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  1. Sorry, I wasn't meaning to come across as accusatory, it was more to nod that I hadn't made similar efforts when other people did slip quietly away under veil of night, but that we feel their loss no less keenly.
  2. So I'm not sure that this is the right place to say this, nor should I be the person to do so, but everyone else is tiptoeing around and since I'm leaving the continent soon anyway I'll bite the bullet here. There is a conversation which has desperately needed to happen in this guild for at least the past year or so. Because people haven't been able to have an adult conversation about it, resentment and awkwardness have eaten in to people's fun to the point that a number of long-term guild members have considered stepping away, and now we get to the point where one of our longest standing and most committed friends is publicly leaving. This has symptoms including but not limited to the falling numbers, failing raids, the lack of BoTmeets and the general malaise that has afflicted the guild. We can do a history lesson here and trace it back, but to a degree that's not the point and it's not healthy to start this by opening up old wounds, even if that might be part of the healing process. Looking to the present and future, the issues now boil down to a number of things: The social element of the guild is dead. There exists two groups of people, one on the discord which has semi-active chat, and a smaller group on the forums and TS which are functionally dead. People don't log on to chat, showing up basically for mythic runs and that's it. People are being pushed away. Long term friends like Sharp, Lei and others feel unwelcome in the guild, people get aggro over minor things and knowing that you might get lashed out at at any time makes people just decide they'll have more fun in another environment where they can jut relax and enjoy themselves. This has lead to a lack of people which in no small part has caused raids to stop. Disagreement over level of commitment and effort. Mythic+ runs at 15+ are not easy. To complete these in time is a real challenge as it is supposed to be. The game offers many easier ways to get gear and to see the content if that's what you want to do, but people are frustrated that runs go south a lot and its often due to easily corrected but mistakes the persist week on week. Please, can we at least try to have a conversation and address this. Let's not let silly high-school drama tear apart the guild and friendship group that has existed for so long and brought so many of us together. This is not going to be an easy conversation, as the divisiveness and bitterness has sunk in over time, and will require people to be open and to take honest criticism on the chest without lashing out in anger, but it has to be a conversation we have if we want there to be a Bottle or Tree in any meaningful sense by the next expansion.
  3. Maybe if you had a character who could play with us Classic might be less lonely? =-p Being real, we have a great little group going on Mirage Raceway now, we found some great people in similar positions as us to raid and run with and have a nice community going. If anyone wants to jump in its a lot more alive than the guild on retail and might be fin to play around in until Shadowlands.
  4. Tiran

    Fate/Grand Order

    Threw some tickets at Musashi/Tomoe/Chiyome, got none of them. My quartz is all for Abi, and anything left over for Hokusai.
  5. Dinged 60 a couple of days ago, been having a blast doing all the classic dungeons and working on my gear. Hoping to maybe get in on some MC runs in a week or two.
  6. We have a fair few members including a few tanks at various levels in the guild on Mirage Raceway, why not join everyone else? Mirage has no queues and as a PvE server is easier to level on than a PvP one. I've also found the sense of community on Mirage is good, I've been healing a bunch of dungeons for people and now get whispers sometimes from people I have grouped with before.
  7. Tari - Undead Priest - Mirage Raceway
  8. If something gets organised we will try and make it, though we have a bunch of stuff booked in already.
  9. Tiran

    Fate/Grand Order

    The bond is so good I've not been taking story supports and taking supports with Chaldea lunchtime instead. That extra 10% is really good.
  10. Tiran

    Fate/Grand Order

    NP2 Murderdaughter seems good!
  11. Tiran

    Fate/Grand Order

    I wanted to see how far vanilla Jeanne could go, because I liked the idea of her showing Dantes she can save him. Amakusa ruined that plan, though I still think I may have been able to carry Jeanne through the Dantes fight if my character swap mystic code had cooled down.
  12. Tiran

    Fate/Grand Order

    I did the first five-and-a-half waves with Waver/Merlin/Jeanne, then Jeannes clothes turned black for the last wave-and-a-half. Gonna do some fun-runs with other teams now I've secured the three tickets.
  13. Basically yes. MPs have voted that they do not want no deal, and do want to try returning to the EU and getting them to change the backstop arrangements. The EU have previously said this is not up for negotiation but perhaps they could be persuaded.
  14. Tiran

    Fate/Grand Order

    As F2P games go, FGO is fine. You can complete the entire story with free characters and tend to get a reasonable amount of free currency to get premium units. The story is very good for a game of its type, while a slow starter the finale of part one was pretty epic and the characters are endearing. The story isn't very difficult but has its occasonal moments while the events typically have challenge quests to test your parties against. As Welsper says, the international server is 2 years behind the JP server, meaning we can get a good idea whats coming up and plan to save in-game currency accordingly. Contrary to what Welsper says the JP game isn't ending any time soon with part three announced and its still usually the highest grossing game on mobile over there. All in all you can do a lot worse than this as a mobile game, give it a go and see. If you do start let me know and Maz and I will friend you. The game has no PVP aspect but you can borrow one character from a friend to help out in difficult situations.