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  1. Sarah and I are away 20th - 30th Jan so we'll miss the first couple of weeks but we're up for the new raid when we're back so that gives you lot a couple of weeks to get it on farm ready to carry us.
  2. Ran some forum/server updates, nothing exciting, should be fine. Update TS if you haven't done it for a while as the server version I just updated to is starting to deprecate some older codecs.
  3. Nothing planned or discussed after this. I think people are quite busy. We haven't even logged in to WoW for a month or something which is the first time in ages and it's not even because I wasn't enjoying it.
  4. Hello! We're still here, certainly a little older though probably not much wiser. Forums are a bit quieter these days but we still try to run through the raids when they come out. Just checked your account, 2009 last post! Time flies!
  5. Haha wow that's a fun throwback.
  6. Sarah pointed out that the party stopped being shit two years ago and also there might be dinner plans. So we're probably out. But we can also probably do most of these achievements with two of us, or we'll make Welsper tank them again for us, or at worst we can definitely do them during the next expansion. So if others are around feel free to go without us.
  7. The evening party on that conference normally sucks a bit so I'm easy either way.
  8. Actually it makes no difference to Grievous because it's impossible to remove Grievous with Atonement, you have to spam Shadow Mend at each individual target. As such we mostly end up removing it out of combat so the leftover heal absorb from this new thing doesn't matter. The problem is that Atonement itself, which we maintain during all fights, will now build heal absorb and then absorb the incidental healing even if you've taken damage. This is a problem on all weeks. The existing problem with Grievous has nothing to do with this new bullshit, it's simply that our per-design in-combat healing doesn't work in a way in which we can remove Grievous. Have I mentioned how bullshit Grievous is for Disc?
  9. Overconfident is also complete Fuck You to Disc Priests who cannot control overheal even if they wanted to.
  10. Well there are certainly some rogues involved, just not that kind.
  11. At worst, still need four Mechagons, though might end up pugging that.
  12. Sarah and I were also talking about doing the BfA dungeon meta some time so that could be another option for a smaller group.
  13. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    Yeah, though I think it's in pieces that you collect each week and then when you get 15 or something you get the actual essence. This is only a thing for AoE healing. For single target I can just spam Shadow Mend. Out of combat it doesn't even apply the DoT which makes it the best single-target heal in the game...whilst not in combat. Very useful!
  14. Nacey

    BfA Mythics

    Our dungeon in three Discord messages:
  15. Yep I recovered this, message me on something more interacting and I'll get it transferred to you.