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  1. Oh... Ok. So I resubbed to WoW recently and was a little confused as to... well where everyone was. I guess this explains it. I'm a little surprised this issue is still going. Also I'm confused as to how Mark replaced Me and Lei as the "bad guys" here. We had Discord servers for other games with people and wanted to emulate that with you guys so we could keep in better contact when we wern't in the game. I'm sorry it didn't turn out how we wanted it and saddened it became this. But for the record, Yes, this drama was what pushed me out of the guild, mostly as Lou ended up attacked in all of this as a brand new member to the group and was never allowed to feel any sort of acceptance. But whatever, i'm back on now, leveling some characters for Shadowlands and Myself, Lou and Samih are going to be playing on Talnivarr during Shadowlands. I hope some of you will be there for some dungeons, activities and maybe some flex raiding. I'll be more active in the Discord and around here.
  2. The Guild "Fractured" a considerable time ago, but was still held together by tenuous strings. The first "Incident" that really started severing those strings was the handling of the major event. That pushed away a number of us who were on the fringes, myself included. Just due to the manner it was handled. The "Discord Incident" was a secondary issue but further broke things and pushed more people apart. The majority of online "Social" has moved towards twitter and discord and in our attempts to move over the "incident" seemingly halted it. Our discord is one of the lowest activity discords I am on.. and a few of my discords are less than 10 members. The thirdly - life is just happening. I can't remember the last time I spoke to Mark, but I'm currently deep in bloodbowl and i'm sure i'd get some mocking comments about my teams performances, but he's busy with his life. Todd and Sarah are planning a wedding amongst the chaos the world is in. Loz I assumed was off somewhere doing something! We aren't students anymore, WoW isn't high in our priorities, and we all mostly have a variance of other games we play. BoT doesn't need to be BoT for us to play together, so long as we stay in some form of communication
  3. Busiest time due to Mickey's not so scary and horror nights at universal in October, leading into the Christmas stuff all starting a week into November.
  4. Largi

    Distant Worlds

    North Greenwich
  5. Largi

    Distant Worlds

    The only thing we'd really planned for was the pre show nandos. The question is, the one closer to the venue, or Stratford? Also for those who may not have seen in discord.
  6. Largi

    Distant Worlds

    Not too far, away from this now. Have people started to make travel plans so we can figure out a day plan yet?
  7. Planning to pick it up. Might not have it tomorrow, will keep you updated.
  8. I'll be picking this up in just over a week. I tried it this weekend and it's got a lot of improvements over 1 so I'm willing to give it another shot.... Plus.. Anthem is not as fun as we hoped.
  9. At the end of the day it's a gear based rpg. Enemies with lots of health are to be expected unless you go Diablo style....
  10. Largi

    Fate/Grand Order

    I've watched stay night, stay night unlimited blade works and zero. Thanks wouldn't look to spend, just f2p
  11. Largi

    Fate/Grand Order

    I was chatting to someone playing this in the kh3 midnight queue. It didn't look terrible... What sort of time investiture am I talking both per session and overall
  12. Largi


    Potentially. Going to try the beta before I decide
  13. Largi

    Distant Worlds

    To reiterate this... I didn't know you wern't using it and have tried to talk to you a few times on it not realising. Come join in with us please , we're all the same friends we've always been and this feels like such a stupid thing for us to fight over Especially with Distant Worlds... You, Lei and I have been to them all.
  14. Largi

    Distant Worlds

    Will you still be around on Saturday to hang out a bit and join us (hopefully all) for our pre show nandos?