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  1. It depresses me how much we still seem to not know where the heck we're going. Yesterdays announcements that EU citizens are not getting any special treatment... unless we need the for something then we'll be pragmatic... but we're committed to 10,000 as a hard target for immigration. These are not compatible.
  2. Tiran

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    So the end result here was realistically no change, except Todd is now the admin of a discord server?
  3. Tiran

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    I'm consistent, I voted against TS then and I'm doing it again now! =-p
  4. Tiran

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    Surprise Tom out of nowhere! You guys should choose what you want to do for the guild as the group who uses it the most and raids etc. but I would throw in a little £0.02: I don't tend to get around to chatting to most people here as much as I'd like as I'm not really playing WoW and so on (which is my fault and not anyone else's). I do however have discord open all the time on my PC and have it installed on my phone, I hang out on a few discords for different reasons. While I can't promise I'd be on to hang out all the time, the chances of me hopping in to text chat and maybe from there hanging out with people for random chat is probably increased if the groups chat is just a click away. While I could drop in to teamspeak whenever and chat its something I have to specifically open and decide to do rather than just clicking through the servers and spotting active chat. I know (and have read) some of the concerns, and you should absolutely weigh this less than people who are more actively taking part in guild stuff, but I figured it couldn't hurt too much to say.
  5. Things could get serious here, or it could all wash over, we'll know in the next couple of hours probably if the brexiteers decide to go for a no-confidence vote.
  6. Tiran

    Beginner board games

    Ticket to ride is good, because you only have to make one decision a turn and can think about it until your next turn. Settlers of Catan gets recommended a lot, but I think it may be best as a second or third game after some of the others, also isn't great with two. Carcassonne is simple and works very well for two. Co-operative games are a good intro, taking out the competitive part. Pandemic is the classic one, Forbidden Desert is great and easy to play though very hard to win. Mark has some good shouts there, I'd back up Patchwork certainly, not played the two player versions of Agrocola and 7 Wonders but their full versions are very accessible in larger groups.
  7. Tiran

    The Android Thread

    I prefer the smaller size screen anyway, so thats good to hear, and a Stylus isn't something I'd be likely to use.
  8. Tiran

    The Android Thread

    Pixel 2 the thing to get right now? My 5x seems to have died.
  9. Tiran

    The EVEMon Addicts Helpline Thread

    Man, I've not kept up with EVE politics in a while, time to check out whats been happening.
  10. Tiran

    Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

    From when I played, it was pretty much the same as WoW in that way, just we already did all the levelling in WoW and have items to shortcut most of it now.
  11. Tiran

    Election Means Election Chat

    So the majority of the party wants to remain but in the run up to the election the perceived attitude within the country was that the decision had been made, this was especially true in the fact of the almost united pro-brexit press. So we went for a slightly softer second referendum on the deal. We all know the deal will be a piece of shit so the second referendum is very likely to return a remain vote in the face of the preceding two years of the economy going down the drain. This had the added bonus, if polls hadn't gone so strongly against the idea of deals, of being something we could probably have forced as a concession in negotiations, where a straight cancelling of the process wasn't going to fly with either major party. The intention to remain hasn't changed, just the political necessity to go about it in a more roundabout way.
  12. Tiran

    Election Means Election Chat

    Current rumours are the DUPs price was a guarantee of a soft border with RoI, which may in practical terms mean retaining freedom of movement (and probably single market, because you may as well at that point).
  13. Tiran

    Election Means Election Chat

    Maybe the weekend? Might not even be that long.
  14. Tiran

    Election Means Election Chat

    Win or lose, I wouldn't be surprised if Mays days are numbered. The knives will come out given how badly bungled this campaign has been and I very much doubt she'll fight another election.
  15. 80+ is pretty hot. My pc was hitting that level a bit ago, replaced the thermal paste and it's down to mid 60s.