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  1. Sold! No worries. I'll sort out the OS when it arrives. Sure thing with the bank transfer, if you want to send over your bank details over the next few days/weeks I will send over the funds as soon as. Thanks Todd!
  2. Hey Todd, It sounds pretty darn awesome. Quick question #1 : what is the OS at the mo? Quick question #2 : how would you prefer the payment? Cash? Bank transfer? Various pieces of coloured string? Thanks a bunch!
  3. What will be your main, and what spec? If I can get around to levelling Moontree to 80 then probably him as feral boomkin or tree. Failing that Orangejuice as ret deeps or failtank! EDIT: Moontree is 80. He will be my main in Cata. Unless, god forbid, I roll a shaman. Do you intend to raid? Can't say yet - I'll need to see how cata is. If yes, do you want to raid 10/25? 10 man, especially if I go tree - I hated healing 25s back in TBC on Praiseme. If Bottle or Tree existed would you want your main there? If I was raiding, then of course. If yes, how would you like the guild run/organised? I don't honestly mind or care. I'll still be floating around and will go with the flow. What role do you think PB should play? I believe that PB should stay as a seperate entity from BoT. During raid times in BoT, guild chat is all but banned. During these times I fear that the "social" aspect would be compromised if BoT and PB were to be merged. Do you intend to power level/how long do you expect it to take to get to 85? I'll get to 85 eventually... Anything else? Random word or statement.
  4. Goblin Shaman. Hopefully this'll be my first Shaman past level21.
  5. Alas, poor tiger, you shall never be held in my spindly blood elf arms
  6. I thought that it was 25 years and then wiped off if I'm failing at life.
  7. So I've got into warwick - hoorah! Time to spend all of the taxpayers money on booze and women and there's nothing that you can do about it! Bwahahahahahahaha etc. So thanks guys for paying for me to sit around for 4 years not contributing to society. Now to summarise my feelings in song:
  8. Still only have the LK achievement for ICC10, apparently. Lootship heroic doesn't help for the first wing achievement ;_;
  9. I was a blue healing troll thing! Only got orangejuice to 70 at the end of TBC. Perhaps Zebedee/Praiseme might be a bit more helpful? Or just Phil? Life's rather good cheers. Finished A-levels and now bumming around for a few months before I can go bum around as a student for another 4 years and waste all of your taxes pahahahahahaha.
  10. Just been trying to phone them all night, their number isn't accepting calls so I'm slightly concerned... Double checked the number on Yell.com to be sure and well yeah, strange... They remember what happened last time you booked a table.
  11. Well, bugger. I lack geeky / BoT / PB T-shirts. First because feh. 2nd and 3rd because I'm a complete retard and forgot to order either. I do have a fez, however.
  12. Currently cleaning out my old C3/C4 folder. Removing all worksheets to throw back at the school in september and saving any pages with notes on. I had forgotten quite how simple core 3 was... successive transformations, functions, exponential growth/decay, chain rule, product rule, quotient rule (for differentiation), e^f(x), ln|f(x)|, trig identities, modulus, solving equations numerically, volumes of revolution and simpson's rule. Laaavely!
  13. I don't know about you, but I'd be hopping mad if someone made me stub my toe.
  14. Dan - think mobs stubbing their collective toes on the broken earth as they enter the area. Could a hyperactive tank keep pulling the mobs in and out of the area to just keep building up threat rather quickly..?