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  1. Buachalla


    I think this is one of the biggest problems with having different sized groups all in the same arena. It's far too big for the smallest size. It's probably perfect from Mythic at 20 because it'll be designed with that most in mind, and once you get 25/30 you'll probably find it's harder for mechanics where people need to spread.
  2. Buachalla


    I know a lot of people seem to be about on Monday, would that work for people? Still probably need to PUG though.
  3. Buachalla


    Not about u til 8pm tomorrow, but otherwise I'm good.
  4. Just leaving now, so can be on for just after 7 hopefully!
  5. It'd only be by half and hour or so. Nobody's asked me to stay til 7 as yet. So fingers crossed! XD
  6. I think I get to finish at half 6 today. So might be on a bit earlier.
  7. Buachalla


    Sorry for the really dumb fuck ups towards the end. My hayfever is really bad right now, and my eyes were stinging so much it was hard to concentrate.
  8. I got Maw and some very nice boots.
  9. Buachalla


    Are we gonna try and grab more people and try and brute it, or we just gonna try and refine what we were doing before?
  10. Buachalla


    Normally, I'd be late this Thursday, but I've been swapped in on the Friday instead as we're short.
  11. 20.00 is best for me.
  12. Buachalla

    Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    they had it taken away?
  13. I'm about if needed, can heal too.
  14. Day off, so can do whenever.
  15. Buachalla


    Aye, at least he ripped through us pretty quick to get started again