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  1. BoTPug

    Tim and Welsper hopefully.
  2. BoTPug

    Curve should be priority, but people have to be online for that to happen. Please be online tonight if you can. Not sure if Mark is back this week but hopefully.
  3. BoTPug

    I can almost remember the days when I had such low level relics .
  4. Chill mythics for slacker teens

    I probably won't be online but if you're short on people you can message me, no specific plans for the evening. Edit: Same applies tomorrow as well.
  5. BoTPug

    I appreciate the sentiment but also this how BoT works and to some extent you have to just deal with it. It's nice if people can say if they're around but maybe they got a late invite to something. Most people in the guild just care a lot less about WoW than you do and, well, that's actually fine.
  6. Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

    I was skim reading the new posts and thought this was just you describing the game in general. That was certainly my impression of the three classes that I tried. You get like fifteen abilities that do very similar things and the optimal rotation only uses five of them but half a dozen of the other ones have some really specific usecase or interaction so you have to somehow keep them all on your bars. And actually figuring out the optimal rotation is basically impossible without Googling it and then you realise that it changes constantly while leveling anyway and give up trying.
  7. The Android Thread

    It's Pixel day! Not planning to upgrade though. Going to pick up an nVidia Shield TV instead when they release the SKU without the stupid gamepad in a couple of weeks.
  8. Now I just saw a panda and nothing else in your post.
  9. We're also now definitely out Tue so it has to be tonight.
  10. Wow that's an amazingly bad set of keys. Eye is doable though. Lower Kara is theoretically okay with certain affixes but fuck doing it with Grievous.
  11. BoTPug

    I can arrange this...for a price.
  12. Still need to clear Curve and it gives us a headstart on the next raid if we're in good gear. Also bigger numbers can just be fun for their own sake. I didn't scroll back far enough, oops.
  13. Availability is a bit dodgy this week due to birthday things and other happenings. We're definitely not around Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun or Mon. Tue is uncertain right now. We have a team meal with work next week, current voting looking like it'll be Wednesday but Tuesday is second so it could change. If we could blitz one after the raid that might be the best bet to make sure we get something done. Eye10 is not the worst I guess. Sarah got Triumvirate which I assume is a bastard but I literally haven't walked into the place yet so no idea.
  14. Who likes Upper Kara? Everybody! No.
  15. I only died once and only then because you unreasonably decided to leave the detapped mobs on top of my angel form after you died.