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  1. Yes, its probably something worth doing once the raid loses its shine.
  2. Sharp

    Fate/Grand Order

    If you do play, post code for friend
  3. Sharp

    Fate/Grand Order

    4* servants aren't too bad to get. 5* is a pain. Early stories are a bit meh, as they game had to find its feet. Gets much better later on.
  4. Thats the impression I've had for a while based on a comment they made at Blizzcon about BFA resolving the faction war. Depends how much you read into it. I liked the Thrall and Jaina bit.
  5. My only fixed dates are WC 2nd August and 8-10 November. Outwith those I have things, but those I can probably work around. I'm generally flexible.
  6. They seem to be going back on that a bit. They've said recently there'll be no catch up or replacements for the new heart essences/powers this expansion, so what you earn now will last you to the end and its not going to get any easier / harder / faster to get. I remember when the internet's moan was how hard it was to gear alts / change character, so its a tricky one since different groups want different things.
  7. I'm in London at some point on business anyway in July, so I count potentially tie in then and get the company to pay for my travel. August isn't ideal as I'm alrady away for a week then. September and October generally fine but prefer to know in advance. Pref not Nov / Dec as already have things planned.
  8. Scrolling seemed a bit off, didn't always respond. That might just be me being a derp though. When I tried to summon Godzilla it didn't work.
  9. I'm probably going to be in Edinburger on Thursday evening so won't be back in time.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/apr/30/abuse-long-hours-and-pitiful-pay-younger-councillors-abandon-local-politics Article mentioned earlier.
  11. SHould be fine tonight
  12. I am out and about a lot this week and can't guarantee attendance for anything (inc tonight). I'm in Dundee on Wed/Thurs and should be back by 8 but won't know till the day.
  13. Prot warriors ruin everything, confirmed.