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  1. Was thinking of giving this a go. Would you guys recommend it?
  2. OBR predicts the stamp duty change will increase house prices by more than the saving for most people. Main gainers will be those already owning property. Good job conservatives.
  3. I really need to be quicker if I want a good deal. The Pixel is already back up to £480.
  4. The more leaks I read about the Pixel 2 the more disappointed I get and the less I feel like waiting. Getting a Pixel for £400 is starting to look pretty good. The designs of the new Pixel phones seem barely updated, foregoing a number of design changes that have come to the latest flagships whilst taking a number of backward steps like removing the headphone jack and having the camera stick out from the body of the phone. Given that the price is likely going to go up with the new model it just doesn't seem to me to be worth £250+ for a year's updates, a new processor, and a worse design. Am I missing something?
  5. If you pay cash money the Pixel has £100 off from a few places right now. I'm guessing that's because of the added competition from the OnePlus 5. As the only decent smaller screen phone right now I'm thinking of going for it.
  6. Well I certainly wasn't expecting such a slating of OnePlus heh. I certainly hadn't read/heard of those issues so that's good to know. From what I can read it looks like most of those complaints are from a year or two ago, or at least reddit seems to think so: That being said, I'd definitely have to think again about getting one of their devices, especially getting one that has been newly released. I just find it a bit difficult to believe that the choice is between a £600 phone or a £170 one. That being said I should actually probably try going in to a store and try some of them to see whether I like the interface, the responsiveness etc.
  7. Is the OnePlus 3T not any good as a midrange device? Rumours are that the new OnePlus 5 is coming in the next couple of months and as I want a decent phone without spending £600-750 I was going to wait for that.
  8. Am I missing something here? There was a lot of debate around whether MPs would get another vote after a brexit deal had been hammered out and the result was that no, they won't, so why then does May need a larger majority? The implication that she needs a larger majority to get a brexit deal through or to get a mandate (given a referendum) is clearly hocum. The clear political math here is that with a 20 point lead she wants a larger majority to get other legislation through now and also so that she doesn't have to face a GE straight after a brexit that everyone realistically expects to be more painful (or with a worse deal) than the brexit optimists want.
  9. The Travelodge options are better. £111 for two nights in Cambridge (£90 at 2 miles out) or £149 in Oxford (or £107 at 3 miles out). Are Travelodge and Premier Inn not basically the same? I don't entirely get the price difference.
  10. If it's between Oxford and Cambridge then having grown up near Oxford and lived in Cambridge I would say that Cambridge is nicer. Oxford feels more like a big town as the centre of town is more typical and has no parks whilst in Cambridge the centre is the old city and has several small parks. The stuff that you would want to visit (including all the nice pubs) is also closer together in Cambridge. I can give far more recommendations for Cambridge, I don't know if we have someone with the same knowledge of Oxford. That being said, I'm not sure yet if I'll be going. The main thing going for Oxford is travel. The only sensible way of getting to Cambridge is via Kings Cross. There is a train from Birmingham to Cambridge but it takes 3 hours so you'd have to be crazy to take it.
  11. As far as I'm aware a declaration of war is not necessary. This is normally just a means of clarifying rules of engagement and is for the benefit of the aggressor and not the defender. So no, it isn't a war crime to specifically target military equipment being used to themselves commit war crimes, in fact there are terms of the Security Council that compel nations to do just that. What is illegal under international law is a 'war of aggression' i.e. we're going to attack you for no good reason. Sadly what is a good reason has never been defined and that's why no one has ever gotten in trouble for it.
  12. +1 for MyFitnessPal. Been using it for a while last year to track my 'macros' and as long as you use it as a guide it really helps with consistency and also giving a general idea of where the macros come from. For example, it seems obvious now but most fruit and veg only contributes as carbs whereas I think in my head I had some kind of magical fruit/veg category so now when I eat more fruit I cut carbs elsewhere.
  13. Just so you know where I'm at as I was interested last time, I've just moved to near Canada Water so I can't move for another 5 months. Plus I kind of like having a 1-bed.
  14. I would get professional advice. The Institute of Directors would be something I would look in to: https://www.iod.com/services/information-and-advice/directors-advice Good luck!