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  1. I would vote for doing fights on Mythic where possible.
  2. I'm just gonna log in and see what happens.
  3. I have a stack of Meta Achievements dating back to Mists which are short 2-3 unsoloable ones. Would love some achievement runs.
  4. Khatru - Troll Hunter - Mirage Raceway (PVE)
  5. That Shrine 11 last night was hilarious. Perfect end to a nightmare day at work.
  6. Enjoying Nazjatar much more now I can fly in it. Appreciating the scenery more now I can take more of a fish-eye view.
  7. ICV will tell you which essences you want to aim to acquire for which content. The BiS Disco one for example is The Ever-Rising Tide which is purchasable at Ranks 1/2/3 from Nazjatar rep at Honoured/Revered/Exalted for 10/25/50 Manapearls. Also recommended are The Well of Existence (similar deal from the Mechagon vendor at escalating costs in SPARE Crates and Galvanic Oscillators) and Life-Binder's Invocation which drops from M+ runs completed in time (a 7+ will give you the Rank 2 immediately, you do not need to learn Rank 1 Essences to learn higher ranks though you may need to buy the lesser ranks first if they're from a vendor).
  8. I definitely want to try the Heroic Warfront. Is about halfway to open now.
  9. 3 weeks. 1 week for the patch, 2 weeks from the patch for the raid.
  10. Yeah I did the 2017 meet and then went "fuck that someone else can do next one". Would be happy for a meetup anywhere that's not ludicrous to get to 😛
  11. Reads like a load of post-modern bullshit to me.
  12. Brynneth

    Distant Worlds

    Enfield, as usual.
  13. Brynneth

    Distant Worlds

    I have less than zero money atm so I'm entirely up for just hanging out somewhere quite close to the venue.
  14. Considering doing the same when mine's up in 3 weeks.