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  1. Brynneth

    BfA Mythics

    Monday or Tuesday, I guess
  2. Brynneth

    Secret Santa 2018 - Sign Up!

    As per the poke on the 2017 thread, in.
  3. Brynneth

    Help Build Computer - CLACK CLACK CLACK

    AMD almost don't make anything better than a mid-range card these days, apart from those Vegas. NVIDIA have pretty much completely outperformed them. That said, that card benchmarks in between a 1070 and a 1070Ti or 1080, making it actually not quite worth it when you can get a 1070Ti for £385: https://www.ebuyer.com/819386-gigabyte-geforce-gtx-1070-ti-windforce-graphics-card-gv-n107twf2-8gd
  4. Brynneth

    Secret Santa 2017 - Drawn!

    We should do this again, yes.
  5. Brynneth

    Guild Thursdays

    I'd be happy to do Heroic. I'm interested in content that's interesting, challenging and/or gets me playing with my mates while chatting shit, so am otherwise only logging once or twice a week now. But in the absence of that I'd rather push for an M+10 since I've got all the raid loot I want except for Titanforges and don't have an alt to swap in to keep it fresh otherwise.
  6. Brynneth


    Not sure it had been announced at the point I posted this, but either way there was a resounding "who gives a fuck?" from basically everyone including myself about it.
  7. Brynneth

    BoT Voice: TeamSpeak & Mumble Servers

    Not a clue TBH. I've been using Discord voice for Overwatch with some RL friends for ages and never noticed any issues (voice quality might be lower but not to a point I've had a problem with it), but then I've also never tried to use it while in the same room as another person on the same server. Not sure what to suggest.
  8. Brynneth

    BfA Mythics

    Also Motherlode 8, in case the other one goes pears up.
  9. Brynneth

    Guild Thursdays

    Yeah, I was far too tired to play properly last night, was starting to literally pass out at my keyboard. Was in bed and comatose by 11 and slept through until morning. I only do that like twice a year.
  10. Brynneth

    Guild Thursdays

    I'm fairly easy. Be nice to try for a 10 though.
  11. Brynneth

    BfA Mythics

    I'm busy Monday, can only do Tuesday.
  12. Brynneth


    News bytes so far: Heroes of the Storm - New Nexus-born hero, Orphea. StarCraft II - New Co-op commander, Zeratul. Warcraft - Whomper Charity Pet Announced. Warcraft - New Anduin and Saurfang Cinematic. WoW Classic - Release Date: Summer 2019. Live Sub will grant access to Classic. Overwatch - New Hero, Ashe! Warcraft III - Remastered version coming in 2019!
  13. Brynneth

    BfA Mythics

    I didn't destroy my key last week and now have Underrot 7. Also got some 370 shoulders which are slightly worse than the ones I got off an emissary a couple of days ago. Tank upgrade, tho.
  14. Brynneth

    Guild Thursdays

    I'm also not here tomorrow. Edit: Simon, neither, for the same reason.
  15. Brynneth

    Stuff You Should Read

    Tech Support is a mysterious profession: