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  1. Sharp

    BfA Leveling and General Chat

    I found levelling in TW on my DH to be really fast.
  2. Sharp

    BfA Leveling and General Chat

    Says the mag'har with no armour.
  3. Sharp

    Musings From My Desk

    Its a slow day when I feel I should update linkedin.
  4. Sharp

    Guild Thursdays

    I roll out of bed and fly Friday morning
  5. Sharp

    Fate/Grand Order

    5*'s are more work alas. She's past halfway though. And yes lunchtime is win.
  6. Sharp

    Fate/Grand Order

    So much bond for Jeanne
  7. Yeah, Thornberry's comment as well was that they would back remain vs a "Tory Brexit", implying that if it was a "Labour Brexit" then they wouldn't.
  8. Sharp

    BfA Mythics

    The guild I think has run 1 10 since the season started, though maybe some have pugged a few. Hence why the "9's are a waste of time" seems a bit shite given plenty of people can benefit from them.
  9. Sharp

    BfA Mythics

    I'll say again what I've said many times. I commit 2 evenings a week for WoW and I can't really beyond that (in a reliable way) so I don't. What I said before is still the case - if you have a group and need a person just discord / hangouts / SMS / Allo / messenger me and I'll log on if I can. It's a bit shitty to say you flat out won't do a 9 though. That's like me saying running Atal yesterday was a complete waste of my time as I'm running something higher later in the week.
  10. Sharp

    BfA Leveling and General Chat

    I've enjoyed Shadow.
  11. Sharp

    Guild Thursdays

    Sperra could heal and Bryn could tank.
  12. Sharp

    Guild Thursdays

    I might be out tomorrow. THought we'd agreed last week that it was a write off.
  13. Sharp

    BfA Mythics

    Said on discord, but I may not be around tonight. Welsper can cover for me but if he lets you down prod me and I'll see what I can do.
  14. Sharp

    Guild Thursdays

    Kiting the boss is a bitch. I've timed dropping stacks almost (I thought) perfectly and still had stacks refreshed in prior kills. Don't worry though, I'll be around next week to save us from 2x Warriors.
  15. I'd be surprised. Labour won't call for it as they don't want to risk upsetting leave voters. They might if the Tories did it first (or abstain on any vote around it) but I doubt they'll lead on it. Labour's stated stance if an election was called is that they would campaign on leaving the EU. As for the Tories revoking it, I doubt it. It's madness.