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  3. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    As a random aside, the Cetacean labs on the Enterprise D is believed to be a reference to those porpoises.
  4. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Gunbuster is in some ways a fairly serious series. The tech level at the end just gets a bit mad (there's a shot of a broadside from one of the cruisers taking out some enemies and a nearby planet is blown up. If I wanted silly I'd have posted the Chouginga Dai-Gurren which is roughly moon sized. Regardless you're comparing psychic dolphins to a universe with space wizards.
  5. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Serious SF universes only, please
  6. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

  7. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Yeah, that comment is pretty much my thoughts on it too. The situation only makes sense (and didn't the opening crawl say something about the Order's other victories?) if the First Order wasn't some kind of pariah backwater but more like actually about half the size of the Republic. If one had been secretly been rebuilding while the other demilitarised and then attacked a number of key locations at once, then sure, I can see that marking a major shift. I would assume that hyperspace "doesn't work like that", i.e. that considering that the resistance vessels were in the very close confines of not-quite-effective-weapons-range the whole time, you probably can't make a jump that short. Again, as far as the Order knew they simply had to follow the Resistance ships for a few hours and then win inevitably by default. If you know you're going to win with what you're doing, why complicate the plan further? FYI the SW universe may have jumped into the lead in regards to which SF universe has the biggest ships; Snoke's "Mega-class Star Destroyer" was 60km wide.
  8. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Someone made a good comment on this on one of my other forums: "As far as we were told, the galactic situation is as follows. There is a New Republic ruling over most of the galaxy. They have recently been demilitarising because everyone is tired of war. There is a small rump Empire known as the First Order, which is basically an isolationist, pariah state tucked away in the corner of the galaxy that nobody takes seriously. Apart from Leia and her old rebel friends like Ackbar, that is, who suspect the First Order are up to something, and have been building up a kind of private paramilitary force known as the 'Resistance' to combat them. The new film opens days after the First Order launched a murderous terrorist attack and destroyed the Republic's capital. They were then dealt a stunning defeat by the Resistance - their superweapon is lost, the galaxy at large is now aware of their intentions, and people everywhere are surely going to be pissed. They should be in the back foot but instead they now arbitrarily rule the galaxy with no explanation. This is a galaxy where every major corporation, every regional power, every criminal organisation has sizeable military forces - are we really supposed to believe that the entire galaxy is filled with secret Empire sympathisers just waiting for a moment like this to pull the black uniform out of the back of the wardrobe like that episode of the Simpsons where the Soviet Union came back at the push of a button" Jump a ship in front of them? Palps got all the explanation he needed though. Snoke feels like he needs more.
  9. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    The timescale is a little weird. Ep 8 begins immediately as Ep 7 ends and spans about 2 days. That's it. The first order could lightspeed ahead to where exactly? The resistance are, as far as they and the audience know, just outpacing them in a frantic bid to stay alive until a better plan happens. The order has no possible plan other than to just keep pace as long as possible since they eventually win if they do. Luke seemed fine to me. He had a lot to be dealing with over a very short space of time? Re: dying, I assume that projecting himself in that way that he was visible in the minds of hundreds of people on another planet was too much strain. It wasn't like the Rey/Kylo link where only they could see each other, this was orders of magnitude more powerful. Mary Poppins in Space is fine. Contrary to many other sci-fi films in the past which just made shit up about what happens to an unsuited body in space, a regular person doesn't explode and can survive with no ill effects for 30-120 seconds before they asphyxiate. Snoke was surprising that he didn't get the backstory before being killed off. Then again neither did Palpatine by the end of VI - and Snoke was named on screen more times than he was. Snoke was obviously set up to be the Emperor to Ren's Vader... except that by betraying his master to assume his position (as is the Sith way), he's actually deeper into the Dark Side in a way than Vader ever was. Casino planet plot was meh. But I aint going to complain too hard about the bits where Rose was on screen because she's heckin' cute. No Knights of Ren is odd. They surely have to do something with that plot thread in IX. Kylo doesn't go insane. He finally realises that what he wants/needs is to rise out of the shadow of assorted ancestors/mentors/characters from the past (it's like a metaphor for the whole new trilogy!) and be in control of his own destiny. But is still evil and wants to rule the galaxy, ofc. Go big or go home. Rey does seem to have picked up the force powers strangely quickly. But then timescales in the new movies seem vastly accelerated over the originals anyway. Rey can lift rocks after 3 days training but Leia couldn't fuck up a door after 40 years experience in the Force, as if. Godspeed makes no sense as a line. Well. it's a galaxy far far away in which they certainly don't speak English, so you could argue that it's an idiomatic translation... Not a very good argument though. Deus Ex scenes like what? It's only a Deus Ex Machina if some external agent from out of fucking nowhere saves the day. There was a shitload of The Cavalry Arrives moments, true, but the only one which was set up in a manner which wasn't "character who we knew was offscreen returns at convenient moment in completely reasonable fashion" was BB8 in the AT-ST. Arguably Luke turning up when/where he did was bordering on Deus Ex Machina - except that gets plot twisted with the reveal that his turning up was only a distraction and it cost him his life. Turning a Cruiser into an FTL railcannon has probably never been done before because you need a large but (preferably) empty warship with an intact hyperdrive in order do to it. That's unlikely to happen in general circumstances as a ship in battle would probably take enough damage that its hyperdrive failed before you'd consider evacuating and kamikazeing the ship. You could stick a hyperdrive on a ship frame large enough to do that much damage as an unmanned one-shot weapon, I guess, but it would be prohibitively expensive in terms of resources to a faction like the rebels/resistance to do so. They have had ship-based Superlasers in the old EU. But that particular weapon looked like it was specifically adapted for siege warfare/tunnelling. Remember that the resistance were in a cave network. Ask anyone in the military who've served in Afghanistan just how fucking difficult it is to root someone out from caves. They could have bombarded them orbitally and probably destroyed most of the cave network and maybe killed everyone inside? But just melting a fuck-off hole in the door and sending in Stormtroopers would actually be the best way tactically speaking to kill all the resistance.
