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  1. Next Thursday we will do the antorus meta achievement https://www.wowhead.com/glory-of-the-argus-raider-achievement-guide See you all then
  2. Cool, I think my only request for meta runs would be that people look up the guides in advance to save on time with explanations. I'd probably start with legion and work backwards?
  3. How would people feel about going back and doing old meta achievements with our Thursdays occasionally?
  4. Leveling warriors solo is pain and people assume druids are useless *shrug*
  5. Raid is cancelled this week
  6. Quick check - given classic is here, who'd rather be playing that than a raid? If we don't have enough we can do m+ or whatever
  7. So is official conservative policy now that Parliament is optional?
  8. Mohrigan - tauren druid - mirage raceway
  9. Superb clear last night all 8 in two hours with only one boss wipe (do we count trash wipes?) Given the ease with which we did normal I'd be inclined to give heroic a poke next week to help people with crafting and essences. There'll be no push to complete curve and we'll keep it chill - if we hit a wall we'll revert to normal for a bit. Just think it would be better to keep slightly engaged than just face rolling normal mindlessly and make use of our new blood to raid while we can
  10. Good job everyone, azshara was a bit bumpy but it only took us an hour, not bad from zero xp with her
  11. If people get the chance - would be really helpful to read the tactics for bosses 7 and 8 please - they're far too complex to explain over voice with any speed
  12. Dave

    BfA Mythics

    Give us a shout if you want to do m+ Loz, happy to come along even if for lower keys
  13. Dave

    BfA Mythics

    Bring a Ret Paladin for the nonsense holy power heal?
  14. How are we looking this Thursday?
  15. Dave

    Hello Guild

    That sounds like a pretty similar background to ours. We stopped doing heroic raiding this expansion though for various reasons. I'm sure there'd be a few people who'd be interested in joining you for heroic raids but I'm not sure there's an appetite for a full merger - some of us have been in this guild since TBC XD