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  1. Won't be able to make it this year
  2. At least BBC Parliament & the YouTube channels have gotten more traction recently.
  3. And while we play this game of stupid, I have now had to sign up for what hopefully amounts to a temporary residency of 3 months, and my company saying they're not sure what it means about paying me in April. I'm in the process of getting to the point where I have to decide whether to switch to German citizenship instead, because fuck this sinking ship.
  4. I haven't posted so much here or anywhere, because it angers me so much. I'm angry with all involved here quite honestly, and I seriously believe from start to finish this has been caused by people thinking about their own political career, rather than attempting to lead in any way. From Cameron to Bojo to May all the recent quitters. What people don't seem to understand is that lives are at stake here. What the hell does a no-deal mean for people in hospital, for food, for those of us living in the EU, and for other EU citizens living in the UK. What a colossal fuck-up. I can tell you the external view of the UK is as of that of the US atm. A bunch of short-termist morons who have no idea of the realities of their situation. Angry & afraid.
  5. Definitely 3 of us. Potentially 5.
  6. Probably going to try & go with a few others next year. Anyone fancy it?
  7. So we've had 10 of those Ikea standing desks in the office for 2.5 years now. I'd say each gets about 1hr per day of being raised and the rest lowered. Every single one of them has had the ac adapter die between January and June of this year. 3 of them also had a broken motor, and Ikea told us that they wouldn't replace those, as it's basically the whole desk. For now we just ended up making those ones fixed tables for now. I think for the price they're great, but you definitely get what you pay for. On the other hand, I am using one of Ikea's conference corner tables at home for a desk. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/desks/conference-meeting-tables/bekant-conference-table-birch-veneer-white-spr-49047464/ which seems to be excellent as a general purpose table.
  8. For running & the gym I just use these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Urbanears-Plattan-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headphones/dp/B00XQ37XR6 They're cheap, sound fine & are wireless. If you get upset with the sweat building on them, then just push kitchen roll on them afterwards to absorb the sweat. They're also load of those spot version things (in-ear with strap around back) which are the same. e.g.: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B072MXKRJ1/ref=s9_acsd_top_hd_bw_bH8tD_c_x_1_w?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-4&pf_rd_r=8ZCSMFAN7ZZAV7CK6WAQ&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=47084367-a6a8-5268-903f-2bef76b19d4a&pf_rd_i=4085751
  9. Totally agree with Todd. SD Cards are a real pointless ballache. And with the growth of streaming, no-one wants lossless anyway. You'd never have the bandwidth to download it. It's about finding the sweet spot. E.g. Spotify's Ogg Vorbis usage is actually pretty high quality, and it's extremely rare to find people who can here the difference at that bitrate with that format. And I still think you're missing the point about hardware design. By removing the 3.5mm they can make the devices thinner & use that space for something else (like battery), and without accessing the SD card they're also making a lot more use of the rest of the space for something else (like battery). Also, phone creators should add more battery.
  10. You're not the target audience. Same was iPhone. The iPhone7 (soon 8) don't have a headphone port but rather a converter. The pixel is a device for the top end so usually those users buy the top end headphones without wires as well.
  11. I'm confused. It's a method that should be private except it's called by the test?
  12. No. But if someone said when you divorce that if you can't decide how to split up the wealth you both lose it all and live on the street and the state takes it all. You may decide to not divorce.
  13. Andy Rubin's essential phone looks good. https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/30/15717066/essential-phone-hands-on-photos-android-hardware
  14. It isn't a warcrime when it's a western power.
  15. Slept in a sleep clinic the last 3 nights. In there I was expected to go to bed around 9:30 and GTFO by 5:30. While cabled up. Was strange. On the bright side, I can customised my new mask to make it look like Darth Vader.
  16. It is a pretty obvious Horror film scenario. So makes sense.
  17. That's called unbundling. Actually it does make sense for when you have separate use cases and user experiences but occasionally combine the two. I actually quite like it. Apps like Foursquare are the ones that really didn't do it right for me, as I believe they separated 1 use cases into 2 apps.
  18. Agree with Myrrh. I use WhatsApp & iMessage because that's what everyone I communicate with uses. Occasionally people also communicate with me on hangout or messenger, which is why I installed the apps. But other than that, it's basically all the other 2. It's the same conversation we used to have about ICQ/AIM/Yahoo/MSN. Being idealistic around any form of communication is fair enough, but you lose out as a result.
  19. If you think you're already leading the team (it's pretty obvious when this is the case), then apply for the job and make that point. Otherwise you'll end up not having it on your CV, not getting paid for it, and doing it anyway. Make sure the rest of the team agree though.
  20. That's really cool. Thanks for that.
  21. Honestly I think it's more the ignored are rising up. A combination of many things. In both countries there are large numbers of completely ignored people politically.
  22. Yeah. Quick use tells me the same. If you're happy to pay the price then both iPhone & Pixel are fantastic phones. Just depends on what you can afford. I mean, I still think the galaxy s4 mini was the best Android phone in a long time, in terms of what you got for value for money. Using both iOS & Android every day I still find myself turning to the iPhone over Android though honestly.
  23. Indeed. And usually LEDs using dynamos these days too (here at least).
  24. It depends a lot on when you ride too. I ride just daily between home and work/supermarket/whatever. I strongly advise mudguards if you're not intending on switching clothes. It's surprising how quickly you'll pick up shite on the legs otherwise. Also yes to gloves. Bikes are cold at the best of times, but unless it's summer it'll be cold when riding.