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  1. Reads like a load of post-modern bullshit to me.
  2. Brynneth

    Distant Worlds

    Enfield, as usual.
  3. Brynneth

    Distant Worlds

    I have less than zero money atm so I'm entirely up for just hanging out somewhere quite close to the venue.
  4. Considering doing the same when mine's up in 3 weeks.
  5. Yes. It can't be done on Normal or above without some level of intelligent communication between raid members since some people get shrunk and have to jump inside little robots and input a series of commands to disable them while only the people who AREN'T in the robots can see what the code patterns are.
  6. Brynneth

    Distant Worlds

    Yeah, bought my train ticket ages ago. Will be arriving at Euston at 14:00 on the day. My tickets for the show just arrived this morning too.
  7. I'll be about but assuming that there's no raid and I'll just be grinding Division 2 weeklies.
  8. I'm talking about the basic 1660. The Ti benches, depending on site, between 10 and 20% better than the 1660 (with a 1070 in between) but the 1660 is buyable for as low as £210 while the Ti will cost £60 more (with a 1070 still costing around £270 and thus being completely pointless now).
  9. Passmark puts the 1660 as the 2nd best value in terms of benchmark score per dollar of all cards in existance, only being beaten by a single $130 card. So yeah, buy a 1660. The 1660 is basically 95% as powerful as a 1070 for about £80 less. Absolute no-brainer of a card right now.
  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I bloody wish I could vote for the SNP in England.
  11. Intel and common mats are easy to cap. Rare mats and then credits are most useful in that order.
  12. Dinged 30 this morning. Loz, are you going to accept that guild invite ever? Is anyone else planning on getting this then and if so, when? Would be nice to get some regular group play.
  13. Not that fussed. I've given Heroic a couple of goes in PUGs and the first few bosses at least are almost no different mechanically so I'd be interested in seeing how far we can go with it without getting hardcore about it.
  14. Unlocks the alternate versions of your skills at 5 SHD / skill.
  15. I got the Gold because that was what I won but yeah, there's no difference in the actual content level you can access, except that non-Standard edtions get the Year One pass granting early access to the DLC and some unique "Classified Missions".