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  1. As you can imagine we're very busy going out and doing things this week.
  2. Nacey

    CoD: Warzone

    It's a 118GB download so it'll take me like three minutes to download which seems like a lot of effort. (I might have a look but not sure it's for me.)
  3. We're out tomorrow, sorry for late notice but only confirmed today, Sarah got free tickets for some radio awards night thing so we're going to watch b-rate pop stars thank their parents and lip sync their trashy pop songs or whatever, I'm honestly not sure but it's free so might as well.
  4. Sarah has violin lessons every other Tuesday plus a few random Tuesdays have football (Aug-May). So it's less reliable for us, though some are fine. It also doesn't leave a backup day.
  5. Updated shit, seems fine, you know you drill.
  6. Thu 6th Feb (General reminder, all logs are here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/calendar/75738/)
  7. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    In principle I'm interested in doing it properly but we need to catch up with patch stuff and get a feel for what kind of time commitment that really is.
  8. Sarah and I are away 20th - 30th Jan so we'll miss the first couple of weeks but we're up for the new raid when we're back so that gives you lot a couple of weeks to get it on farm ready to carry us.
  9. Ran some forum/server updates, nothing exciting, should be fine. Update TS if you haven't done it for a while as the server version I just updated to is starting to deprecate some older codecs.
  10. Nothing planned or discussed after this. I think people are quite busy. We haven't even logged in to WoW for a month or something which is the first time in ages and it's not even because I wasn't enjoying it.
  11. Hello! We're still here, certainly a little older though probably not much wiser. Forums are a bit quieter these days but we still try to run through the raids when they come out. Just checked your account, 2009 last post! Time flies!
  12. Haha wow that's a fun throwback.