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  1. Sharp

    BfA Mythics

    I'd recommend having a decent bit of gear from heroics or equiv before trying. Say ilevel 320 ish.
  2. Sharp

    BfA Mythics

    I'm around this evening, just prod me on hangouts if I'm not logged in.
  3. I will also be on in the evening.
  4. Just as well you can use your monk! I'm wanting to mythics at some point depending on when peoples are around. 220 in prot atm rising.
  5. Its set before the UC scenario so released before. Also there was some event in China it was shown at.
  6. They've come up a bit in other fluff in the past but they've always been implied to be rare.
  7. Jaina isn't evil. She let her own father be killed for the sake of a peace that never came. She trusted Thrall and that didn't go very well since he buggered off not long after. She's allowed to be cynical about the horde once you start adding up all the things that have gone on. What's Thrall done recently to try and progress that peace and make her feel her father was a worthwhile sacrifice? Not very much. Without spoiling anything in BFA, she's very much not turning on the world.
  8. Sylvanas has always been evil: - Remember in Frozen Throne when she went KILL ALL HUMANS? - In vanilla she was developing the plague, was testing things on humans, and do you remember the quest with the tauren the forsaken "cure". - In Cata we had Silverpine and Hillsbrad. Remember the human seeds? Remember Koltira? Remember the plague being used on Southshore to the point even Garrosh was like "um...." To name a few. There's a bunch of things about the War of Thorns I think could have been done better but her burning the tree isn't really one of them. She talked last week about crushing NE hope by killing Malfurion. She's done it instead by burning the tree (or tried to). It wasn't even a tantrum, she was perfectly calm as she decided the only way to crush them was to burn their tree. She only got annoyed when Nathanos hesitated. Really, the worst thing about this event is that Tyrande and Malfurion survived it.
  9. I would assume that when they planned this they intend for it to go a different way from Garrosh / SoO.
  10. Oh yes, its delicious drama. My short thoughts: 1) People are butthurt their elf-waifu is evil. As she's always been. I don't see this going MoP2 though. 2) I actually prefer this to some "it wasn't really the horde" reason. I feel it gives more weight the conflict than showing it was all a misunderstanding or someone else did i right at the outset. 3) Apparently the final alliance quest is fun
  11. Sharp


    The ingame store only sells standard packs. You have to buy wild ones through the website for that reason.
  12. Sharp


    The barrier for entry has risen over the lifetime of the game but if you're not trying to be someone who has an AAA deck for each class and wants to be able to quickly adapt to the meta it's not so bad. The most common advice I've seen on reddit is to do an initial purchase to get a bunch of cards, then save gold between expansions so you have a solid base for the next one (and never spend £ again). That initial purchase generally gets you enough dust to craft a bunch of cards to fill in gaps on the decks you want.
  13. Sharp


    A lot of the classic set (the launch cards) are strong and often make up 50%+ of decent decks. There are exceptions obviously and if a deck is built round a specific mechanic then you may find more expansion cards required. A lot of the "OP" cards are actually in the classic set but they tend to be more OP in that they're "solid card with good effect at decent cost that will always be good" while the expansion "OP" cards are more dramatic. The deck recipes the game provides are decent enough for casual play and I'd recommend looking at them first. They always have one "classic" one and the rest use expansion cards. They're not just "all the basic cards" in that they do require things like epics and legendaries. They're not tier 1 awesome decks but they provide a good foundation and you can usually sub some cards for equivs. In terms of expansions all give packs now. Quests for that expansions packs tend only to be around until the next one (so the monster hunt ones will likely go away next week). Old expansions are worth it since they do have good cards that will last. In terms of how much to spend it depends what you want out of it. I tend to only do the pre-orders for expansions and thats me and I do fine only really playing the classes I like (Priest, Maeg, Paladin). Other people do fine spending even less but play more/better than me. Bear in mind we get an expansion next week so things are about to be all change.
  14. Sharp


    ^ Droods the most common idea I've seen.
  15. Sharp


    Not really. There are theorycrafted ones but they're rediculously impractical. Winning with it would be awesome though.