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  1. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    Cool, thanks. I do recognise that some of you have offered and run keys before and I've absolutely done runs with everyone who was in your group yesterday at various times (except possibly Dave but that's really because of healer overlap). A bit of communication would go a long way basically. Sometimes it's not only you five who can only play on one evening so there might be a more efficient way to organise things to help those people (and, as you've said, some of you can and do play on other evenings, so it's not like there is zero flexibility there. If there is also the issue that "I don't want to play in the shit group" (not a quote, not attributed to anyone) then that's obviously a separate issue and we should try to figure out why there is a difference between the two. Which is what Mark was getting at, and I'll reply to that properly when I can.
  2. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    There is a really good and valid discussion about group compositions and class mechanics which I will reply to as well but I don't have time to get into that right now. I will come back to that though. I don't have logs but I can maybe get some on future runs.
  3. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    This is true and my only goal was to make people think about the situation, not tell anyone what to do. Everyone can decide what they think is reasonable. But the main reason I got annoyed is you, so let's cover that. The person "throwing salt" is you. After pretty much every single run we do you immediately ask in guild chat what we did and then tell us that we are bad and that you did a better thing. This is generally presented so as to be directed at Welsper but obviously the success of a run is not down to one person so when you do this you're saying it to everyone. Reading this every single time gets really tedious. The main point, which Sarah has also mentioned, was just that it would be courteous if someone could post when five people have agreed to do a thing days in advance and you know exactly when it's happening as it makes it a lot easier for remaining people to figure out when we might be able to find random people to fill a spot to get runs done. I also think it would be nice if people were willing to swap around to make sure everyone gets runs done for the week. If you can only play one night then obviously you get priority for that night. This is what we did for the whole of the last expansion with the people that posted in the thread and/or showed up when we doing runs. I did not ever once for the entire expansion tell someone their gear was not good enough or they didn't know the dungeons well enough. Some weeks we simply did lower numbers. But we had fun and we helped everyone get better geard. I can't and won't try to force anyone to do that, it's just a bit of a shame if we lost that when there's actually a pretty high activity level right now. Your reaction to the whole thing, which other people mostly won't realise because I deleted it, was to immediately come here and troll the same thread that you couldn't be bothered to post in beforehand. Compare that to Mark's post. Which one of these do you think makes people feel better and helps the situation? So maybe just stop and think sometimes? We are all people with lives and other things going on and I play WoW to have fun.
  4. Nacey

    Guild Thursdays

    Also should probably say, we're at Mike's wedding on Friday so won't be around for raid this week.
  5. Nacey

    BfA Leveling and General Chat

    Loz ignores the tank mechanics but only because he doesn't know what they are because Welsper only explains them after they happen .
  6. Nacey

    Guild Thursdays

    Agree with that assessment, not too interested in achievement runs.
  7. Nacey

    Guild Thursdays

    That's also fine, I just didn't want people to feel like I was delaying stuff forever.
  8. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    Yeah we'll be on by 20:00, maybe 19:30, depends how the day goes.
  9. Nacey

    The Android Thread

    Nokia 7.1 was just announced and also looks quite nice for £300 but that's a slightly different price range.
  10. Nacey

    The Android Thread

    Yeah so this is a case of stupid product naming: Nokia 6 - This is the 2017 model, do not buy it. Nokia 6.1 - This is the correct one, sometimes also called "Nokia 6 (2018)". Nokia 6.1 Plus - This is a more expensive model with a taller screen (19:9) and a notch. It's fine but probably not what you want due to the price. They're all different sizes but they're not really a range to choose between for the purpose of this conversation about good budget phones as only the 6.1 fits both of those descriptors. There's no Play that I'm aware of or can see.. There's a Moto G6 Play, maybe you're confusing the two?
  11. Nacey

    The Android Thread

    The problem with the original Pixel is that it's out of OS updates as of Pie. It'll probably get 9.1 but that's it. So it's hard to argue that it's a good value proposition at this point. I'm not sure what they sell for these days, I guess if you could get one for £200 it might be worth considering as it still has a fantastic camera and Google's excellent software optimisation on top of what is now middling hardware should keep performance decent. But remember that in a year's time you're going to be out of security updates so it's not a good long-term commitment.
  12. Nacey

    The Android Thread

    It is tomorrow but it's obviously going to be £600+ and as Sarah said existing models have never dropped by more than about £100-120. So for the purpose of this conversation I don't see it being relevant. Compared to what? It's smaller than the G6: Nokia 6.1 vs. Moto G6 There are no small phones any more. Nobody makes them. It's just a thing you have to get over. But it's also worth pointing out that screen sizes make phones sound bigger than they really are as bezel sizes have reduced rapidly in the last couple of years.
  13. Nacey

    The Android Thread

    I'd actually get a Nokia rather than a Moto G these days since they get OS updates fast and guaranteed for two years. Motorola also slack on security updates. I can't remember the models as they're confusingly named but I think it's the Nokia 6.1 that's the best budget choice at the moment. Edit: Yeah, 6.1.
  14. Nacey

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    TS for tonight, Discord for next week's raid. Birthday weekend took up a lot of time.