right I assumed it was used in the Alliance quest as the Sylvanas one is for the Horde.
  6. Tyrande actually says "The King gave me one" or something so it's not really implied that everybody has one. We watched the Alliance video and while we get what it is about we have no idea what it has to do with that quest chain.
  7. Wait until Welsper hears that they named a card game after it.
  8. I don't really know what's going on in this thread but I just wanted to say that Sylvanas is cool and can burn as many trees as she wants.
  9. Nacey


    I've apparently totally missed this feature, I'll have to have a look for it and see what's there. I'll make sure to get the Monster Hunter quests done this week, just got the Mage one to do, and then we'll see what happens after the expansion. Does this one have PvE adventure content or is it just new cards/packs? I saw the pre-order for fifty packs or whatever it was but really have zero interest in spending £50+ on imaginary cards.
  10. Nacey


    Back to serious game chat, let's say I haven't played for years so I have all the basic cards unlocked (this is only true for a couple of classes but I could easily unlock the rest if it mattered somehow) and a fair few cards from the original ("standard"?) packs. I see that some expansions give cards, some have quests for packs, and some don't see to give anything at all. I want to make a Priest deck and maybe one or two other classes (Mage and Rogue are the two others I've played the most) that won't get steamrolled by everything. They don't have to be great, but something better than "here's all the basic cards in a deck, good luck". Can I likely do that with the cards I have or are all the new expansions OP compared to the old cards? And how would I go about finding out what some viable deck strategies are. I tried reading some blogs/sites but they do that typical thing of using a lot of words that either aren't actual words or they are actual words but they don't actually mean the things that those actual words mean. They basically all look like this: So where do I start? Are any of the old expansions worth buying? Is the game a lost cause without spending loads? Is the free deck that the Innkeeper made me actually fine?
  11. Nacey


    Is there some combo that's going to make that feasible to use?
  12. Nacey

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    I updated us to the latest TS server version, I'd recommend people update clients as well as some older versions aren't compatible.
  13. Has Method rated everyone or just Welsper?
  14. Everyone on beta said that Shadow was kind of meh. No actual clue, not played it.
  15. Legion announcement/hype and Legion general were two different threads and the latter started at pre-patch so this is exactly the same as last time. At actual BfA launch I'll probably just rename this into the new permanent general thread at which point you are welcome to add another 79 pages of exciting posts. But I might also make an entirely new one now that I know it will annoy you. It's nice for people who are coming back to the game for the new expansion to know what they might want to read, i.e. recent chat which is relevant to the current state of the game. So now is a good time to make new threads .