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  1. Really enjoyed Vol'dun, on Nazmir now. I'll catch up to you all in September...
  2. https://www.wowhead.com/bluetracker?topic=20767597164 Nvm, Blue answered
  3. I'm confused.. does this start in org or Silithus? did I park my toons in Silithus by mistake?
  4. Is there no boost in the physical? That seems odd. I'm collectors-ing so I'm not help. On that note, wtf blizzard releasing the collectors edition novellas before launch No art book, no soundtrack, no behind the scenes dvd and now this....
  5. The janina warbringers video? Isn't tied to war of the thorns
  6. Anduin uses his hearthstone in "Before the Storm" too...
  7. She hates the Horde for the actions of the few, ignore her entire arc and friendship she built with Thrall, knowing what he was trying to do, or the respect she would have gained in the Kirin'Tor for the other horde mages, all of that because of the Goblins and other idiots? Ignore the whole her childhood sweetheart turning evil and working with us to put him to rest... She's on a fucking Bbatshit vegnence quest listening to the dead mumerings of her insane abusive father.... she's going to turn on the world.... I mean, you spend most of Valshara running around with Tyrande shouting after him trying to find him.... of course she fucking cares, did you even play the same game?
  8. Jaina is DEFINITLEY just as insane and evil right now... Tyrande would probably if Malph died after she also just lost Illi. Baine is the only one that never really made sense.
  9. Does everyone forget Sylvanas in end time?
  10. Largi


    There is a card which says draw your deck. The problem is emptying your hand (it can also just be silenced, so if it was feasible you'd see silence decks returning)
  11. Damage seems passable. Rotation is down to 3 buttons with a 4th when void form pops.
  12. Loaded into my priest... Wait.. Power Word Fortitude is back? Wait.. Is that MIND SEAR? OK FOLKS PRIEST IS BACK IN THE MIX
  13. Wait, my story doesn't go that far yet, are you bitching about spoilers ahead of this weeks quests?
  14. Largi

    Legion BoTPug

    Might be a couple of mins late
  15. A lot of these fights are just simply learnign mechanics and getting the feel for what you need to do. Just remember there is no DPS race here, you get the mechanics smooth, stay alive and you'll be ok. coached a work buddy through getting his Paladin artifact last night, he was trying to do Wowhead's "Zerg Strat" and had been banging his head on it all weekend. Changed him over to a more control based spec and showed him what to interrupt and he 1 shot it xD