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  1. Fyria


    Sounds like we might have a reasonably good turnout tomorrow then (just minus a Tim?), let's do this!
  2. Yeah, could maybe be around tomorrow, but this evening is a no-go. I should really be spending my one free evening however working on my CV.
  3. Fyria


    The Thursday after next is an England match which some people might want to watch, but the other thing is that Todd is out that day/night at his work Hackathon, so we won't have a Todd the week after next.
  4. Cool, if we have you, @Buachalla(?), @Welsper(?), @Nacey, and myself, do we think we can try for an 20:00 run or two* tonight? People can try a Monday run as well if they like, but it might be good to see if we can get something done tonight just in case that run doesn't happen. *unless anyone has a 15 key, I think we all have 14s. Edit: Also no idea if @Dave is around tonight or not, if either of the other two can't make it.
  5. Who's around this evening? Worth checking.
  6. So yeah, I'm not around Monday and we're both not around Tuesday, are people around at the weekend at all? (preferably Saturday?) otherwise you'll have to go without me this week. o/
  7. I got EoA14, Todd got DHT14.
  8. Fyria

    Theorycrafting Everything

    Yeah, I don't really optimise secondary stats to the same degree, they change them so much that I never know when things online go out of date and what my weightings should be etc (plus variables such as relics, trinkets etc don't tend to get factored in with static weightings...). Most of the time my priority is what is higher ilvl, and then whatever has more crit. My relics are also some of my worst slots and aren't amazing, but it's rare I see relics drop. Normally it's Todd that gets non-stop relics in his weekly chest.
  9. Fyria


    Thanks, it was getting a little out of hand, was tempted to suggest moving things out after it went from would that fight work if Sarah switched to Frost and had more slows? -to- numbers numbers numbers.
  10. Fyria

    Theorycrafting Everything

    Oh, that's a good point, I had my Frost set to AoE Frost talents, compared to my single target Fire. Checking it with Frozen Touch and Unstable Magic which is my single target toggle, I get... Frost (4p) - ilvl 964, 1.82m DPS If I were to take Splitting Ice (for a full comparison with your mage), I get... Frost (4p) - ilvl 964, 1.82m DPS Okay, well apparently that made 0 difference between them. Edit: That enlarges the gap with Fire by quite a bit, imagine if my relics were any good. Question is... do I play it? Hmm. 🤔
  11. Fyria

    Theorycrafting Everything

    Update! Okay, now using the addon data, which should take that into consideration: Frost (4p) - ilvl 964, 1.80m DPS Fire (4p) - ilvl 967, 1.71m DPS Frost (0p) - ilvl 971, 1.75m DPS Fire (0p) - ilvl 974, 1.70m DPS All gems still crit or whatever, except the one unsocketed one that I haven't socketed yet for 4p. Edit: Not sure how you sim at 2.14m with only 962 ilvl. Warrior OP.
  12. Fyria

    Theorycrafting Everything

    My frost weapon is fully crucibled made sure of it before LFRing. Okay, just ran that thing on all combinations of 4p/0p and Fire/Frost, results as follows (I double checked gear and spec to be sure it refreshed): Frost (4p) - ilvl 964, 1.67m DPS Fire (4p) - ilvl 967, 1.51m DPS Frost (0p) - ilvl 971, 1.54m DPS Fire (0p) - ilvl 974, 1.51m DPS Conclusion, I think it's borked. Edit: I assumed you meant for ilvl, it says it doesn't count Crucible if you quick sim it, I assumed you'd done that for both your any my characters for a fair comparison, turns out this was not the case as we've just established. But, for everyone else's benefit here. Update to follow shortly.
  13. Fyria

    Theorycrafting Everything

    Yeah, so I was wondering that, I don't know why I'm simming lower, the only thing I can think of is gem differences, but I wouldn't have thought it'd make that much difference. I'll swap to Fire when I get back and see what numbers I get from that in both set and non-set.
  14. Fyria

    Theorycrafting Everything

    Hmm, doesn't that get taken into effect though in the ilvl? Weapon has a couple of 915 frost relics because I don't see them drop when I'm in main spec fire, I think my arcane relic was fairly decent though, 960 or something? How did you manage to sim me remotely? I'd be interested to know how my fire with with drop in ilvl using the 4-part compares to my fire without the tier sometime, a similar comparison for Frost might be useful too. Also I haven't swapped my gems over yet, so take that with a pinch of salt.
  15. I can confirm later to be sure, but Todd got HoV15 and I think I got BRH15. Edit: Confirming that BRH15.