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  2. If it helps I stopped playing about three years ago when my computer stopped working (pretty certain my wife did it with a glass of water on purpose) I haven't replaced it with a gaming rig since and now pay a half hour of Fortnite twice a week at most on the Xbox. I miss the esprit de corps we once had. In case anyone is wondering life after gaming is great and you have so much more time. Just wish I had stopped before having kids so I could enjoy it.
  3. Back to that construction site again is it? Some people will do anything to go out!
  4. As you can imagine we're very busy going out and doing things this week.
  5. So I haven't replied up and til this point as I as seeing what happened. That's a lie, I've been busy. Firstly best of luck Sharp. I hope you get what you're looking for out of the game through this move and I cannot blame you in the slightest. BoT cannot now feasibly raid and hence M+ is our only real content. Whilst this is a shame I think a lot of us have moved forward with our lives which is certainly playing its part in this downturn. To address Tom's points first of all. I don't think there is a Discord vs TS split but I would say there is a Discord vs forums split. It is quite clear that conversations are happening in Discord channels and elements are then cross-posted onto the forum to catch players who aren't on Discord. I agree it is a shame that this has to happen and it feels unnecessary. People being pushed away is something they can comment on but I hope I've not been a cause to push anyone away, it certainly isn't my intention. I want BoT to be welcoming to everyone and people to feel they can come and go as they please. In many ways that is even more true if we aren't raiding anymore. I totally agree about the needed commitment needed for +15s. They need consistent pressing and practice but I feel that has changed a lot since Tom posted and we're getting much further on these now. I don't really see how BoT can continue as a guild in its current form except as a social environment for people so I suggest we look for another guild to join as social members at this point. Lastly: Let me be clear, I always have time for that. If I had time I'd join you with my favourite Orc team. 12 lineman in the initial starting team BUT 8 rerolls.
  6. Any preferences for this week?
  7. The tool does warn you if that's the case. Also I can see the actual numbers for both of the simmed items under the final gear picks so I can see what they generated. The stars option has higher corruption anyway (50), the alternatives only have a corruption of 35. With the 50 piece I'm at 33 overall which is fine. Edit: Oh, you mean other slot corruption pieces? I only have one other piece of corruption that's usable (i.e. not bracers) and I'm using it.
  8. When you ran your sims, did you give the sim the option to swap out other pieces to avoid breaching your corruption cap? I don't know what rank mindflay you have but the sim will ignore it if it would push you over your set corruption cap unless you give it enough other options to shuffle pieces in and out
  9. I’ve got the rank 1 6% TD and it’s still better than everything else I’ve had in that slot. Go random world quest reward!
  10. That said, you may have a point Welsper and I might keep an eye out for how well it's actually stacking in practice as I may be better with the 470s anyway.
  11. I think stars is just a bit too good for fire mages compared to the other options, but I will keep the 470s around in case some combination of gear otherwise permits me to use it somehow. 😕
  12. TD (and back in the days, EV) is a special case mind you, its 18% hp regardless of ilvl instead of flat dmg. personally, i was so disappointed in my stars2 performace even on a 475 that i cleansed it off. it mightve been the superior choice for raidbosses - but lets face it, with LFR as the highest lvl raidcontent i can do, ill stick with TD for m+ where it utterly outperforms stars. i wouldnt even rely on sims for this, on multi-mob pulls (i.e. all of em) you will never get more than 1 stack on a random target - extreme case here was the final UR boss where, during the entire 6min fight, i had a single star hit the boss, the rest hit random 1hp adds. its just not practical to use. tentacle wouldve actually been damn amusing here, as it retargets with ai speed and precision each time it instantly overkills the 1hp adds, one of those mightve wiped the entire add wave.
  13. Hmmm fair enough. That’s not what I expected. Good old Ion with his gear should be obvious expansion. My blue 420 TD belt remains best in slot for me too
  14. I've just simmed the 445 boots with stars II and the 470 boots with mind flay II for both Patchwerk AND Dungeon Slice and... The 445 boots come out better in both cases. Simming Hectic Add Cleave.... 445 still wins.
  15. I sim my gear for both Patchwerk and Dungeon Slice and get WILDLY different results. As such I now have two different gear sets. 1st for ST, 2nd for M+
  16. I would strongly agree with tim here, 470 mindflay is damn good and WAY more reliable than stars, outside of no-add single target raid encounters.. especially in m+ tentacle should shine, that proc alone does what, 30k single target for 10 secs? ive seen up to 3 proc at the same time, crazy stuff. Hell, the current #1 parse for ST dps in mythic nalotha (doggy) does infact not use stars at all, despite there only being just that one target for the entire fight. it simply has a 475 tentacle with... 100% uptime for 4mins straight.
  17. The reason for the above is stars hits a random target so it doesn’t stack up properly on trash
  18. I would be mindful of sims on infinite stars. If you’re in a dungeon I would expect the 470 + mind flay to be a large improvement. I like to run the hectic add cleave profile for dungeons, there is also the dungeon slice profile
  19. OMomcoac man! I have been back for this whole silly expansion, missed only like two raids. Then I leveled and raided with all the classic crew. I am here there and every where! Tis but you that hath become the shadow of the room!
  20. Key: Mechagon Workshop 13 (nice!), Todd got Freehold 13 Mondays and Thursdays are both free for both of us, so either evening group works and we'll most likely be messagable for the other if numbers fall through or anything as back-up. In less useful news, the 470 piece I got was boots. Why is this annoying you might ask, well, my current boots are my Rank 2 infinite stars boots and yup, at 445+stars, they sim better than 470+mindflay. Hopefully something more useful comes out of the chest next week. Edit: If there's any chance to actually do the Workshop 13, that would be great as it's the only source of the bracers for my burst rotation that still sim higher at 420 than any piece I've picked up (including corrupted pieces), there's realistically no other alternative.