  10. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    I really enjoyed it while watching it, but if you actually think about a lot of things in it then it starts to crumble a bit.
  11. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    I enjoyed it as a sci-fi action film... I just had a LOT of issues with it
  12. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    I think Nik loved it. I think.
  13. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Fantastic Scifi action film Terrible Star Wars. Ok so, where the fuck to start - So the entire premise of the film is a slow pace chase with sub-plots everywhere. Not my number one choice, but its a chance of growth, so lets see where they go with this. We're not sure what time anything fits into. How long has Rey been with Luke? Is it in these 16 hours? Why are the first order wasting a day to chase down the rebels when they have plenty of fucking fuel? They could easily Light speed ahead? Luke is insanely flippy floppy. I get the whole, mimicking old Yoda, but still. They had such a fantastic opportunity to introduce the idea of grey and balance, but instead they just go on about how the Jedi order must die WITH NO FUCKING REASONING. The 3 lessons is cool, and mirror's Yoda's 3 lessons, with the 3rd never being given. But then after using his Force Illusion/Projection he just.. dies? What? Mary Fucking Poppins in space was fucking DUMB AS FUCK. Yes Leia is a Force User, yes she is more durable than a normal person due to this, but still, she's still a FUCKING MORTAL. They should have let her die and used the ghosts of that to haunt Kylo and help facilitate his Heel Turn Turn. Snoke had no explanation and is now being covered in Battlefront2? Really? Thanks... You better be back in 3 with some kind of explanation. You're more powerful than Sidious or Vader, so I guess a match for Luke? But still... The Entire Codebreaker plot was a waste of screentime and a wasted character, would have fit very well if they were going for the grey story, but as they didn't this was jarring and just seemed to be a way to reintroduce younglings. Fucking Younglings... You started all this Still no Knights of Ren except Kylo... Kylo has a lot of growth, then they throw it out the window and make him insane again. Rey is super powerful with 0 effort or realisation, we let this slide with Luke, but really? Can we just fucking train for once in our lives? Leia can now blast doors with her super powerful jedi god powers. God Fucking Speed.. THERES NO FUCKING GOD IN THE STAR WARS WORLD! YOU WERE LITERALLY TALKING ABOUT THE FORCE 30 SECONDS AGO. The film is entirely made to see merch - Porgs, Crystal Critters, Space Horses, BB9E. So many Deus Ex Machina scenes. If you could do that to fleets with lightspeed, why the fuck wouldn't the rebels do it before? Did Han do that to his ship when he left in TFA? There is no precedent for it, maybe they should have had her warp into the reactor core, but even then they're always fucking shielded.... The First Order has so much super tech... its only been 25 years and its inconsistent. If you can miniaturize Deathstar tech WHY ISNT IT ON A FUCKING SPACE SHIP.
  14. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Cute A-Wing pilot that needlessly died in the hanger had real waifu potential though.
  15. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Ye, Rose was cool.
  16. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    MVP: New waifu:
  17. Film is awesome and very fun. A lot of touching character moments and cool battles and setpieces. Only negative thoughts: - I feel the new films fail on worldbuilding. They don't have any more than the original films did, however, these ones feel like they need it more. It wasn't helped by Force Awakens dropping most of the scenes setting up the relationship between the Republic, Resistance, and 1st Order. The Republic lost its capital, it's fleet (because they're numpties) and the 1st Order has dominated the galaxy again in a short space of time. Felt like a rush to get back to rebels vs empire. - Hopefully, that isn't it for Snoke. He feels like a wasted character who was just a device to corrupt Ren and bring him and Rey together. Force Awakens to me implied there'd be more to him. - It makes me slightly sad that the new films devalue the achievements of the cast of the original trilogy. The New Republic lasts a few years then falls and Empire 2.0 is back. Luke fails at Jedi. Now when you watch the happy Yub Yub celebration at the end of Return of the Jedi you know it's just going to all fall apart.
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    thats no excuse, i promised and intended to turn up and instead just failed at staying awake. its just a shit move on my part, and im sorry.
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    We're still 3 people away from a full raid. Has made no difference.
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    My apologies, i fucked up completely and just straight up fell asleep. goddamn it.
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    I'll post this here too, as it amused me
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    How rude.
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    Bored waiting for a raid so imma doodle on this thread ( . ) ( . )
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    Shaman's can tank, right? Somebody else can heal again
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    I'm sure the first few bosses don't really need tanks. Make the mages do it.
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    Double warr tank! nothing could possibly go wrong!
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