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  1. Having shit managers? I quit that company. Have shit core-work times (mostly the idea that some things are considered core times for no reason)? I quit that company. I also like to work later hours, as it fits my body clock better. In fact, my Danish company is designed around the idea of families, so you take your children to school and turn up between 9 & 10, then leave sometime between 4 & 5 to go pick them up. In my case I like to turn up around 10:00 & leave around 7. While it is true that you can 'retrain' yourself to some extent (I currently get up around 6 most days to go to the gym, and bed at 11), in e.g. holidays/weekends I always revert back to a later sleeping cycle because it's more natural to me. The truth is that most of the western world (especially the UK, and not including Scandinavia), seem to have decided that getting in early, and being seen to be there for a large amount of time is productive. It's a bit like the whole open office being a good idea thing; while there are benefits, there is clear evidence of it being bad that seems to be ignored. In my previous company we ended up with a bit of a weird twist, in that because we had different time zone offices (SF & NYC), those of us who preferred working later hours were seen as more productive than the early birds, because we attended more of the cross-team meetings & answered the cross-atlantic questions faster. I think all workspaces should have quiet places & loud places, core hours that are defined for when people MUST be there at the same time, and certain times/days specifically setup to be meeting free. These should be explicitly defined, as it's part of the values of the company. You can then decide upon joining whether you share these values. Having said all that, I appreciate it's not always easy to be able to pick a company with the same values as yourself.
  2. I bought the Mirra 2 recently and love it. I think it's a bit over the top, but I agree with Todd that buying a second-hand Mirra or Aeron is the best bet. A lot depends on how often you are sat in it. I often sit on mine for a few long hours at a time, so it's worth having a good one for that.
  3. Just bought a Fitbit Charge 2 & an iPhone 7. Didn't need to upgrade and it's not exactly vital to have an activity tracker, but there you go. Boredom as much as anything.
  4. Linux always allowed it in any place you'd like. I quite like the Mac standard dev way, which is auto-hiding with the whole 'zoom on cursor hover' thing. Having said that, I don't think I've used it in about 3 years anyway. Keyboard's where it's at.
  5. I'm speculating because this relies on Todd not waking me up but I imagine we'll be there 12:00-12:30ish.
  6. I've been finding it seems to slow up after memory leaking far too often (5X), as have the other 4 people I know who have one. Still is a good phone though.
  7. Indeed. Mine too. Or become the bossman (a less retarded one) for yourself?
  8. Yeah, a DMS sounds like a good idea to me. I agree with Todd, you'll end up being super pissed at no-one else but you having to keep everything organised, and then when you leave it'll be a horrible mess. Quick Google search comes up with: http://www.accountingweb.co.uk/any-answers/document-management-systems http://www.cpapracticeadvisor.com/collection/11600641/2014-review-of-document-storage-and-document-management-systems
  9. Sounds like a great idea. A combination of stretching and pub visits.
  10. As Todd said. @Todd if that's all working, what are the arrangements on travel to/from guildford, there to gatwick, etc.? No idea where it is even. I'm guessing we won't be commuting for the BotMeet? Or will we?
  11. All should come join me in <insert other country to UK here>
  12. Not seen it before but looks really really nice. I've been using a personal trainer before (real person) but that's damned expensive, so no longer doing that. I have a couple of apps that work mostly ok for me. Sworkit is great for just grabbing some time on a mat during the day (it also helped me come up with a proper pre-football stretching regime), and I have an app specific to my gym which is pretty good. This looks like a great one to have too though, especially because I'd like a new pair of headphones too.
  13. Honestly, now that it's over, they need to properly figure out how to lead the UK through it. I am extremely personally affected by this, and right now everything is up in the air. It's already affecting a fair number of things for me, and I'm sure for the EU citizens living in the UK (3.3m people!), as well as those like me who are UK citizens living in the EU (1.2m people!). So yes, the decision is not upsetting my quite so much as the implosion of the parties caused by in-fighting and personal agendas. Having everything up in the air for 4.5m people (as well as e.g. mixed families, this number would be higher), makes me fairly angry.
  14. Sort of yes. They can penalise the player for it after the fact (retroactive suspension), but not really anything else. Also, there's a very low chance they'll bother so long as it's not something really horrific like spitting/stamping/etc. Anyway, they have their hands full with all the retards fighting in the stands. The whole European continent does seem to be regressing unfortunately.
  15. Every system we used that touched the internet for anything had a huge response time... kinda hilarious... IT actually debated on just blocking BBC This is usually the sign of a fail company. The obvious thing to do would be to setup a place for people to go with a projector that has the game on. That way, you're admitting that people want to watch it, and gaining loyalty, while also not destroying the connection by having every second computer streaming it.
  16. I signed up for the latter, but the former (sun shitty webpage) doesn't let me register, just perma-redirects back to the home page
  17. We'll be watching every game of the tournament on the big metrics TV in our office (probably with the sound off for the most part). Really looking forward to it. This last week without any football is driving me crazy.
  18. It would appear my German bank (they are all retarded but mine are especially) have managed to double book all transactions for the last 3 days of all their clients. Unfortunately, all my bills come out in the first 2 days. I've now wasted an hour on the phone with them explaining how it is not OK that they owe me 2,000EUR & any credit rating that has been lost as a result.
  19. Well sure, but in reality they'll need rules in place before we leave if it happens. Case in point is myself: Unless there are at the very least visa/trade rules within the time (2 years is pretty fast for that kind of discussion), then what happens? Do I have to leave? Realistically there'll be some sort of 'intermediate' status, whereby most of the regulations are still in place while they gradually find ideas for the rest. Having said that, I'd expect the rest of Europe to not be particularly helpful given that it wouldn't benefit them any.
  20. Google App Engine seems to have always worked brilliantly for me. Except for Hangouts, which are really flaky (we are a fairly remote company, developers in offices all around the world). For video conferencing we just switched Zoom. Not sure what the rest of the company think, but it seems to be working very well for us. At SC we used to use Bluejeans which also went (for the most part) very well for us, but I know that setup is expensive.
  21. Indeed. How could I forget watching for fucking ages as it 'optimizes the apps'.