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  1. Sarah pointed out that the party stopped being shit two years ago and also there might be dinner plans. So we're probably out. But we can also probably do most of these achievements with two of us, or we'll make Welsper tank them again for us, or at worst we can definitely do them during the next expansion. So if others are around feel free to go without us.
  2. The evening party on that conference normally sucks a bit so I'm easy either way.
  3. Actually it makes no difference to Grievous because it's impossible to remove Grievous with Atonement, you have to spam Shadow Mend at each individual target. As such we mostly end up removing it out of combat so the leftover heal absorb from this new thing doesn't matter. The problem is that Atonement itself, which we maintain during all fights, will now build heal absorb and then absorb the incidental healing even if you've taken damage. This is a problem on all weeks. The existing problem with Grievous has nothing to do with this new bullshit, it's simply that our per-design in-combat healing doesn't work in a way in which we can remove Grievous. Have I mentioned how bullshit Grievous is for Disc?
  4. Overconfident is also complete Fuck You to Disc Priests who cannot control overheal even if they wanted to.
  5. Well there are certainly some rogues involved, just not that kind.
  6. At worst, still need four Mechagons, though might end up pugging that.
  7. Sarah and I were also talking about doing the BfA dungeon meta some time so that could be another option for a smaller group.
  8. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    Yeah, though I think it's in pieces that you collect each week and then when you get 15 or something you get the actual essence. This is only a thing for AoE healing. For single target I can just spam Shadow Mend. Out of combat it doesn't even apply the DoT which makes it the best single-target heal in the game...whilst not in combat. Very useful!
  9. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    Our dungeon in three Discord messages:
  10. Yep I recovered this, message me on something more interacting and I'll get it transferred to you.
  11. I still have that email address active. I remember once buying a bunch of cheap accounts to abuse some free shit, might have been through Steam, so maybe it's related to that. We can try to recover/transfer it if you want.
  12. Ah yeah good shout which I forgot to say. I'm totally cool with there being one of those fancy new in-game community things if there's interest from both guilds in doing that. As long as it requires no work from me.
  13. Hey so I'll do my best to explain a bit about us and answer this though it'll be a bit open-ended. Firstly congratulations on being the first real living human to register an account here in about three years. I genuinely assumed this post was going to be spam about viagra or get-rich-quick schemes. BoT is, at its heart, a group of us who went to university together, friends we've introduced to the guild, and a few others that we've picked up along the way. So most of us know each other in real life and playing WoW is basically a way to keep in touch when we live variously across the country. BoT is much more than a WoW guild and there's absolutely no appetite for disbanding it or merging it into any other guild because it means too much to me and others as an identity of who we are as a group of people and a community of friends. We don't really have a formal leadership structure. The GM is currently held by the member of the guild who most likes sorting out the guild bank and keeping guild notes and ranks tidy because we don't really need the GM role for anything else! There are three of us who are still around from the original five who founded the guild and we each try as much as possible to do a little as we can in regards to actually taking any responsibility, making decisions, or running things! The guild mostly runs itself. We currently do raids on Thursdays and M+ on Mondays but it's pretty informal and we just go along with whatever we want to do as a group based on who shows up. I'm personally not too interested in Heroic raiding any more nor in setting up formal alliances and raid nights and such with other guilds. I just don't have the time or inclination to do that kind of shit any more. The guild pretty much runs itself, people log in, we have fun, that suits me just fine. But if other people do want to join your guild they are, of course, welcome to do that, and we wouldn't try to stop anyone. We barely have the numbers for raids at this stage so they don't really happen much and if people really want to do raids and want to find another guild to do them in then that's absolutely cool with me. Similarly if anyone wants to raid with you while being in BoT that's totally cool with us as well. But I don't think we'd be looking to set up anything formal. Anyone else is welcome to pitch in with ideas etc. but that's where I stand on it.
  14. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    Hey Disc is ranged DPS too, I did about a third of the damage on that thing.
  15. Yeah I've read that so I know how the stats and stuff works, just wasn't sure what people thought best strategy was for using pearls.