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  1. Thursday 24th is a conference day, so Todd and I may well be out. We are around next Monday though if that's an option for metas.
  2. Next week should be fine. 👍
  3. Todd and I won't be about for this one either.
  4. Was there a plan for any alternative content tonight? So I can start looking up what needs to be done?
  5. Would definitely be up for this. Have filled in a few bits and pieces solo from the earlier stuff, have barely touched Legion ones yet. As Todd said, hoping to work through BfA dungeon ones sometime as well if anyone is interested. Would definitely look stuff up and make a list in advance if we know plans in advance for what we want to do. Also happy to do the anniversary raid with guildies as well. Still need Only the Penitent... from Firelands. X_X
  6. I can say the same thing about my experiences though, fantastic community, my priest alt has joined and healed some of the same people again in various dungeons and some of us have kept in contact. PVP hasn't hindered leveling in my experience and I've already had a couple of fun times with other people doing a bit of grouped world PVP, I feel like PVE just really lacks that extra element than can sometimes be fun to engage in when desired. More people seemed to have an appetite earlier on for maybe playing on a PVP realm and this seems to have largely disappeared, which I think is a shame. I think Todd is waning a bit with some of the questing, so I suspect without anyone else much around to socialise with, our playtime from going from most days to occasionally.
  7. I'm just trying to be welcoming for anyone that wants to come play with us. Turns out Nik and Lou have characters there, so might get a chance to do something at some point, Loz might take a while to catch up. Edit: Removed stuff by request.
  8. WTB Tank on Shazz. Todd and I are finding it a bit difficult in the evenings to get dungeon quests done. Happy to help out with bags and shit for levelling. Will try again tonight if the raid doesn't happen, otherwise we'll just be questing.
  9. It was under an hour after 16:00 yesterday, so I think it's much better now, tend to just run it over dinner sometimes and jump on after.
  10. A lot of people seem to have drifted towards rolling on the PVE server, if anyone fancies joining us on the PVP one as well, they'd be more than welcome.
  11. Fyria

    BfA Mythics

    We plan to be around.
  12. You need to specifically turn it on though, it's not on by default and most people won't bother to turn it on, so it's not a particularly good PvP realm substitute given that you don't really get world PvP or anything happening as a result, toggling on PvP in a PvE world doesn't really change the game play much.
  13. We have: Nacey - Undead Priest - Horde - Shazzrah (PvP) Elana - Undead Mage - Horde - Shazzrah (PvP) / Romana (alt) - Undead Priest - Horde - Shazzrah (PvP) You can probably guess which character is which!
  14. Fyria

    BfA Mythics

    Ah cool, might try and jump on Mondays to do stuff, I do miss doing a bit of M+ and Mondays are still the most consistently free days to do them.