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  1. Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings - The Afterglow Tour (Jon Boden = former lead singer of Bellowhead, a band that Maz introduced me to right before they broke up)
  2. ??? (Fyria), CoS10 (Nacey) Availability: ✗ Wednesday - Todd is about, I'm out at a concert with Maz ✗ Thursday - Out with friends/leaving thing/much drunk ✓ Friday - Available ✓ Saturday - Likely to be around all day ✗/✓ Sunday - Evening is possibly free, otherwise family things ✗ Monday - Football, so out ✓ Tuesday - Available
  3. Yeah, CoS10 is pretty sweet. I haven't opened my chest to find out my key yet, but it's pretty much irrelevant at this point unless we have multiple runs happening.
  4. Secret Santa 2017 - Interest?

    Keep forgetting to update/do this, I've sent out the Elfster invites for everyone who is in the Bottle or Tree group there, if you're not, links are in the OP. Will draw at the end of the month, unless everyone in the group has either confirmed or rejected participation and I can do it sooner.
  5. Gloomhaven

    From a quick poke through the videos, I'm super excited to try this out!! I've usually enjoyed either spell casters or support/healers in most games, so would probably opt for the Spellweaver (pew pew!) as first choice and the Tinkerer as a second choice, after this, I tend to prefer ranged over heavy-melee options (especially tanks) as I don't tend to find them as fun to play, but have been known to RP a rogue once or twice in the past. I can figure out a full priority listing at some point if that would be helpful.
  6. Well, we're doing Gaz's key then! Irrelevant part now, but keys: HoV11 (Fyria), EoA11 (Nacey) Availability: ✓ Wednesday - About ✓ Thursday - About after raid, depends what Nik is doing ✗ Friday - Busy, could be around late evening in a pinch ✗ Saturday - Busy, mostly just football though afaik, so could be available early morning or late evening in a pinch ✗/✓ Sunday - Cycling in the morning, afternoon is free ✓ Monday - About ✗ Tuesday - Busy, Londroid Edit: And yeah, could never get bored of CoS.
  7. Secret Santa 2017 - Interest?

    I can't remember if @Largi was in on this, if so, that's a minimum of 6, which means I'll poke the people that don't check the forum as much (Sam, Maz/Tom, etc) and start up a group.
  8. Keys: BRH9 (Fyria), Maw9 (Nacey) Availability: ✓ Wednesday - About ✓ Thursday - About after/before raid ✓ Friday - About ✗ Saturday - Busy ✗ Sunday - Busy ✓ Monday - About ✓ Tuesday - About Would be nice to get it out of the way tomorrow though to keep Monday/Tuesday busy for other things.
  9. Our bad, after saying Monday after Lei returns or Tuesday, I should have posted again to confirm trying to get it done on the Monday, which is usually the preference wherever possible (i.e. sooner) in case something comes up the second day. But didn't realise that no one posted to confirm this or the suggestion of 21:00 our time because of train delays and Todd and I getting back from work slightly later than usual. We should keep discussion on this here, I'm not a big fan of using Discord for stuff like this as it's already easy to miss relevant conversation and hard to go back and find. The problem was that it got entangled into other conversation (Lei and Gaz chatting about train delays) and didn't make it back here. Simon managed to come with us so we got the CoS10 done, since someone suddenly wasn't available today (can't remember who). Sorry about all the confusion Welsper.
  10. Keys: CoS10 (Fyria), VoW10 (Nacey) Availability: ✓ Wednesday - About, but probably popping to the gym for a bit first, so prefer later ✓ Thursday - Raid Day, can after ✓ Friday - About ✗ Saturday - Distant Worlds things™ ✗ Sunday - Post-Distant Worlds things™ ✓ Monday - About ✓ Tuesday - About So yeah, either Monday after Lei gets back, or Tuesday works for us.
  11. Secret Santa 2017 - Interest?

    Assuming Todd and I are both in, that's four so far. Any one else? I'll give it a few days to see.
  12. Bottle or Tree - Secret Santa 2017 Murano Glass Christmas Tree! This tree, featured in Venice, Italy a few years back, was made from 1000 tubes of Murano artisan blown glass, it reaches 28ft in height, and boasts a 10ft diameter, pretty cool. ELFSTER LINKS Secret Santa 2017: https://www.elfster.com/exchange/view/26698290/ (This is the one you need to sign up for if you want to participate this year) BoT Group: https://www.elfster.com/group/about/9324248/ (Because we may end up using it for multiple years, you can sign up even if you don't want to participate this year) STATUS: SIGN-UPS Participants: Gaz, Sarah, Sharp, Todd, Tom® Current deadline: 30th November. LAST RECOMMENDED POSTING DATES (2017) 20/12 - 2nd Class and Royal Mail Signed For™ 21/12 - 1st Class and Royal Mail Signed For™ 21/12 - Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed™ 22/12 - Royal Mail Special Delivery Saturday Guaranteed™ (http://www.royalmail.com/greetings) PREVIOUS YEARS (Gift Ideas) 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
  13. Sounds like Monday would be a winner then, unless I'm forgetting anything.