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  1. Brynneth


    It is absolutely a numbers thing. I joined a Heroic PUG yesterday which was 3 bosses in and had no Curve request with the intention of killing Eonar for a chance at a Chest drop. Ended up sticking around to see if I could get any other tier, long story short we steamrolled Coven as a 25-man, it died during the 3rd add phase.
  2. Brynneth


    I'll be about WRT to the actual progression boss, have we considered using Vantus Runes? 800G or so each, give you 1500 Versatility vs Targeted boss for the whole reset week.
  3. Brynneth


    Not about tomorrow or Sunday evenings
  4. Brynneth


    Might be nice to see if we can get at least most of a group together and finish it all off this weekend?
  5. Brynneth


    We can survive with one absence though, but still hopefully you'll make it. Sharp, Mark?
  6. I should get home around 7. Can do food before or after depending on when people are ready.
  7. Brynneth


    We'd possibly be best pinning down Sharp. I have the gear to tank, but then we lose 2.2 Mil DPS in the last phase of Argus
  8. Brynneth


    I've had a long and stressful week and that's probably been knackering my concentration too, hence my fuckups. Sorry for those.
  9. Fuck me sideways D: Max possible ilvl again! Did you steal Sarah's crown?
  10. Arcway 14. Available after raid or Monday only.
  11. Brynneth


    Update from Mark as he logged out, he's parked at portal so he can get straight in when he logs on (assuming this means later than 8). Hopefully we can get a good crew tonight. /Here
  12. There were two people on at any one time, so no. We're on Exploding so Arcway is probably the only sensible option. Some of the trash to the first boss will be atrocious but a lot of that can be managed with LoS. Spiders might be the toughest bit. 19:30 is probably the earliest I can manage.
  13. I can do tonight if we've got 5 w/o Todd and Sarah.
  14. Brynneth

    The Android Thread

    I might have to root it and do manual updates in that case. Still, this one's on the way out and that's an upgrade that won't break the bank.