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  2. Unique covenant content is max level only. You meet them all through leveling and "try out" their abilities in their zone
  3. Im in no bloody alliance guild! I protest that statement! As such, i can give no statement about the quality about those gauntlet fellows, i merely act as a hard to remove sticker to mr. mark and consorts mythic runs. you know, torn off halfway but the lower layer of paper still kind of attached due to excessive glue and kind of scratched away with your fingers but not really. Come SL release, i do intend to race ppl to max lvl overnight ofc, but ill do it alone as usual. believe it or not, i actually read every single questtext and dialogue the first time i play an area. But, given that i have not looked into this properly yet: will covenant choices even allow for ppl to play together while lvling in the first place? dont all of em have different questlines and areas?
  4. Ive been out of WOW for a long while now so I wont commit to anything (let alone overnight levelling madness) but when they come up with a release date I like the idea of booking some time off for it and hanging with you guys on discord and stuff, as you said it will hopefully be a bit of a reset and I can enjoy the initial rush of the game again and discovering all the fun things they put in etc. Have fun with it though, it sounds like a good laugh, hope to see everyone for the start of Shadowlands.
  5. With Beta underway and an expected November release date I think it's time to start planning for SL. Obviously our little guild has now gone out in a spectacular explosion and I have to accept I played a part in that. However, we should have seen this coming and done something about it earlier. BoT hasn't been a viable raid guild for some time and the time had already arrived to acknowledge we couldn't do max level content effectively anymore. Still, what's done is done and I don't intend to go back over everything again. SL is a chance of a totally clean slate with sins of the past forgiven and start enjoying some new content together. Currently, Dave, Gaz, Tim, Welpser and myself are in the guild The Gauntlet. Having server hopped and faction changed it is entirely typical that the guild just decided to move to Tarren Mill and switch to horde! So that is where we are, back on Horde and on a server that used to be famous for some reason. Honestly, the guild has been pretty great. The atmosphere is more like BoT of old with a lot of general fucking around but with a core team of mythic raiders pushing at the top. Social raids run through heroic difficulty and achievement runs on old raids. M+ keys of every level are run most days. I believe there is also PvP going on but most of us don't pay attention to that. I am confident the guild can absorb any of us who want to play in SL. We can keep our own forum and discord up if we want for our own stuff. Dave and I are planning to level to max overnight. I think Loz was also in for that but we haven't talked about it for a while. If anyone else wants to join us it was really good fun last year. What are people's thoughts?
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