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  1. Largi


    Potentially. Going to try the beta before I decide
  2. Largi

    Distant Worlds

    To reiterate this... I didn't know you wern't using it and have tried to talk to you a few times on it not realising. Come join in with us please , we're all the same friends we've always been and this feels like such a stupid thing for us to fight over Especially with Distant Worlds... You, Lei and I have been to them all.
  3. Largi

    Distant Worlds

    Will you still be around on Saturday to hang out a bit and join us (hopefully all) for our pre show nandos?
  4. Largi

    Distant Worlds

    He hasn't yet
  5. Largi

    Distant Worlds

    The intention wasn't to hurt. You were literally the first person I tagged in the discord, I didn't know you no longer didn't use it at all.. It looks like we're in a few groups You/Todd Me/Lou Gaz/Lei/Lei'sFFXIVexWoWplayerFriend Loz/Loz'sBrother We're spread around the Stalls/Loggia area so hanging out before hand seems the best. We're all doing Saturday though which is good! Just depends how people travelling to London decide to travel.
  6. Largi

    Distant Worlds

    Sorry I haven't been using the forums due to not really playing WoW atm. Lou and I are going on the Saturday along with some other friends. Pre-Show nandos as we have the last 4 shows?
  7. Largi

    Secret Santa 2018 - Cancelled

    Apologies, I just moved so have very little money, Christmas itself it going to be a tight one, which is why I backed out this year.
  8. Letters of no confidence are going in! Its going to be GE time!
  9. Largi


    I love the fact Diablo Mobile was conveniently cut off this xD
  10. Largi

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    Western EU had some technical issues once we were using it so I swapped it to Central EU. There is a small voice delay between IRL and Discord. Similar to every other voice program i've used. As for Audio Quality, what are the bitrates of the channels set to? Are they on the default 64 or up at 96? You can get it higher but its a paid for feature. I personally haven't had any issues. Voice Cutting is a setup issue if you're using Voice Activated...
  11. Largi

    The Android Thread

    Performance problems mostly. Laggy and general buggy issues with the OS. The keyboard case also moves around ALOT.
  12. Largi

    The Division

    I'll definitely be picking up D2 if you're interested in grouping at any point (I don't intend to no life it in the same way I did D1)
  13. Largi

    The Division

    Getting ready for d2?
  14. Largi

    The Android Thread

    From friends at the event they've suggested it's a miss currently, a few hardware issues that'll be fixed in a v2 but wait for proper reviews incase it's just a difference between the show versions and release.
  15. Largi


    I retired my first character today, I was the last in the party to do so. I'm actually sad