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  1. Buachalla

    BfA Mythics

    Is there an ideal minimum I'd need to be? Hit 120 this morning.
  2. Buachalla

    Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch Tumbleweed Chat

    Sounds pretty standard for few dps specs I've tried so far.
  3. Buachalla

    Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch Tumbleweed Chat

    Lighting and Earth Shields are back too XD
  4. Buachalla

    Legion General Chat - World of Wardrobes

    Guess I better get my arse in gear and try these challenges..
  5. Buachalla

    Legion BoTPug

    Plan went out the window when we realised we no longer have the lockout.
  6. Female Tauren for cuteness!
  7. Buachalla

    Legion BoTPug

    I'll be about!
  8. Buachalla

    Legion BoTPug

    I won't be about until near 9 anyway, so...
  9. Buachalla

    Legion BoTPug

    CONGRATS!!! \o/
  10. Buachalla

    Legion BoTPug

    Just wanna do stuff with friends \o/
  11. Buachalla

    Legion BoTPug

    I finish at 4pm today. So gonna grind a bunch of stuff for buffs and stuff. Will be bringing my shaman, so I hopefully won't be a massive embarrassment this time.
  12. I'm also about, but yeah, poke me on discord if you need me. Can heal/hit things with my hammer.
  13. Buachalla

    Legion BoTPug

    Sorry for messing up a lot. I was on my hunter assuming we'd be trying with mostly just us, and I'm obviously out of practice. I'll stick to my shaman as I know where all my panic buttons are on there.
  14. Buachalla

    Legion BoTPug

    Feel free. Do we want me on my hunter for more ranged, or shall i stick with my sham?