  21. The Guild "Fractured" a considerable time ago, but was still held together by tenuous strings. The first "Incident" that really started severing those strings was the handling of the major event. That pushed away a number of us who were on the fringes, myself included. Just due to the manner it was handled. The "Discord Incident" was a secondary issue but further broke things and pushed more people apart. The majority of online "Social" has moved towards twitter and discord and in our attempts to move over the "incident" seemingly halted it. Our discord is one of the lowest activity discords I am on.. and a few of my discords are less than 10 members. The thirdly - life is just happening. I can't remember the last time I spoke to Mark, but I'm currently deep in bloodbowl and i'm sure i'd get some mocking comments about my teams performances, but he's busy with his life. Todd and Sarah are planning a wedding amongst the chaos the world is in. Loz I assumed was off somewhere doing something! We aren't students anymore, WoW isn't high in our priorities, and we all mostly have a variance of other games we play. BoT doesn't need to be BoT for us to play together, so long as we stay in some form of communication
  22. Please let me know what keys y'all have tomorrow, and your availability for Thursday/Monday - with a preference if you have one
  23. Not read all the replies, but I do feel like I need to clarify, that my leaving is almost entirely based on the direction WoW has, or hasn't, been taking and not due to guild climate. It certainly sped up my decision, but it wasn't a major factor in and of itself. Also, funds permitting, I might give Shadowlands a bash to start fresh, but if there is more grinding for inflated points and what not then I doubt I'd stay long after hitting cap.
  24. Id agree with the discord part most certainly. If i didnt seem too shaken at the far-and-wide best tank the guild has ever know leaving, it was because i figured: wed stay in contact with discord anyways - and lets face it, gchat is very much dead with 1-2 conversations a week, while discord at least has some discussion or comments ongoing at virtually all times. Ofc, if i contributed to people feeling rejected or alienated, i can only apologize. Any jokes about classic being not really that great were in good spirits i thought - and i was rather vocal about not enjoying it in the first place. And sorry if i pressured people into doing content (m+) they dont really enjoy - i remember forcing sharp and mark into a 15key of mine randomly, despite sharp being less than enthusiastic in the first place - a run that ended abruptly in disaster. if that upset you so much that you had to leave us for the alliance, i can only take all the blame and flagelate appropriately... i try to keep positive even when spending quite a lot of time to get the weekly done at all costs, but i dont know if it comes accross like that... i dont mind wiping for hours, im swimming in dosh, i can afford the bills!
  25. Pretty much. I have discord on all my devices and use it for so many things that its just easier to use. I tend to prod the forums like once a week.
  26. In the interests of being open and honest and with a view to trying to clear the air once and for all. I’m just going to throw my thoughts out here. Replying to Tom’s post first: #1 Social issues The guild is a lot quieter at present – and it’s mostly down to us having 10 (9 soon) active players. But people are a fair bit quieter on GChat when they’re on anyway. But I think that’s due to us getting into the habit of idling on discord voice if/when folks are on as it’s just easier? We don’t have a base of people on idling as most folk are only able to be on for a few hours at a time max, and even then, only on specific days – days on which we have activities planned so most communication takes place on discord/TS voice Also – I feel like discord text has mostly replaced guild chat and the bulk of forum posting? We idly chat away about nonsense like in Gchat but plan stuff like on the forums. I like using it because I can poke at it easily on my phone whenever as I also use discord for a lot of other things. It would be nice if everyone was there participating because I don’t want to leave anyone out but I also don’t want to have to post things multiple times in order to cover everyone? #2 Pushing people away Honestly - A lot of this could be a holdover from issues that have occurred previously - such as the great discord explosion. Some issues have never really been put to bed and we haven't really drawn a line under it and it’s lead to some lingering grievances which can occasionally surface – such as an incident on the forums last year when we were discussing classic servers. It can feel like I have to walk on eggshells sometimes and that is very, very draining. And negativity seems to be the default attitude within the guild and it isn’t helpful and has maybe added to this and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy? I know I’ve occasionally been snarky in some runs but a lot of that is because I’ve been frustrated that I just couldn’t seem to be getting things going for the guild. Now that we’re just focusing on M+ it should improve. One thing that really gets to me is what I can perceive to be complaints about the way M+ runs are allocated or organised – I know you may not intend it that way but it’s very easy for me to interpret it personally when I’m just trying to get everyone runs and it sucks because I overthink it. Please speak up in advance about what preferences are otherwise I’ll be trying to do things in order to get the highest level of keys for everybody – saying ‘I’m good for whatever’ doesn’t help as much as you think So please – try and be positive? #3 Disagreement over effort This is less of an issue now. Previously the M+ system didn’t really offer anything beyond tens so we got into a rut of just doing the motions of our ten with no real motivation. Folk now seem to be putting a bit more effort in and doing things like simming etc to improve performance and reviewing runs afterwards. Hopefully our new plan of fixing M+ groups each week will allow for more runs and more consistency while also allowing people to use their time effectively if they know they’re not running. I’m sad we’re not doing the heroic raid – but unless we get a few more people back it’s not really feasible as I do not have the energy to deal with puggies. #4 abandon ship I'd rather not abandon the guild as it's got a lot of history and it would be nice to welcome people back if they return to characters long abandoned - but if people think that's best then we should probably start shopping around for a suitable guild that wouldn't mind taking on a pile of socials. Not even sure where to begin there Personally I was hoping we could get some crossover with the guys playing classic and provide a nice home to people wanting to play retail when shadowlands drops Finally - I should also point out that I have server transferred my Paladin to Argent Dawn (H) but this is more to have a character I can play with my friend Kat in her guild’s social raids on a regular basis.
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