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  1. BoTPug

    I won’t be making it eithe. Eve has come down with something so I’m on bedtime duties
  2. BoTPug

    * nervous whistling *
  3. BoTPug

    Well raw damage taken yes. But you need to look at external healing required and spikeyness
  4. BoTPug

    Wouldn’t someone need to give up all their loot for that?
  5. BoTPug

    Yes I noticed that, very nice. I forgot to turn on my combat log (I must get a mod for that) hopefully Todd has logs. (Still got one shot by Aggramar though )
  6. BoTPug

    Oh no I wondered away from 10% of my healing https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Fwh2K7JLpXyY3axB#boss=-2&difficulty=0&type=healing&target=9
  7. Seconding this, I use a mountain bike system on my road bike and can walk around shops etc.. without problem. My friend with full road bike kit would ruin his clips if he did the same @Myrrh I do most of the day to day maintenance myself but I do drop it in for a service once every two years or so, they replace some of the trickier stuff for me
  8. Cleats are fantastic and I literally can't ride a bike without them anymore (I can't help but lift my feet off the pedals on the upstroke). For riding in traffic and wanting to listen to things I have a pair of bone induction headphones https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aftershokz-Conduction-Wraparound-Headphones-Activities-Blu-Oceano/dp/B01N0022HW since your ears aren't blocked you still have full awareness of what's going on around you
  9. Raid Logs

    Thurs 25th Jan
  10. Wow nice work so far. Good luck on the druid
  11. BoTPug

    If I'm tanking I can sort out the making the hole in the dudes part. Gorefiends Grasp works on them
  12. BoTPug

    I’ll be there
  13. Warhammer 40K

    This took far too long to paint but pretty happy with the results. Bought a can of red spray paint to speed up the next models
  14. Santa brought me some heavy fire support
  15. BoTPug

    I won't be on this week. I have a work xmas party