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  1. BoTPug

    We might be trying to squeeze Mythics in Monday, so maybe Ulduar on Tuesday? Could do both on Monday, but would be a busy Monday for my hand. We're busy Sunday, so preference to not then.
  2. BoTPug

    Not really around at the weekend unfortunately.
  3. BoTPug

    I might try and make an appearance today, see how it goes. Friday feels like it might be a fairly quiet coding day due to meetings and stuff, so can probably take it a bit easier on my injury.
  4. We're quite busy this Saturday anyway, and Sunday, so ideally we want to do after raid, or Friday/Monday/Tuesday. Edit: Although preference away from Friday as I may need to pop into the doctors afterwork to see if I can get my booking code, and I might be a bit zonked.
  5. I think you got Cath14 and I got Arcway14, which isn't a massive improvement over that option.
  6. Sadly I missed out on that ride due to hand injury still and not being sure I could brake well enough to catch it. I instead went to the gym for an hour and bike cycled without the need for brakes instead. xD
  7. We're actually free most of the time this week, so whenever everyone else is about and wants to do it we can. @Welsper, what is your Saturday availability like this week? ✓ Wed - About ✓ Thu - About ✓ Fri - About ✓ Sat - About ✗/✓ Sun - About in the afternoon ✓ Mon - About ✓ Tue - About
  8. BoTPug

    Will need to feel out how my hand is doing a bit to know whether or not I'm likely to be up for raiding. Right now not sure.
  9. Got a little delayed, will be back around 18:10-15ish, if people can be at the stone ready to summon and go, that would be cool.
  10. Rocket League

    Rusty is fine, I'm rusty and was never really particularly great at my best either, I'm jus wanting to make an active effort to get back into it and improve my gameplay again, so you'll probably be more-or-less where I'm at, and welcome to join in for some getting-back-into-it practice. We can play a few casual games for a bit to pick up stuff again if you want to just try and get to grips with gameplay.
  11. Ah, cool, then we have a team. Aim for 18:00 and we'll dinner after.
  12. Oh. @Todkuh, about? We'll only have four people (assuming Gaz can still do it) otherwise.
  13. Rocket League

    Regular practice really helps, once Todd has finished his Solo Standard blitz for last season stuff and can play some Standard again it would be great to get some regular games in again. I'm hoping to go into the next season with the aim to improve and play more matches regularly to get back into it, improve and try and work my way through some of the rewards from the next season. So yeah, if anyone wants to join, for whatever format, they'd be more than welcome.