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  1. Largi


    I should have brought Leo. Hit me up when you do fun stuff like Uldu I can bring my lock for pocket summons!
  2. Largi


    Disney World, count me out the next 3 weeks
  3. Largi

    Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    Don't artifacts go away? I might have to play to decide what class to play.
  4. Largi

    The Android Thread

    I dunno.. I'd replace my Pixel C... AFAIK iPads 2017 or iPad mini 4 are the only real upto date. Galaxy Tabs3 is meh Surface Pro is expensive ZenPad has mediocre battery life
  5. Largi

    Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/news/21669947?blzcmp=app No Art Book No Physical Soundtrack No Behind the Scenes DVD No DVD of the game, its just a key
  6. Largi

    Beginner board games

    You can never have too many boardgames. Powergrid isn't monopoly, its a simple enough game that you can explain to those who play the Christmas family monopoly game and is actually fun. Did it in the past and have suggested it to others who have tried it and agreed.
  7. Largi

    Beginner board games

    If you move into group games, I found power grid go be a very simple step from monopoly
  8. Largi

    Old PC games in boxes

    I've kept a few that have meaning to me (Stuff like Discworld 2, Dungeon Keeper) but its just as a personal thing
  9. Largi

    Battle for Azeroth - DINOSAURS!

    That is interesting actually
  10. Largi


    I thought seeing the N Lights was a low chance right now? Good luck and enjoy
  11. Gaz - VoW 14 Nik - Cath 12 Sarah - Arcway 14 Todd - Cath 14 Welsper - CoS 14 / Seat15 Lei - Arcway 14 RIP keys this week
  12. 18:00-18:30 is my preference obviously. Though as I said, I don't think i'm pulling the DPS requirements for this and cannot commit to raids, so i'm happy to be sidelined whenever.
  13. Largi


    Does Ulduar have the chance of dropping old Tier?
  14. Cath 12 Though this week is a bust for me really. Mom's 50th means my only real option is Monday or Tuesday pre 8