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  1. Tbf an NPC in the plague lands gives you his once to get you back to lights hope, so it has precidence
  2. Oh man, the hate on Reddit for the next bit of the prepatch is something else
  3. Dave

    Legion BoTPug

    Had to head out, won't be too long I hope
  4. Dave

    Legion BoTPug

    So I logged in thinking it was tonight, not a total waste as I got my DH appearances
  5. Dave

    World Cup Chat

    As a disclaimer, if England make it to the final, I'll be backing France because I have them in our sweepstakes
  6. I think BFA allied races need 120 for heritage armour
  7. Alas, I've taken the week prior to launch off, so no holiday nerding for me.
  8. Suppose i should do frost mage at least, which I believe is identical to the balance one
  9. You forgot to mention that voting for other people would give you a coalition of chaos 😛
  10. Belf because fabulous Or nightborne to look like an arcane mage 😛
  11. Dave

    Legion BoTPug

    Oh, oh dear, that is a bit of a downer then
  12. Dave

    Legion BoTPug

    Update, unavailable as it stands, currently on my way in to make emergency chemo. May be back soon but may also not be
  13. Dave

    Legion BoTPug

    Potentially. I'm on-call so I may become unavailable very quickly
  14. Dave

    Legion BoTPug

    That's quite the add, congratulations
  15. Dave

    Legion BoTPug

    Yeah If anyone wants to do heroic, they can do it themselves with pugs or friends etc