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  1. The tool does warn you if that's the case. Also I can see the actual numbers for both of the simmed items under the final gear picks so I can see what they generated. The stars option has higher corruption anyway (50), the alternatives only have a corruption of 35. With the 50 piece I'm at 33 overall which is fine. Edit: Oh, you mean other slot corruption pieces? I only have one other piece of corruption that's usable (i.e. not bracers) and I'm using it.
  2. That said, you may have a point Welsper and I might keep an eye out for how well it's actually stacking in practice as I may be better with the 470s anyway.
  3. I think stars is just a bit too good for fire mages compared to the other options, but I will keep the 470s around in case some combination of gear otherwise permits me to use it somehow. 😕
  4. I've just simmed the 445 boots with stars II and the 470 boots with mind flay II for both Patchwerk AND Dungeon Slice and... The 445 boots come out better in both cases. Simming Hectic Add Cleave.... 445 still wins.
  5. Key: Mechagon Workshop 13 (nice!), Todd got Freehold 13 Mondays and Thursdays are both free for both of us, so either evening group works and we'll most likely be messagable for the other if numbers fall through or anything as back-up. In less useful news, the 470 piece I got was boots. Why is this annoying you might ask, well, my current boots are my Rank 2 infinite stars boots and yup, at 445+stars, they sim better than 470+mindflay. Hopefully something more useful comes out of the chest next week. Edit: If there's any chance to actually do the Workshop 13, that would be great as it's the only source of the bracers for my burst rotation that still sim higher at 420 than any piece I've picked up (including corrupted pieces), there's realistically no other alternative.
  6. Yeah, I've been simming every piece I get at this point (including all of the vision runs from this week where we did get gear). Although so far none of the vision gear has given me any corruption gear and it's all been 420, so sims much lower than the 445s I have. It sounds like it will start to give some corruption gear as of next week though, so maybe some of the lower level gear will be better.
  7. Well, apparently once you get the bottom talent, doing all five is a bit easier.
  8. Sure, yeah. We're not quite at that level yet and so all of the gear we get from doing visions right now is rubbish, but we'll get there eventually with the talents and stuff.
  9. I actually seem to have enough to buy a 475 piece and a 460 piece, I totally forgot this was a thing. Also we won't be able to do masked runs until we can complete all five things in one run? which we're not quite at yet.
  10. Will be available on Monday if there's a second run or spaces need filling in the first run (after everyone who doesn't have a key is invited ofc), I feel like my gear is lagging behind a bit and I know Todd feels somewhat the same and it will impact our progress. Also it would be nice to get more practice in. Also our cloaks are Rank 9, which probably also doesn't help. Edit: Hopefully Rank 11 soon.
  11. Thanks for all of the useful links Gaz. 👍 Edit: This may help clear out my bags a bit as I have a bunch of gear I'm like, hmm, is that better, probably not, but I'll keep it for now just in case...
  12. Meeting up with a couple of people from my last job after work for drinks, so I probably won't make the first dungeon run but hopefully I'll be back for the second, I'm sure Todd can keep you updated on my ETA.
  13. Fyria

    BfA Mythics

    As Todd says, would be interested in doing this properly but need to catch up with patch stuff (hopefully today) and figure out what we'd need to be doing weekly to make 15 times finishes a viable goal. Mondays are still the best (and most consistently free day) for us (other than Thursday raids).
  14. Thursday 24th is a conference day, so Todd and I may well be out. We are around next Monday though if that's an option for metas.
  15. Next week should be fine. 👍