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  1. Got engaged. 💍 (In case anyone actually still checks the forum more often than Facebook.)
  2. Just going to leave this here for everyone to enjoy: - Liam Fox MP
  3. Not really. It's very variable across different days and certain weekends. There are websites that track all of this stuff. October is ultimately still term time so summer months are much busier during the week. We may do September anyway, which is pretty much the quietest time of the year. Only problem is it's hurricane season! October was mostly as it was easier for our friends coming from Seattle, but now they most likely cent make it so we're more flexible. None of this helps anyone plan BoTMeet anyway! But as soon as we have dates I'll post them here, or if there's a date here first then we'll work holiday around that.
  4. Accounts are still active, just not playing much except occasional alts. Will be back for raid though. I miss doing dungeon runs but I also get that they got a bit pointless.
  5. We're most likely doing Florida (Disney) around October/November but not booked yet, Pretty sure we have enough holiday spare this year to add a day or two to a weekend some time but wouldn't want to commit to anything longer than that. Next year we could do pretty much anything. BoTtage was a lot of fun so definitely up for something along those lines again but well, I'm pretty sure I cannot be bothered to try organising that myself.
  6. Yep seems good here. Admin console claims guest login is broken due to the theme but we don't use that so meh. Theme should get an update released in the next couple of days anyway.
  7. Mobile theme should now be fixed. As for the read/unread bug, not sure, testing now otherwise I'll make another ticket.
  8. This is a fun read about how some guys at Youtube killed IE6 support without getting approval from management and avoided getting in trouble for it through the magnificence of organisational bureaucracy. A Conspiracy To Kill IE6
  9. Genuinely impressed that you went to that and then reviewed it for us, it sounds incredible.
  10. It feels like there's a valid topic to discuss in here somewhere, to do with how we're now tracked with everything we do and how purchasing and interaction data about us is used to target further products at us, etc. Also something about menstrual blood wait what.
  11. Nacey

    Distant Worlds

    We can meet people wherever/whenever, have the whole day free.
  12. Going to try it anyway, just want to get the one boss done at least. Also Sharp is now available again. Please be online, we'll PUG a couple if needed.
  13. Yeah I assume it's part of the same bug, Seems like this release wasn't tested very well.
  14. Invision confirmed that the mobile thing (page buttons are a bit wonky) is a bug too. This is what I get for installing updates on release day!
  15. There's a bug logged for that issue already, will be fixed in next minor release which I'll get applied as soon as it shows up. Mark has correctly identified the workaround for now. It doesn't seem consistent as I tested with Sarah's post last night and it cleared the unread marker fine but now Mark's post is doing it. Also the theme is slightly wonky on mobile, updated theme was released this morning but doesn't seem to fix it, will report it to the theme maker who is normally quite responsive. Edit: The base theme does it too so that's a forum bug as well, will report to Invision.