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  1. Brynneth


    Also don't underestimate the free Classic card pack you can get every week from Tavern Brawl. You're guaranteed to get some Epic and Legendary cards from those over time and a lot of those get rotated in and out of use depending on the current meta. I basically only play the Single Player draft mode or Wild now since the Mage deck I really enjoy revolves around a specific card that's no longer in Standard.
  2. Brynneth


    Probably works best in a Warlock deck. They have quite a few cards and basic abilities which allow extra draw and to discard cards from hand. Then once you've drawn and played everything else, drop that and shoot off a Twisting Nether.
  3. Servers are b0rked right now. Our Nightwell Achievement raid left to reset Spellblade and then couldn't get back in.
  4. Brynneth


    Yeah I didn't get that memo.
  5. Brynneth


    Witchwood I completed 3/4 of the characters first time except for the Hunter who just gets hard countered by half the bosses. Generally stuff that gives you +Mana, makes your minions harder or makes theirs more expensive are the best treasures. The one which makes your minions cap out at 5 cost is hilarious if you get the right deck, I had 2 Lich Kings and 4 Garroshes in one.
  6. Brynneth

    Legion BoTPug

    Damn, look at Cassandra over here.
  7. Brynneth

    Legion General Chat - World of Wardrobes

    There's some kind of bug with the Weekly Chest apparently from the BFA preparations, so this week only it's not going to grant any loot, just 1000 Wakening Essence. Regardless of whether the character did a Mythic or not. They've also let you buy specific legendaries now. Enjoy the free BiS Lego on every class that some of us had to farm for A YEAR for.
  8. Brynneth

    Legion Raid Logs

    Absolutely a BoT kill.
  9. Brynneth

    Legion General Chat - World of Wardrobes

    Yeah, Jarl mostly throws axes when he's not Berserk, so if you have Sigryn sheeped there isn't actually any melee to worry about. Great fight IMO, probably the most fun of the 5 I did. Mechanics based fights are always better than a straight DPS race, timing and position are much harder skills to develop than button bashing. Might take a look at the healer one if I have chance tonight.
  10. Brynneth

    Legion General Chat - World of Wardrobes

    I don't have the full thing either, Chest is from the RF-tier ToV X-Mog reward set. Looks close enough in colour that it fits the rest of the Pala Antorus Tier.
  11. Brynneth

    Legion BoTPug

    Yeah, I need it on 2 characters now.
  12. Brynneth

    Legion General Chat - World of Wardrobes

    Well, glad I ain't doing the Sigryn fight again any time soon. Completed with 24h 48m /played level, ilvl 922
  13. Brynneth

    Legion BoTPug

    Correct, tomorrow.
  14. Brynneth

    Legion General Chat - World of Wardrobes

    Nope. The timers are static. Diminishing returns on CC on Sigryn, but that can be avoided by not overusing it.
  15. Brynneth

    Legion General Chat - World of Wardrobes

    Arcane specific tips: Talent into Amplification, Mana Shield, Incanter's Flow, Resonance, Chrono Shift, Unstable Magic, Overpowered. Use Sephuz and some other appropriate Legendary. Belovir's and Prydaz are good for survivability, Soul of the Archmage is great for DPS. Make a macro of: #showtooltip/use [@focus,exists,nodead][]Polymorph Start the fight by putting Mana Shield up, then /focus on Sigryn and then tap her with something, let her run forward and sheep her. Then hit Arcane Power, PoM and Time Warp and absolutely unload on Jarl whatshisface. I got him to 50% before he Berserked and ran for me. You should do even better at your ilvl. You'll be completely out of Mana at this point but should ignore DPS at this point and concentrate on staying alive. Keep slow on Sigryn and Jarl, kite them around, walk over the runes. The 2nd lot of runes will coincide with Blood of the Father; re-sheep at this point immediately. You can now DPS again. Keep this up, watch out for Valkyr, DPS the caster when he Shields and interrupt him. Shouldn't take longer than 3 minutes.