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  1. Genuinely impressed that you went to that and then reviewed it for us, it sounds incredible.
  2. It feels like there's a valid topic to discuss in here somewhere, to do with how we're now tracked with everything we do and how purchasing and interaction data about us is used to target further products at us, etc. Also something about menstrual blood wait what.
  3. Nacey

    Distant Worlds

    We can meet people wherever/whenever, have the whole day free.
  4. Going to try it anyway, just want to get the one boss done at least. Also Sharp is now available again. Please be online, we'll PUG a couple if needed.
  5. Yeah I assume it's part of the same bug, Seems like this release wasn't tested very well.
  6. Invision confirmed that the mobile thing (page buttons are a bit wonky) is a bug too. This is what I get for installing updates on release day!
  7. There's a bug logged for that issue already, will be fixed in next minor release which I'll get applied as soon as it shows up. Mark has correctly identified the workaround for now. It doesn't seem consistent as I tested with Sarah's post last night and it cleared the unread marker fine but now Mark's post is doing it. Also the theme is slightly wonky on mobile, updated theme was released this morning but doesn't seem to fix it, will report it to the theme maker who is normally quite responsive. Edit: The base theme does it too so that's a forum bug as well, will report to Invision.
  8. I will be there to kill the raid as normal.
  9. This is now in place so throw out your old garbage phones.
  10. Did a few updates including a major PHP version jump and a couple of minor forum upgrades that were waiting on the PHP update. Site seems a bit slow right now, may just be caching/indexing stuff though. Please let me know if anything is broken or if pages seem slow to load/respond. TS3 Server also updated so update your client if you have any issues there. And the server OS itself is also running updates right now and will need a reboot at some point. Also currently playing with SSL stuff, will try not to break shit.
  11. Yeah, the 1660 is better value but for higher end games I'd say the Ti is worth it, basically. As always it's finding that balance between the performance you need right now and value for money.
  12. Also check that you have the correct 6 and/or 8-pin power connectors from your PSU (may be in your existing card or loose or some combination thereof).
  13. For decent Div2 performance I'd probably say a 1660 Ti.
  14. Yeah I can imagine it being quite slow on single player as you can't flank anything or split their attention or just hide in cover while they shoot at you and have someone else shoot them.