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  1. Ive been out of WOW for a long while now so I wont commit to anything (let alone overnight levelling madness) but when they come up with a release date I like the idea of booking some time off for it and hanging with you guys on discord and stuff, as you said it will hopefully be a bit of a reset and I can enjoy the initial rush of the game again and discovering all the fun things they put in etc. Have fun with it though, it sounds like a good laugh, hope to see everyone for the start of Shadowlands.
  2. Yep real good to catch up with everyone and a fun quiz as well (despite me doing terribly). Hope to see you guys again soon.
  3. Yep sounds good. My mates have done Jackbox games over Zoom as well and that works ok if that's something to consider also.
  4. Ahh fair enough, was worried I might have missed something. Hopefully find some time to pop online soon.
  5. Hello Peeps, I haven't been online for a bit because ....reasons, so has anything cropped up in terms of a meetup or anything? Has anything been discussed on discord/in-game at all?
  6. Scosha - Undead Warlock - Horde - Mirage Raceway
  7. I still have a week or so leave to book so I am up for something this year and beginning of next. I am not sure if I will do a bottage but I am up for a more general meetup.
  8. Are the enemies bullet sponges or more like a normal action shooter? How is the enemy variety and location variety?
  9. I have been playing Warframe for a few months now (thanks for the help Loz, much appreciated) although I have burned out a bit lately and overall its been a real nice change of pace to any other MMO I have played. Its exactly what i have hunting for when I tried Age of Conan, Atlantica, Destiny and others. I watched the excellent documentary from NoClip on the game and the company and it made me want to try the game. I can't speak for how it used to be but early on it presents a good basic feel for shooting and running/parkouring etc but is overall very bewildering. I feel that its great weakness early on is the slog until you start getting to the good story content (The War Within questline) and the game opens up and presents you with decent options for your basic play in terms of guns and warframes. I feel the community on Warframe is worth mentioning, its great that there are frequent dev sessions and the like, but the average person has been pretty chill as well. Despite doing some bone headed things there is very little propensity for people to drop f bombs or be nasty, I don't know how they do it but considering that like 90% of the game is basically LFG there is like 0% of the toxicity compared to WoW, I really wish WOW could import that over somehow. Its definitely a bewildering number of short and medium term objectives later on, just a billion instances of "I could do this and then this will finish building and then this but first I need this" etc. Its incredibly grindy and rng but the feedback loops are much tighter and shorter than something like WOW that it doesn't feel as much of a slog. I jumped back on WoW recently and the rep and exp bars fill me with dread at the moment, its going to take some real mental re-adjustment to like level up my alts and enjoy spending hours/days doing so. A side comparison that is worth considering is Destiny and Destiny 2, these games are drawing in terms of worldbuilding and themes from the same well, so there are surface similarities. I would say that Destiny does a much better job of enemy design and if FPS is your thing then gameplay is overall better, especially if your a fan of Halo esque fps, it nails it quite well. Warframe however has wayyyyy more content (the amount of content an average Destiny paid expansion has is laughable), a much faster pace of content delivery and more interesting plot and universe. To defend the Sacrifice storyline, I really liked it. It filled in a couple of non-critical but interesting gaps in the lore around the Warframes, opens up a vein of plot exploration around the Warframes and is very obviously pushing the very inevitable path for Spacemom, while building up the threat of the 4th faction. I am looking forward to Venus, icy Morrowind seems right up my alley, I worry though about the ship stuff, I can't imagine it working out as well as it demos. If you want a palette cleanser from WOW and are willing to accept being bewildered for a while then its definitely worth a look, especially for free, just hone in on the fun and explore the game at your pace..
