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  1. BoTPug

    I will be about on time this week.
  2. I got Seat12 (as I missed the week before)
  3. Will check when home, but about any evening bar Tuesday (though may end up available then)
  4. I think it was a 13 for me. I finish at 18.30 hopefully, but give me an hour or so to get home and settled.
  5. I'll find out tonight. Forgot to check yesterday.
  6. BoTPug

    FYI it's my late tomorrow.
  7. Will need to be tonight for me as I do FF14 dungeoning on Tues. I got nothing on Bua, as I took Wolf to play at being melee. It's a something 12 on her I think.
  8. Beginner board games

    That firefighting one that Tom and Maz have that for the life of me can't remember the name of is really fun and beginner friendly. Basically anything that I can play and I don't seem to get frustrated with because I'm dumb King of Tokyo and Boss Monster are small games that I've found fun and simple. Someone mentioned Sushi Go! which was really fun and a few of us got addicted to over a con weekend.
  9. Upper Kara. Lolno
  10. Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    Bottle or Tree now Zandalari Druid only guild?
  11. Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zandalari Druid Forms. Moonkin and Bear
  12. We still go for tonight? I'm just in so may be a little later than 8 to get on.
  13. Monday from 8pm I'd good for me. Also Arc13 here.
  14. BoTPug

    Forgot to say, it's my late so not about til closer to 9
  15. Co. Kerry is very pretty... o/