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  1. Dave

    BfA Mythics

    For future reference - mythic Monday is back on until stated otherwise
  2. Half the raid done in one night? Excellent! I expect a full clear next week then onto heroics If it's available on a raid night, would anyone be interested in the heroic warfront? I think it's ten minimum
  3. I'm encouraged that we still have the numbers to raid in theory, hopefully next week we'll be in a good state to get started. Especially once people have essences, more heart levels and can use benthic gear to easily plug gear gaps For those wanting to know how to get to the raid, there's a story quest linked to 3000xp with a naz follower
  4. Raid lands this week, see you all there
  5. Kane always likes an excuse to go to London, so if something is planned I may try and line up coming down. No promises however as I'm starting a new job and I'm not sure what my schedule is like
  6. I will be back for the patch as well, looking forward to some new nonsense
  7. Update - with 3 confirmed absences is highly unlikely there's a raid tonight, given we usually struggle to even hit ten
  8. Anyone else absent? Given our lower numbers at the moment, two+ absences is enough to stop us probably
  9. Removing the value of skips? - good Letting me use a non-strider/ Golem mount? - good HoA changes - at least it's something
  10. It's taken a long time because we basically have just enough people in the guild to raid, it's been a bit of a struggle to put together raids lately. Also it can be hard to motivate people to log in for the 3rd run at a raid that rewards nothing for anyone who even brushes against m+, especially since we spent a fair bit of time doing more of the earlier stuff Our current pattern of normal only raiding means we will likely only ever fully clear a raid twice per given tier. But as Mark said crucible is only two bosses so there's time yet for more runs
  11. That's a shame to hear khatum, always fun having you around As it stands I likely won't be around this Thursday, so I look forward to the crucible with you guys next week instead!
  12. A few folk seem to be unavailable, anyone else out of action tonight?
  13. That's the whole purpose of my shaman now I think achievements and stuff are a good way of keeping it engaging as there's very mixed feelings for heroic
  14. Raid as normal this Thursday
  15. Dave

    BfA Mythics

    I think we were lucky with tol dagor as well, no real problem fortified mobs, the shrine trash pulls were pretty hard to chew through