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  1. No Key ✗ Thu - Returning Home✓ Fri - Free till 21:00✓ Sat - Free till 20:00✗ Sun - Busy✓ Mon - Free till 20:30✓ Tue - Free till 20:30
  2. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    I enjoyed it as a sci-fi action film... I just had a LOT of issues with it
  3. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Fantastic Scifi action film Terrible Star Wars. Ok so, where the fuck to start - So the entire premise of the film is a slow pace chase with sub-plots everywhere. Not my number one choice, but its a chance of growth, so lets see where they go with this. We're not sure what time anything fits into. How long has Rey been with Luke? Is it in these 16 hours? Why are the first order wasting a day to chase down the rebels when they have plenty of fucking fuel? They could easily Light speed ahead? Luke is insanely flippy floppy. I get the whole, mimicking old Yoda, but still. They had such a fantastic opportunity to introduce the idea of grey and balance, but instead they just go on about how the Jedi order must die WITH NO FUCKING REASONING. The 3 lessons is cool, and mirror's Yoda's 3 lessons, with the 3rd never being given. But then after using his Force Illusion/Projection he just.. dies? What? Mary Fucking Poppins in space was fucking DUMB AS FUCK. Yes Leia is a Force User, yes she is more durable than a normal person due to this, but still, she's still a FUCKING MORTAL. They should have let her die and used the ghosts of that to haunt Kylo and help facilitate his Heel Turn Turn. Snoke had no explanation and is now being covered in Battlefront2? Really? Thanks... You better be back in 3 with some kind of explanation. You're more powerful than Sidious or Vader, so I guess a match for Luke? But still... The Entire Codebreaker plot was a waste of screentime and a wasted character, would have fit very well if they were going for the grey story, but as they didn't this was jarring and just seemed to be a way to reintroduce younglings. Fucking Younglings... You started all this Still no Knights of Ren except Kylo... Kylo has a lot of growth, then they throw it out the window and make him insane again. Rey is super powerful with 0 effort or realisation, we let this slide with Luke, but really? Can we just fucking train for once in our lives? Leia can now blast doors with her super powerful jedi god powers. God Fucking Speed.. THERES NO FUCKING GOD IN THE STAR WARS WORLD! YOU WERE LITERALLY TALKING ABOUT THE FORCE 30 SECONDS AGO. The film is entirely made to see merch - Porgs, Crystal Critters, Space Horses, BB9E. So many Deus Ex Machina scenes. If you could do that to fleets with lightspeed, why the fuck wouldn't the rebels do it before? Did Han do that to his ship when he left in TFA? There is no precedent for it, maybe they should have had her warp into the reactor core, but even then they're always fucking shielded.... The First Order has so much super tech... its only been 25 years and its inconsistent. If you can miniaturize Deathstar tech WHY ISNT IT ON A FUCKING SPACE SHIP.
  4. Eye10... but then I only had tonight
  5. BoTPug

    In Dallas, so no
  6. Is time walking this week?
  7. Nelth 8 ✗Wednesday - Out, back past midnight ✓ Thursday - Meeting Cancelled, I'm available✓ Friday - Available until 20:00✓ Saturday - Available until 20:00✗ Sunday - Busy✗ Monday - Busy✓ Tuesday - Available until 21:00 For Next Week ✓Wednesday - Available until 21:00 ✗ Thursday - Flying to Dallas✗ Friday - Dallas✗ Saturday - Dallas✗ Sunday - Dallas✗ Monday - Dallas✗ Tuesday - Fly Home For the Week after ✗Wednesday - Star Wars? Thursday - Probably Meeting✓ Friday - Available until 20:00✓ Saturday - Available until 20:00? Sunday - Unknown? Monday - Unknown✓ Tuesday - Available until 21:00
  8. Out tonight, not available Thursday. If one happens on Saturday in the day again, count me in.
  9. They're all fairly good reasons! The key one I didn't know there was Sarah owns a PS4 already. Been doing various studies into console ownership and found that PC gamers who diversify into a console tended towards the PS4. Those who didn't and went for the Xbox tended to be less happy with their purchase and found they didn't use it as much. I thought mostly due to the fact there are few to no Xbox exclusives now due to play anywhere.
  10. Secret Santa 2017 - Drawn!

    Lets see I like Things Things I do - Board Game Roleplay games (DnD 5th atm) Video Game (Blizzard Games, LoL, SNES Mini) Things I like - Star Wars Almost all SciFi Music Chocolate Food I don't really do mini's stuff anymore.
  11. Any reason you went for a XBOX over a PS4 Pro?
  12. The beacons are lit... Gondor Calls for Aid!
  13. Any secondary groups going then?
  14. Welsper's cinema isn't till 6pm? No chance of an earlier in the day slot?