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  1. And with this I'll be moving on as well. I've really missed raiding which we haven't had the proper numbers for quite some time. I still feel a strong belonging to this community and hope we can continue to play other games together.
  2. I don't understand what any of this is trying to achieve.
  3. I’ve got the rank 1 6% TD and it’s still better than everything else I’ve had in that slot. Go random world quest reward!
  4. Hmmm fair enough. That’s not what I expected. Good old Ion with his gear should be obvious expansion. My blue 420 TD belt remains best in slot for me too
  5. The reason for the above is stars hits a random target so it doesn’t stack up properly on trash
  6. I would be mindful of sims on infinite stars. If you’re in a dungeon I would expect the 470 + mind flay to be a large improvement. I like to run the hectic add cleave profile for dungeons, there is also the dungeon slice profile
  7. Tim

    BfA Mythics

    I’m in for this and mainly playing discipline this patch. I think completing all the +15s in time is comparable to mythic raiding this expansion. Quite a few of the bosses are quite capable of one shotting people at that level without proper coordination, and big pulls with on point interrupts, cc, kitting will be needed to get enough damage out to meet the timer
  8. I agree and am keen to work through heroic slowly rather than rush normal once and stop
  9. I won’t be on. I’ve been at a conference all week and should see my family
  10. Thrunu - Orc Shaman - Mirage Raceway
  11. 2 weeks isn’t it? I’ll be back when the patch comes out
  12. My subscription has expired now so I’m taking a break until 8.2
  13. I’m unlikely to be on tonight. Much to do
  14. Tim

    BfA Raid Logs