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  1. BoTPug

    Happy either way tbh. If we don't run Ulduar tonight then it might be nice to get a few people and semi-PUG it this weekend?
  2. Legion General Chat - World of Wardrobes

    I have 11 of 12 classes rolled currently. Guess which one I don't have.
  3. BoTPug

    I'm up for that.
  4. Think I got the exact same awful trousers again. VoW 14 though. Similar availability schedule.
  5. I'm not that enthusiastic about an early start either We might get a couple of runs in though, see what happens?
  6. BoTPug

    That works. FYI, next week is the launch of Ulduar timewalking. 930 Loot w/ 945 Forges.
  7. BoTPug

    Kill Argus and cycle round to a fresh instance?
  8. UKara 14 and some awful trousers. Bit of a shit box this week. Also think I'm only available Sat/Sun morning/early afternoon and Mon/Tues evening.
  9. I'm about all evening tomorrow.
  10. Confirmed, Necrotic has been replaced with Volcanic this week. DHT+14 key. Available Thurs after raid or Tuesday evening. Have a very busy weekend.
  11. ??? https://twitter.com/Wowhead/status/958361620979347456?s=09
  12. Yeah we actually finally did a +15 in the timer. Fucking solidly too, had 3 minutes spare. We've been saying for ages that a CoS key on a half decent week would be what we needed.