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  1. Might be raiding in FF now, but we'll see :x
  2. BoTPug

    Any days but Weds is fine for me. /nolife
  3. BoTPug

  4. I got BRH8 (??) on my hunter. and Arcway9 on my shaman olol. About all day Friday, after 8pm on Sat and 6.30 on Sun, 8pm Mon and all day Tues.
  5. BoTPug

    If you guys are going BT tomorrow, can you wait for me to start? :x Don't finish til 8pm, will try and be home ASAP!
  6. Chill mythics for slacker teens

    I can come heal : )
  7. Train is running late...
  8. Spent all yesterday at my mom's so I'm chilled out XD. Just really need to put my work clothes in the wash when I get in. Just need to remember how to hunter/shaman again. So may be a slow start for me ^^;
  9. I'll be about from about half 8, my train gets in at quarter past 7, but obviously need to sort bits out before I lose myself in vidyagames.
  10. Anyday after works.
  11. I'm back from Saturday evening if you don't get anyone else by then.
  12. Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

    Ah cool. They're also dyable, so you can make them look less chef like XD;
  13. Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

    Yeah, the new 24 man drops 330 on a weekly lockout now. Not sure what the new dungeon drops?
  14. Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

    Glad current EX/Savage aren't part of the mentor roulette. Then again people are more likely to know and do them properly compared to the old ones... XD;