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  1. I've got absolutely fuck all going on all day, am good for whenever.
  2. Well it'd be nice to get a couple of runs and push the key higher if possible since next week is when the +15 reward eligibility comes back. Could do an earlier run with whoever tanking and then do a higher key once Welsper gets back?
  3. Actually wasn't joking. I can vaguely recall 2 or 3 times we've tried to organise something on a Saturday and you'd had plans to go to see a movie.
  4. It came into effect immediately. Any sales with an end date from today onward.
  5. Another budget where as someone hovering around the median income it does fuck all for me. I'll pay £70 less income tax next year. Though Simon's looking at buying a house at present and is very happy with the Stamp Duty change.
  6. Looking like Saturday then, unless Welsper has a cinema trip or something. What's the concert?
  7. Hahaha, oh man we're getting a run on these XD
  8. Arcway 10 for me this week (plus some 940 boots with perfect stat allocation ). Hopefully someone else gets a decent key. Free any time except tonight/Friday/Sunday evening.
  9. Secret Santa 2017 - Interest?

    Just gonna quote the same thing until it stops being true: Edit: Actually, I will edit the list. There's nothing 40k I'm after currently since I'm resolving to get shit painted before buying anything new. Largely same as previous years. Spicy Food / anything Mexican Chocolate Pretty much anything Sci-fi Obscure Progressive Rock/Metal Amazon Wishlist.
  10. Well it sort of makes sense if you read the whole article. The final decisions were made by lottery AFTER a long list of cities was whittled down by a panel judging against 6 criteria regarding infrastructure etc. Once you've decided that there are a dozen equally good cities across Europe to bung a department in, what's a fairer way to pick the winner than from a hat?
  11. Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

    Yes. Figured when I created the account I wasn't sure if I'd be bothered to play it seriously enough to want to stump up the cash up front, so a 35-level trial seemed like a good idea.
  12. Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

    I'll be able to join the shell but not the FC until I've upgraded to the full version, I believe. Haven't been online at a time when anyone else is all week so far though.
  13. Legion General Chat - World of Wardrobes

    Arms has a lot of AOE burst this tier due to set bonuses with Bladestorm. Hence Welsper spiking to 3m DPS on KJ when the first adds come. Once I got the Bladestorm Legendary helm I did it in like 2 attempts. Combine with the fact that you drop out of combat for long enough to pop a book and retalent and gear change between Phase 1 and 2 makes it absolutely cheat mode for Warriors.
  14. Legion General Chat - World of Wardrobes

    Hot damn, congrats again! Can't believe how quickly you've got those after hitting 110 on that character.