  10. I have a hard time thinking about Brexit and what the likely outcome is. I can't see an obvious direction and I think that is because as many people suspect that the government has no actual idea what it wants and is too paralyzed by intra-cabinet turmoil and showboating that they can't get together and actually agree on anything. I feel like the whole government is on pause until Brexit happens, and Brexit is only slowly lurching ahead because everyone who has a dream of being PM is trying to prove how Brexity they are and are doing their own thing. The thing I can see happening is that a deal eventually comes about which is pretty close regulatory to what we have already (but maybe other bigger breaks like on freedom of movement or the customs union), this will enrage the hardcore Brexiteers and then all the people who have been singing about how awesome Brexit will be will politically ruin May (who will have a billion wounds by that point if not already already) and then cause a leadership election and it will be a flood of the ideological Brexit bunch as candidates. After a change in leadership they will just sell out hard (and 180 on any promises made in the run up to Brexit, I don't trust anything David Davis says because he doesn't believe in what he is saying and will have no position in the government to have to keep his word after Brexit) even if it means we lose the ability to trade with the EU on fair terms. Give it a month and I bet you there will be proposals to scrap the worker elements (if not all) of the Human Rights act and get rid of lots of worker "perks" like the number of holidays and maximum weekly hours etc. They will do a real bad quick and dirty trade deal with the US and sell out all of our profitable bits (expand the internal market of the NHS wide open is my initial bet). Environmental laws and product safety laws will go out the window as well pretty quickly and any form of data protection of consumer data and regulations on the internet will go out of the window. Now I believe all these things would eventually happen if we stay in the EU, I just think it would take much much longer (10's of years rather than single digit years) the constant being that corporate money and lobbying is ceaseless and it will wear down our safeguards against it eventually and they will buy our politicians if they haven't already, the EU helped gum that up a bit before Brexit. The other thing I can see happening is that if there isn't another referendum offered in the run up to Brexit, I can see both houses of Parliament just going nuts on the actual bill as it passes through, I can see it getting real complicated and jammed up, especially as the government will probably try and ram it through quickly and try and pass really broad implementation powers under the radar like they tried to do earlier already (Thank Jebus for Keir Starmer and spotting that horror before it got enacted). In short there will be a massive mess but it will be self inflicted. Overall I try not to think about it, just trying to insulate myself from its effects as best I can and hope the reduction in my quality of life afterwards is minimal, which surprisingly has been the case so far for the last 10 or so years. Its glib but that's my observations of it all.
  11. I just watched this today, which is why I am writing about it now. I have very mixed feelings about this film, the first half of the film I felt was very "silly" and really put me off. I know its a film that has space wizards in it, but stuff just felt more dumb than usual, the one x-wing vs dreadnought bit, how everyone seemed to have bad English accents, and dumb stupid animals all over the place (porgs were cute enough, but the racing animals they were just weird), the Mary poppins bit. I just had a feeling for good chunks of the film that it is just didn't gel with me, I find it hard to explain but its when it reminds me that this series is one for kids that it annoys me. It feels like a film that had two directors on it (one for the A plots and one for the B plots), rather than one director with the ability to shift tone and vision when needed. As asides, I don't have the love for Rose everyone else seems to, I find her a bit annoying to be honest, she doesn't feel like a character that is ever going to have any depth to her, although that is a problem all over the shop, Poe is still pretty one dimensional and Finn. Then there is what I will call "Moral lessons that don't go anywhere". So Poe learns to not be a hero and trust leadership blindly or something?? I assume its supposed to be a tale about how a hero can't solve everything, but when you literally have space wizards/droids who single handly solve massive problems (Luke, delaying the first order, Rey moving rocks, BB-8 hacking pretty much everything) that lesson is muddled at best. Also the lesson that Masters fail and you can learn from your failures, that seems good, I wish they developed this a bit more, could have had a real good reflection on how Obi-Wan failed Anakin and how Luke failed Kylo but it didn't really go anywhere, could have fed into a nice distinction between Jedi and Sith (learning from mistakes versus punishing mistakes). Also we learned that there are rich people and they profit from war and this is bad?? So like the third film going to have space communism or something? Very hamfisted class war allusions. I am steadily becoming certain though that there is no overarching plot and each director/writer