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  1. Just wanna say that I made the discord so we could essentially have a big group chat, nothing serious, it was there for people to use how they want. I made some channels because I knew discussions would happen and it's nice to have a place for certain topics for people to look back on, or people having multiple discussions at once. I asked for feedback, but nothing was said, some people did clean a few things up after a while. I did not quit WoW over this, but it has certainly soured my experience to the point I've had the entire server muted, not just topics that aren't relevant to me. I will thank Todd for buying me some game time to get back in. I have actually been having fun leveling other classes and going through old stuff on Allied races, but I have pretty much had 0 interaction with people in game, some of that is due to my messed up sleeping, but it's also very evident there's a bit of a split happening. I have had people reach out to me, but right now I'm not really looking to do much in terms of endgame, so I'm just going to carry on by myself until Shadowlands. Edit: I also want to say, that while I have asked people what's been going on, I've kept an open mind, but from an almost complete outside perspective right now, this is all really very stupid and I can't believe this is still on going.
  2. Not read all the replies, but I do feel like I need to clarify, that my leaving is almost entirely based on the direction WoW has, or hasn't, been taking and not due to guild climate. It certainly sped up my decision, but it wasn't a major factor in and of itself. Also, funds permitting, I might give Shadowlands a bash to start fresh, but if there is more grinding for inflated points and what not then I doubt I'd stay long after hitting cap.
  3. I made a hunter on Mirage Buachalla - Hunter - Horde - Mirage Raceway
  4. I could be interested in that...
  5. No realms have free tanks. Nobody wants to level a tank on their own, so they're all taken already.
  6. Buachalla - Human Paladin - Hydraxian Waterlords (RP) Wolfskin - Tauren Shaman - Hydraxian Waterlords (RP)
  7. I'm potentially down in MK for two weeks mid-July, so London is easily doable. Otherwise, it's far too late for me to do anything until next year.
  8. Blizzard have said that their major patches are almost like mini expansions, to which they want everyone to be able to dive right in, so they have all these 'catch-up' mechanics and what not. Now, they certainly helped me when I came back for a bit, but I can fully understand how it feels to be someone that hasn't taken such a long break to have someone be almost up on par in less than a week. Considering the amount of 'WoW refugees' we are seeing come to FFXIV, they are really trying to keep people coming back and playing, so making it a lot easier to jump in, but ofc, that has other effects.
  9. Sorry, FFXIV expansion is next week and I got no love for WoW anymore...
  10. The one near is shit, they always get at least 1 persons order wrong or just forget about it. The time before it was also really busy. Obviously Nando's has become a 'thing' but I don't mind going somewhere else. I just can't walk for more than about 5 mins >.<
  11. Not sure what the plan is on the day, but I may very well need to get a taxi to the concert hall because I absolutely cannot walk very far. If people want to accompany me and chip in, that would be awesome. Otherwise, they'll be no big walks being touristy for me, so meeting somewhere to chill until time would be cool.
  12. Would like a full clear. Though if I'm in work next week in until 8 >< Other than that. Literally fresh back, happy to do whatever I can with people. Though honestly, M+ is something I can say I'm not a fan of.
  13. In regards to this specific thread. I must have checked here not long before you posted, and assumed nothing was going to be here. I don't check here often as I'm completely disinterested in WoW regards that now and that's the majority of what's here.
  14. Nobody here was personally invited, at least not any guild members. I threw up a post, I talked about in /g chat, if people asked I gave them a link. I'm not going to treat anyone special.
  15. Most people that I know that play together in the same room have each other muted. Sometimes it's like what Tom mentioned and someone has it through their speakers.
  16. Blizzard completely failed to understand their audience with that. There's nothing wrong with it in and of itself, but as the big announcement for the franchise at the opening ceremony, it was an utter failure.
  17. I've not had much problems with my Sony phones, and the XZ series is pretty decent.
  18. I'm about. This might be my last one as I'm lates next week. If you don't mind, I'd like to come on my hunter. He's rather undergeared, but I'll probably just do as damage as I did with my druid, let's be fair.
  19. I'm now working until 8 on Thursday as we're desperately short. Might be about from 9, but will see how tired I am.
  20. Hopefully it's so awful over the weekend I don't get many customers on the bureau de change >_>;;