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  1. Checked in to Travel Lodge, anyone about?
  2. Im gonna be a slight git and pass on this. I am meeting a friend up for coffee on Saturday (noon) in town but after that I will meet up with you guys again, I don't imagine I will be more than a few hours and way before the dinner in the evening.
  3. I haven't included breakfast with my booking but I am fine with whatever.
  4. I am getting a lift from Sam. However it will be after work so I don't imagine we will be there before 7ish unless I manage to leave early somehow.
  5. I am up for a meal on Saturday, count me in for that.
  6. Steam & General Multiplayer Funzies

    I have been playing Orcs must Die Unchained (on the pc) for a bit, not been going too hard on progression but not come up against anything that needed co-op, I started trailing off at around war mage level maps though (started finding them stressful and less fun than earlier levels) but i am still able to progress with daily quests/choas trials and playing new characters and the like. On the PC at least the only thing that can only be gotten purely through cash are alternate costumes, everything else is can be gotten using in game currency. Solo at least its a fun little game, I can do a couple of games and slowly make my way towards new characters and stuff. Its good for free.
  7. Forgot to say, I have booked a room at the Peartree Travel Lodge. I am booked Friday to Sunday.
  8. Gonna book this today hopefully. Just want to double check/make certain that the Travel Lodge we are all talking about is the Oxford Peartree bridge one?
  9. I am not able to take the Friday off from work, but I am still considering coming in the evening, is anyone gonna be there Friday evening?
  10. I will book my own room as I am a horrible snore machine as well. I will try and book my holidays this week for it after that I will book my room at the Travelodge. I can wait if people want to get Thier mass bookings in.
  11. Has anyone booked a hotel yet for themselves yet? I am probably gonna book soon and was wondering if there is anywhere I should avoid? Or conversely any recommendations? Just wondering.
  12. BoTMeet 2017 - Location voting thread

    Voted, happy to go with anything. London is the cheapest for me as it means I can generally travel in/out per day but it's not a preference just cheaper.
  13. BoTMeet 2017 - Date Voting Thread

    I should be ok for most dates, although it's a touch harder to take Fridays off now, so it's more likely I would arrive Saturday. Only major proviso is if an election/referendum is declared but that's not very likely.
  14. Gaming Setups

    Ok thanks, something for me to start looking at, maybe something to work towards as from amazon they ain't cheap.. Yeah will see a doctor soon and see what they say.
  15. Gaming Setups

    If people don't mind me chucking a question in on this topic since it is related. Does anyone have recommendations for a "gamer" chair or just really a chair that is designed to be comfortable to sit in for a long period of time. Especially one with lower leg support. For one health reason or another, I get leg aches in my calves but also just general discomfort while sitting down at my desk at home lately (after an extended period of time). Would like some thoughts on it if anyone has any.