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  1. I won’t be on. I’ve been at a conference all week and should see my family
  2. Thrunu - Orc Shaman - Mirage Raceway
  3. Congratulations!!
  4. 2 weeks isn’t it? I’ll be back when the patch comes out
  5. My subscription has expired now so I’m taking a break until 8.2
  6. I’m unlikely to be on tonight. Much to do
  7. Tim

    BfA Raid Logs

  8. I think pugging a healer is the plan.
  9. I’m confused. Literally nothing has been said. I thought we were past all this.
  10. Tim

    Distant Worlds

    Mark is correct. We want you to join in on discord and we’ve kept the chat on TS in light of your voice issues
  11. I think he means each mute the other so you just hear them naturally
  12. Tim

    BfA Mythics

    The gattling gun is actually the least damaging of those so if you have to be hit by something take that and just run through it to minimise ticks (with a personal). I saw quite a few people do that in the MDI but they started topped off so keep that in mind too Avoid it if you can obviously, blink/leap/disengage/leap of faith/immunities to think of a few
  13. Tim

    BfA Mythics

    I’m using https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/exorsus-raid-tools it’s quite heavy weight but everything starts disabled so you can just turn on the auto logging
  14. Tim

    BfA Mythics

  15. Tim

    BfA Mythics

    Absolutely. Anyone running KR fortified save your bloodlust for him