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  1. Fyria

    BfA Mythics

    Ah cool, might try and jump on Mondays to do stuff, I do miss doing a bit of M+ and Mondays are still the most consistently free days to do them.
  2. Seems to work now, for me anyway. Was consistently not working before, so that's good.
  3. Fyria

    Distant Worlds

    Where are people staying? In case there are any other options in that.
  4. Fyria

    Distant Worlds

    If there are any pubs in the area, it may also be worth having a place to meet people in advance that is also nearby.
  5. Fyria

    Distant Worlds

    Given what Gaz and Lei have said, I would assume that the one near the venue is likely to be the more preferred option? I assume the logo T-shirts are the ones they seem to have other years (one of the ones I already own), there may be a specific plushie I'm interested in if they have it though.
  6. I still have one boss left to see now, hoping we'll get numbers on Thursday so we can do that at least, as I'm guessing it's the one that's annoying to pug?
  7. Might be running a few minutes late because I didn't expect to be waiting 20 minutes on a train that would normally be every few minutes, so may not make it until somewhere between five and ten past, I'll be there at that point, although if you've killed the boss at that point/on the first attempt, I'd understand. 😅
  8. New posts indication on the forum doesn't seem to clear itself for me even when all of the threads have been checked.
  9. I'm not going to make it tomorrow. We have three people in my team leaving this week, one person joining and the only possible leaving/welcome drinks day people can do is tomorrow, so I'll have to forego the raid kill.
  10. Fyria

    Distant Worlds

    Haven't seen any tickets yet, might give it a day or two longer before I start poking RAH about it.
  11. Bah, that's annoying, this was my one chance to see the half of the raid I haven't done before we move onto the next, suddenly because a couple of people can't make it and one other person might be a little late, people are suddenly assuming it's not on? Guess I'll have to find time to pug it. 😥
  12. There's a chance I might be running late too. The team received some wtf news about the project I'm working on yesterday (I won't explain the details publicly) but people are going for drinks to figure it out and I may join them for one or two. It'snot a good or bad news thing exactly, just a massive wtf that makes no sense and will make it harder, not easier, to deliver (despite what a certain someone in charge of it might think), so the team needs to strategise a bit, which normally happens best over a couple of beers.
  13. Yeah, we have hotel booked from Thursday night since it saves faffing about on Friday morning trying to get down for stuff. Also because I didn't know what time the quiz I'm co-running would be, it was almost on Friday early afternoon which would have been a bit more panic if any trains were delayed! Turns out it's not Friday now, whoop. I have had a couple of times where I've missed early afternoon Friday things or it's been a massive rush due to train problems and would rather be there and prepped and not worry in advance! Taken the Thursday off work, so will probably head down during the afternoon sometime.
  14. Actually we're away next Thursday too, so this should have been three. Should hopefully be back after that.
  15. Fyria

    BfA Mythics

    Blizzard made an annoying change that meant that those permissions ended up being revoked because they were tied into other permissions. Trying to use the motd for planning though...? What do you propose with that, I can review permissions if there's a good enough reason to but I don't think using it as a dynamic planning tool makes sense, it can just act as a static reminder for something, in which case Todd or Mark can update it.