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  1. Fourthed? I've typed about 3 responses and deleted them because I don't know what I can say that's productive... Though I guess I want to say how things feel from my end - it feels like we've reached a point with the guild where there are too few active players. Too few to get any sort of content done apart from a couple of specific days a week, or to do any raiding at all, so most days I just log in to farm mounts and then do something else outside WoW. There also isn't a lot of conversation going on in guild because there are so few people and/or when people do log in it's to run pre-organised things. There just isn't half a dozen people chatting shit while levelling, AHing, waiting for BG queues etc anymore. I'm feeling quite lonely in BoT these days and a bit frustrated that there's half a game out there that I'm not getting to experience, but also quite sad that the guild has just petered out like this. But, as much as I want to stay in this community we've built over the years, it's just not giving me what I need anymore. So, I'm going to join the long list of people jumping ship and am going to take Bryn to another guild. I have no animosity toward anyone - quite the opposite, I still care for you all - so will probably keep my alts here and will still be on the forums and discord and hopefully get to play other games with you all.
  2. Yeah that was a really enjoyable evening, thanks all for coming and especially to Tom for setting it up and making the quiz!!
  3. I sim my gear for both Patchwerk and Dungeon Slice and get WILDLY different results. As such I now have two different gear sets. 1st for ST, 2nd for M+
  4. I'm not sure what really can be done. I assumed that all the people who have stopped playing over the last year or two have been either too busy with some combination of work/PhDs/kids, or burned out on WoW and/or would just rather play a different MMO. I didn't realise that people have been feeling unwelcome and I'm sorry if I've contributed to that. We've kind of run into a dual problem with WoW as a game where a) there is no content available for groups of 5 < n < 10 people, and b) this expansion specifically is unusually unfriendly for people who only play 1-2 days a week (because of Essences, Corruptions and Cloak upgrades being SO important to your output but also being usually gated behind daily quests and rep grinds). So as a result, not only is raiding completely impossible but also those of us who do have the time to play regularly feel like we're having to carry everyone else. I think we've just fallen below the critical mass of people necessary to both keep a social scene rolling and keep PVE content going, especially of the sort where one or two people can be carried as a catch-up. The only thing I can think of for us to do about it at this point would be to just admit that staying as a friends-only guild going forward is untenable and that we need to merge with another guild.
  5. Yes, the +200 San Regen on killing Elites and the Titans proc are far and away the two biggest power spikes you get off that tree.
  6. Yeah the 1st mask you can get (the 1/2 Max Sanity one) is only rewarded from a full 5-wing clear. Further masks are obtained by killing Lost Zone bosses while wearing any mask, the new masks rewarded are specific to the boss you kill. So you'd have to kill, say, Mathias Shaw or Magister Umbric with the Long Night mask on, which would each unlock another mask which you could use for other kills.
  7. Corruptions have, if anything, made my bags more bloated since I'm now keeping extra gear for min/maxing around certain corruption values and swapping out for Single/Multi-target. Though you'll definitely be able to prune any stuff you've been unsure of which turns out to be definitely shite.
  8. Brynneth

    CoD: Warzone

    I've been wanting to try out one of the Battle Royales with friend(s) for a while now, so sure.
  9. Some useful Corruptions stuff for Sarah (or anyone confused as fuck by the current gear): Ranked list for absolute best corruptions for Fire Mage: https://bloodmallet.com/index.html#mage_fire?data_view=corruptions Re-ordered list for best corruptions per point of corruption for Fire Mage (useful for min/max): https://bloodmallet.com/index.html#mage_fire?data_view=corruptions&repr=dps_corruption_rating Simcraft mod link (download this if not already installed): https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/simulationcraft Easy to use online sims: https://www.raidbots.com/simbot I would recommend whenever you get a new piece of corrupted gear, typing /simc and copy/pasting the resulting window of gobbledegook it produces into the Raidbots Top Gear option. Keep Max Corruption to the default of 39 unless you know you can deal with a Thing From Beyond. Select the items which you want to find how effective they are and click the Find Top Gear button. "Copy and Purify" can be useful if you don't know whether an item would be useful to Purify if it would let you equip a different corrupted item. Looks something like this for me:
  10. Looks like another M+ night then.
  11. The only other days I can really do are Friday or Saturday, and even then I've only got a 50/50 chance of those being free.
  12. The first half of Normal has been a faceroll in the PUGs I've done, it has no challenge and no real loot upgrades and I'm already bored of it. Agreed with the above, lets do normal once and then concentrate on Heroic.
  13. Mondays are quite possibly going to stop being a viable M+ day for me within the next month or so. My classic guild has Weds and Mon as raid days though is currently using Monday for Ony only since MC is a one-night clear. We want to try properly doing BWL though so if that takes off are likely to move MC to Monday. I absolutely do want to push a full set of 15s though, but Friday or Saturday would probably end up being best for me going forward. Or Thursday if we don't raid those nights.