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  1. This has to be the most obscure way of telling people your favorite alcoholic drinks...
  2. Buy a better computer. No performance hit even though I run lots of mods.
  3. please no. I got wtfpwnd in that last thread.
  4. Yeah I agree. The joys of being the only character with a high level in a profession that others know relatively little about...
  5. Lagrosh Alchemy - 375 Herbalism - 390
  6. What the hell? I made this post to get people posting, but I never thought that the common thing that would bring everyone together would be insulting me.
  7. I was wondering if I could get some support to have my username changed. No matter what I try, Tiran still changes it to something offensive. Any ideas? Maybe we can spam up all his host bandwidth until he changes it back! Who's with me? VIVA LA REVOLUTION!
  8. Bare in mind that I think we're going no speq requirements when raiding, although I intend to go raid-helping resto .
  9. It's a 2H! First you like German, now you like 2Hs, next you'll reroll priest?
  10. Then why did you post? Spammer.
  11. Well mine hasn't arrived yet, so I could cancel that and send you the money if you want to give me the key? Saves you a bit then.