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  1. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    We'll be online for 20:00.
  2. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    Sarah and I are around and free so would be good to get it out of the way for the week. Just need a time so we can work food around it. Also up for islands if you want to run those.
  3. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    We're good for any time, just need to know so we can plan food around it. We'll aim for 19:00.
  4. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    What time we going today? 16:00? Or do people need evening?
  5. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    Nope, we're generally around. Available tonight, Sunday all day, and Mon/Tue evening. Saturday will confirm, most likely busy during the afternoon.
  6. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    Generally free this lockout I think. May be busy Saturday. Tonight maybe? We don't have any keys though so we'll need to get some and potentially allow times for a few runs.
  7. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    If anyone's around tonight we'd like to get something done before the weekend as we're away for New Year.
  8. Nacey

    Here Is Where The Present Photos Go

    Here's everything in one photo such that it's not at all clear who got what but there we go. (The garbage looking x-games-in-one arcade thing was from my work Secret Santa.)
  9. Nacey

    Here Is Where The Present Photos Go

    Can't get my present photo to attach right now so umm have this meme I guess.
  10. Also photos of your dog wrapped in tinsel or whatever. Written descriptions of presents also go here if you are boring or lazy.
  11. Nacey

    Fate/Grand Order

    Absolutely convinced this thread is just you guys talking nonsense until someone calls you out on it.
  12. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    We're around in theory but I'm ill and we haven't eaten yet so doing that for now. If there's the rest of a group online message me and I'll see if we can get online. Otherwise we'll try to be on tomorrow maybe though we may well not have a tenth (or ninth, even) person.
  13. Nacey

    Distant Worlds

    Also not sure if Loz actually confirmed if he got tickets in the end?
  14. Nacey

    BfA Leveling and General Chat

    Anyone up for doing that rare Waycrest WQ with the chicken pet quest either tonight or tomorrow evening?
  15. Nacey

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    Data centre thing got delayed to Jan so previous post can be ignored.