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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hey, we totally had like, 6 warriors online last evening.
  3. Last week
  4. Only 12, but that's still like 50% more than we even have active players.
  5. Only 12, but that's still like 50% more than we even have active players.
  6. Only 12, but that's still like 50% more than we even have active players.
  7. im at 8/11 transmogs from the chain alone already (incl. gloves), but thanks. seems quite easy to get the full set as the assaults youll have to farm for cloak and mothers research dropp them on the regular.
  8. Do you want that stuff for trnasmog? I have a plate gloves token (two actually) I can send you.
  9. Hey now, this raid has to last for about a full year and a half, it better be lenghty enough to provide entertainment for months to come! The loot certainly wont do, as i want, in total, 2 items from there. all the azerite traits are ass and the nzoth 2h sword is for fury warrs/blood dks only (GJ with the hp scaling dmg proc blizz, real nice thinking there). But hey, at least i get to farm for yet another gethikku! Why did i ever even spent any amount of time in bfa outside of kings rest in the first place! At least the "free" catchup gear this time uses the LFR tier set models, so ill never have to bother going there.
  10. I mean there are like 28 bosses in it or something daft so keep dreaming
  11. Heads up for all of them engineers who were looking foward to your new INFINITE PROGRESSION ITEM: the stupid legendary cloak cant be equipped with a goblin glider. im contemplating to just keep on using my 450 and whatever upgrade i get from mythics instead, given that the loottables still have 50% cloaks anyways. great design blizz! also: anyone with a max lvl alliance (and horde) character willing to help me get the "servant of nzoth" quest done? gotta kill 10 allies and then 10 horde for the good ol' "hostile to everyone"-item of this xpac (i.e. censer in mop+wod, feather in legion) and im too shit to actually kill ppl in a real fight as prot or arms.
  12. Sarah and I are away 20th - 30th Jan so we'll miss the first couple of weeks but we're up for the new raid when we're back so that gives you lot a couple of weeks to get it on farm ready to carry us.
  13. Fair point. Siege of Orgrimmar tomorrow night then?
  14. silly mage, i never clarified WHICH raid! AHAHAHAH!
  15. Alright, 8.3 tomorrow! Raid on thursdays with a full vulpera team? clearly everyone is going to racechange into the furry menace right away afterall.
  16. Earlier
  17. Ran some forum/server updates, nothing exciting, should be fine. Update TS if you haven't done it for a while as the server version I just updated to is starting to deprecate some older codecs.
  18. Ahh fair enough, was worried I might have missed something. Hopefully find some time to pop online soon.
  19. Nothing planned or discussed after this. I think people are quite busy. We haven't even logged in to WoW for a month or something which is the first time in ages and it's not even because I wasn't enjoying it.
  20. Hello Peeps, I haven't been online for a bit because ....reasons, so has anything cropped up in terms of a meetup or anything? Has anything been discussed on discord/in-game at all?
  21. Given that i basically only play solo ill see how i can make it work in... 6 days ish? when all my stuff is build. 15 argon tho, damn. thats a lot of void for a day. the only resource even i dont have thousands off, damn you halflife! first of all ill be spending the next few days fapping to ivara prime tho, thatll keep me busy for the forseeable future.
  22. I did add a teleport pad in there but someone kept deleting it. Also you can use the Escape menu and pick dry dock from the fast travel options. The only place it would apparently fit was on the reactor floor. Railjack seems OK but they have done what they always do and have released a starting platform to build off of. Its mainly killing grineer in space... continuously. Lots of new resource grind as well. If you want to do some sometime let me know. You basically need to get rank 2 in piloting stats (only takes a few missions for this) before you can do things sensibly but at the start it pilots like a brick, you can shoot guns sensibly, you cant use the resource forges or the ship map. Joining a few missions just to get your first few points and space mats is a sensible thing to do.
  23. Yeah... I did that. hen realised I don't need leather-working as I will need engineering for the solo tribute wins. So I thought i could sell the leather I was skinning... Doesn't seem to work out well.
  24. i took me one full week of scouring our dojo to find the bloody dry dock. ONE FULL WEEK. youd think itd be a challenge to hide an area the size of a soccer stadium in a space station, but you sure managed, BAH! accordingly, i couldnt even try railjack yet, so ill hold of my judgement. seems like its just archwing in planetary orbit, tho Also: the railjack login captura is one of the worst ive ever seen. mostly the mag. that stupid pose makes it really obvious she suffers from hank-hill syndrome. why not use ember, valk, whis or ivara instead. theyve got the proper assets!
  25. And take skinning to really slow it all down
  26. Just do what Im doing on my hunter. No quests, just killing things. That way doesn't matter if its horde of alliance as killing things is killing things
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