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  1. Update - with 3 confirmed absences is highly unlikely there's a raid tonight, given we usually struggle to even hit ten
  2. Anyone else absent? Given our lower numbers at the moment, two+ absences is enough to stop us probably
  3. Removing the value of skips? - good Letting me use a non-strider/ Golem mount? - good HoA changes - at least it's something
  4. It's taken a long time because we basically have just enough people in the guild to raid, it's been a bit of a struggle to put together raids lately. Also it can be hard to motivate people to log in for the 3rd run at a raid that rewards nothing for anyone who even brushes against m+, especially since we spent a fair bit of time doing more of the earlier stuff Our current pattern of normal only raiding means we will likely only ever fully clear a raid twice per given tier. But as Mark said crucible is only two bosses so there's time yet for more runs
  5. That's a shame to hear khatum, always fun having you around As it stands I likely won't be around this Thursday, so I look forward to the crucible with you guys next week instead!
  6. A few folk seem to be unavailable, anyone else out of action tonight?
  7. That's the whole purpose of my shaman now I think achievements and stuff are a good way of keeping it engaging as there's very mixed feelings for heroic
  8. Raid as normal this Thursday
  9. Dave

    BfA Mythics

    I think we were lucky with tol dagor as well, no real problem fortified mobs, the shrine trash pulls were pretty hard to chew through
  10. I still prefer trying to do something as a big group with everyone if possible. Other examples include TW raids when they're up
  11. Well we can think about heroics or mythic+ dungeons then Or there's a lot of alts, could do some normals for them
  12. I'd be inclined to do one more normal clear and then if there's enough people who want to take a stab at heroic we can try it. Otherwise I'm happy to just chill until crucible happens
  13. Dave

    BfA Mythics

    I don't mind reaping, as we get used to it it's becoming much smoother
  14. Dave

    BfA Mythics

    Ten +11s done, good show all!
  15. Just Jaina to go now, let's have a full house next week for the kill
  16. It's a TW week this week, so no excuses!
  17. Probably going to poke at a zandruid at some point but only very casually, the zanda heritage armour doesn't really catch my eye at all and I'm very happy with my tauren Paladin Might race change my shaman though for bling totems
  18. Dave

    BfA Mythics

    Again, stop being hard on yourself, that affix set is very challenging and fortified teeming pulls do a LOT of damage. I wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders last night either as I was pretty tired. Remind me to check routes before we go next time to avoid any awkward waves of reaping bastards and the changes in the patch should help with less casters Just glad we had a bunch of tens ready, shame no 11 got done though, will make next week more challenging
  19. I'm really looking forward to the spectacular gymnastics required to avoid a humiliating defeat in the commons this week. What do we think? Will she pull it? Will she make them vote on some 'notional' agreement yet to be pulled from the unicorns arse? Will JC continue to be a useless turd?
  20. Oh fun! We'll keep your seat warm for when you get back
  21. This is why labour is dead in Scotland.
  22. Good shot in there folks, just two left now!
  23. Dave

    BfA Mythics

    I'm out with my parents on Monday so will be a fair bit later than usual. Feel free to start without me
  24. Alright, let's get these last three folk down See y'all at 8