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  1. BoTPug

    I'll post this here too, as it amused me
  2. BoTPug

    Shaman's can tank, right? Somebody else can heal again
  3. CoS 13 :eyes: Oh right, yeah. I'm about all weekend and Monday.
  4. BoTPug

    I'll actually be on time for tomorrow.
  5. Can go a bit earlier if others can. Should be home for half 6 or so. Need to get some shopping after work.
  6. BoTPug

    Yeah I'm in work until 9. Please pray for me.
  7. I'm in til 9 of Thurs? That might be where you got that from.
  8. BoTPug

    Well, I won't be about next week :x
  9. BoTPug

    Nik messaged me on my way home with "we accidentally a boss", and I was like "yep, sounds about right"
  10. BoTPug

    It is, I mean Thursday XD I dunno where I am
  11. BoTPug

    So I'm not home until late tomorrow, and then next week I'm working til 9pm, so I really won't be about then.
  12. Half 6 night have been presumptuous. Probably closer to 7.