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  1. Chill mythics for slacker teens

    Just checking in, who's going to be around at half eight
  2. Chill mythics for slacker teens

    Shall we try this Sunday evening? I'd say Monday but the other group is running then so guaranteed we wouldn't have enough people
  3. BoTPug

    I'm free Sunday, Monday or Tuesday evening for ulduar btw
  4. BoTPug

    I mean I'll go where the majority opinion leads but my preference would be to keep on at antorus and maybe get started on heroic
  5. BoTPug

    I'd rather get tier?
  6. Since it's time for "love is in the air", get this in your ear holes: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-933435799/love-rocket Done by a friend of a friend but rather good
  7. Chill mythics for slacker teens

    socialising is happening now, so nothing tonight. I'll probably be on sunday pm but no guarantees
  8. Chill mythics for slacker teens

    Ah don't worry about tonight then. Let's try Saturday at 8?
  9. BoTPug

    So what you're saying Todd, is that Tim and I should tank?
  10. Chill mythics for slacker teens

    I'll log in tonight for a bit and see who's about
  11. Chill mythics for slacker teens

    Since Tuesday was a write off, shall we try around the raid on Thursday, Friday or the weekend?
  12. BoTPug

    Just realised the civ 6 expansion lands on Thursday. Fuck y'all Kidding, I'll probably be on. Probably
  13. Raid Logs

    Unsure how to get my healing above the tanks? But I get the feeling it may be you guys just handle yourself mostly and there's not actually enough damage going around for my HoTs to actually run? Feedback welcome
  14. BoTPug

    As lei said, I'll put on my resto hat tonight