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  1. Just to say, this kind of stupid drama is 50% of the reason I left and why others are activly thinking of doing the same, be it following me or to other servers.
  2. Pretty much. I have discord on all my devices and use it for so many things that its just easier to use. I tend to prod the forums like once a week.
  3. Well, its only public as I knew some people didn't know my plans, and I felt it was best to say something rather than just disappear from the guild one evening.
  4. Some people already know this, but for those that don't, I'm planning to server/guild/faction hop on Ryune at some point in the next week. The main reason is that we're not getting much done and tbh the atmosphere in the guild isn't what it used to be. I'm working on gearing my Brewmaster and will still try to make time to tank for people, but as most know my focus tends to be Ryune. Always about on Discord so feel free to prod for stuff.
  5. Oh Welsper, always negative
  6. You need at least 4 to so it, since Great Soul Great Purpose needs 2 in each realm. You almost certainly want a DK as well for gorefriends on KJ.
  7. Sharp

    Fate/Grand Order

    *gets summon ticket for 7 day login* *Rolls for Tomoe* *NP3 Musashi....*
  8. Sharp

    Fate/Grand Order

    NP2 Musashi and no Tomoe T_T
  9. I am about, but would appreciate if possible a heads up if we're not on since I have to tidy etc for guests.
  10. Won't be around tomorrow as away down south.
  11. As Welsper says, Tomb mythic is fine for killing. We'd just want to check there's no silly combo of things that makes achievments tricky.
  12. Gz to all! Particuarly the tank who coordinated perfectrly with no mistakes whatsoever!
  13. You'll be tanking on Squeek then?
  14. No time to really poke classic atm due to work and other things and when I do get the chance can't really be bothered with login queues.
  15. Yes, it was there in vanilla.
  16. Tsubasa - Undead Rouge Kanade - Undead Warrior Both Mirage Raceway.
  17. Sharp

    BfA Mythics

    The simplest way to fix the MDI is to just add a rule saying you can only have one of each class in a role. I'm wary about balancing around the MDI, as its a very specific subset of the game.
  18. Sharp

    BfA Mythics

    You get the essences in the chest at the end of the dungeon. Rank 1 needs a 5, rank 2 needs a 7. There's one for each role. Rank 3 you get through the bits in the weekly chest. Rank 4 you need a timed 15 in all dungeons.