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  1. Yesterday
  2. Next Thursday we will do the antorus meta achievement https://www.wowhead.com/glory-of-the-argus-raider-achievement-guide See you all then
  3. Last week
  4. At worst, still need four Mechagons, though might end up pugging that.
  5. I'm just gonna log in and see what happens.
  6. Some friends of mine have a had a graduation today so going out for a meal with them.
  7. Was there a plan for any alternative content tonight? So I can start looking up what needs to be done?
  8. technically, squeek is currently a perfectly broken tank for scaled content due to legion antorus gear + legos at 110! but alas, alliance. i will however fap some more to that sexy NE lass for the sake of that very nostalgia indeed.
  9. You'll be tanking on Squeek then?
  10. Would definitely be up for this. Have filled in a few bits and pieces solo from the earlier stuff, have barely touched Legion ones yet. As Todd said, hoping to work through BfA dungeon ones sometime as well if anyone is interested. Would definitely look stuff up and make a list in advance if we know plans in advance for what we want to do. Also happy to do the anniversary raid with guildies as well. Still need Only the Penitent... from Firelands. X_X
  11. On that note, with 8.25 next week, there will be there anniversary raid.. might be worth going for that on thursdays? tho obviously quite pug-able, a guild group would certainly be more amusing. think of the nostalgia!
  12. I could be interested in that...
  13. Cool, I think my only request for meta runs would be that people look up the guides in advance to save on time with explanations. I'd probably start with legion and work backwards?
  14. I have a stack of Meta Achievements dating back to Mists which are short 2-3 unsoloable ones. Would love some achievement runs.
  15. Sarah and I were also talking about doing the BfA dungeon meta some time so that could be another option for a smaller group.
  16. Would love to work on those, as several legion achs are simply not soloable. The raids on the other hand are a joke and can be done on mythic on your own, unless mechanics! disallow it (i.e. odyn, botanist in NH, marrowgar in tomb and eonar in throne). we wont need a group of 10 as we would for EP of course, except for eonar, which needs full group of 20! raiders even now.
  17. How would people feel about going back and doing old meta achievements with our Thursdays occasionally?
  18. I can say the same thing about my experiences though, fantastic community, my priest alt has joined and healed some of the same people again in various dungeons and some of us have kept in contact. PVP hasn't hindered leveling in my experience and I've already had a couple of fun times with other people doing a bit of grouped world PVP, I feel like PVE just really lacks that extra element than can sometimes be fun to engage in when desired. More people seemed to have an appetite earlier on for maybe playing on a PVP realm and this seems to have largely disappeared, which I think is a shame. I think Todd is waning a bit with some of the questing, so I suspect without anyone else much around to socialise with, our playtime from going from most days to occasionally.
  19. Earlier
  20. We have a fair few members including a few tanks at various levels in the guild on Mirage Raceway, why not join everyone else? Mirage has no queues and as a PvE server is easier to level on than a PvP one. I've also found the sense of community on Mirage is good, I've been healing a bunch of dungeons for people and now get whispers sometimes from people I have grouped with before.
  21. No time to really poke classic atm due to work and other things and when I do get the chance can't really be bothered with login queues.
  22. Leveling warriors solo is pain and people assume druids are useless *shrug*
  23. Huh? When did I say that? I just said I can't join you due to queue time.
  24. I'm just trying to be welcoming for anyone that wants to come play with us. Turns out Nik and Lou have characters there, so might get a chance to do something at some point, Loz might take a while to catch up. Edit: Removed stuff by request.
  25. Sorry but I get precious little time to play so I really can't be on a server with queues at peak times.
  26. No realms have free tanks. Nobody wants to level a tank on their own, so they're all taken already.
  27. WTB Tank on Shazz. Todd and I are finding it a bit difficult in the evenings to get dungeon quests done. Happy to help out with bags and shit for levelling. Will try again tonight if the raid doesn't happen, otherwise we'll just be questing.
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