gets a large amount of leeway to decide the content and themes of each film. The only things that seem mandatory is there must be an X amount of fan service and references to the previous films. I fully expect the final film to have a death star equivalent in it, I would probably bet money on it now. It also means that I don't trust the director for the next film not to retcon stuff or just ignore things learned in the prior two films. So Rey's parents could easily become a thing, Snoke and his death could be undone if they wanted and anything about the Jedi order and its religion dying out could be retconned if it means they get to loot a temple for a mugiffin or something. Anyway the good. I liked the Rey/Luke scenes, I found them interesting and especially Rey's draw to the dark side. The mental chats between Rey and Kylo were well done as well, good way to develop that relationship. I like the humour, most of it hits for me and I appreciate it being dotted about. Helps with the movie overall. Although Hux needs to tone down the panto villainy slightly. The action is great, especially from the second half of the film onwards, they obviously dumped a ton on the budget there and it shows. The Jedi fights are slightly going in the direction of the Phantom Menace ballerina fights but manages to not over do it. Loved the look of the dreadnought and Snoke's ships, teenage me was happy, always loved stuff like that. Snoke was really good, I liked his look, speech and mannerisms (he seems like they were channeling someone with his performance but I can't place it). I really wish they didn't kill him off, I want more of him. He does seem like a Lord of the Rings character though. No explanation though how he "corrupted" Kylo and deceived everyone into thinking he is not blatantly an evil git, its like they forgot that somehow he convinced Leia of this, a person who is far from dumb. That scene when the cruiser warps through Snoke's ship and that imagery. I loved it, felt more like a Mass Effect scene and not really Star Wars but I will take it. Final verdict. It's alright but I think I enjoyed Rogue one and Force Awakens more, they were simpler films and had simpler characters but it made the teenage me come out and smile with glee, this film not so much. I left this film with only meta questions and no actual in continuity ones, like I know Leia was probably going to be important but I doubt that to be the case now given Carrie Fisher passing away. The final film is just going to be the downfall of Kylo probably and...... that's it. There are no real questions to answer, just how they are going to shoe horn a Death Star in it again and how they are going to riff on Return of the Jedi. I am sure I am sounding real negative, which I don't mean to. I am not disappointed I just am very ambivalent which is a rare feeling for a Star Wars film and me.
  12. Im gonna be a slight git and pass on this. I am meeting a friend up for coffee on Saturday (noon) in town but after that I will meet up with you guys again, I don't imagine I will be more than a few hours and way before the dinner in the evening.
  13. I haven't included breakfast with my booking but I am fine with whatever.
  14. I am getting a lift from Sam. However it will be after work so I don't imagine we will be there before 7ish unless I manage to leave early somehow.
  15. I have been playing Orcs must Die Unchained (on the pc) for a bit, not been going too hard on progression but not come up against anything that needed co-op, I started trailing off at around war mage level maps though (started finding them stressful and less fun than earlier levels) but i am still able to progress with daily quests/choas trials and playing new characters and the like. On the PC at least the only thing that can only be gotten purely through cash are alternate costumes, everything else is can be gotten using in game currency. Solo at least its a fun little game, I can do a couple of games and slowly make my way towards new characters and stuff. Its good for free.
  16. Forgot to say, I have booked a room at the Peartree Travel Lodge. I am booked Friday to Sunday.
  17. Gonna book this today hopefully. Just want to double check/make certain that the Travel Lodge we are all talking about is the Oxford Peartree bridge one?
  18. I am not able to take the Friday off from work, but I am still considering coming in the evening, is anyone gonna be there Friday evening?
  19. I will book my own room as I am a horrible snore machine as well. I will try and book my holidays this week for it after that I will book my room at the Travelodge. I can wait if people want to get Thier mass bookings in.
  20. Has anyone booked a hotel yet for themselves yet? I am probably gonna book soon and was wondering if there is anywhere I should avoid? Or conversely any recommendations? Just wondering.
  21. Voted, happy to go with anything. London is the cheapest for me as it means I can generally travel in/out per day but it's not a preference just cheaper.
  22. I should be ok for most dates, although it's a touch harder to take Fridays off now, so it's more likely I would arrive Saturday. Only major proviso is if an election/referendum is declared but that's not very likely.
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    Gaming Setups

    Ok thanks, something for me to start looking at, maybe something to work towards as from amazon they ain't cheap.. Yeah will see a doctor soon and see what they say.