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  2. BoTPug

    It sounds like next (calendar) week is a write off for quite a lot of people including me so I'm going to disregard it. Obviously if you guys can get a night together then go for it but it doesn't look good. Starting from Monday 30th then. Dave can't do Monday and is a maybe for Tuesday but Todd/Sarah can't do the Tuesday so that is out too. Lei can't do Wednesday 1st and I would be a maybe. Thursday 2nd is fine for everyone except Gaz so it might have to be then.
  3. Might be raiding in FF now, but we'll see :x
  4. Looking like 18:30 on Sunday will be the plan then, if Lei/Gaz/Welsper are all available.
  5. Last week
  6. BoTPug

    Ah yes I see them. Thanks
  7. BoTPug

    Yeah, I thought Todd uploaded a bunch last night. If not I'll poke him later.
  8. BoTPug

    Did anyone take logs?
  9. BoTPug

    Lets hope we can find a day then to get this shit done. Im obviously available at all times. Our progress at least was promising, only the final phase was still rather chaotic. just gotta get that down! but damn, ppl shouldve really told me earlier that my mic was off up until a full hour into the raid!
  10. BoTPug

    Mon/Tues are my main raid days, but if we 1 day clear on Mon then I can be there on Tues.
  11. BoTPug

    Free any day as long as I know a few days in advance so I don't plan anything else for it.
  12. BoTPug

    Calendar wise, the next 3 weeks are basically a fucking nightmare for me because it's the middle of gig season of which I'm going to 6, plus friends doing events and LARP stuff for Halloween, coming down to London, going to my uncle's wedding in Yorkshire...
  13. BoTPug

    As far as I know, Monday 23rd is fine, Monday 30th is fine and Wednesday 1st is fine, as is Monday 6th. Wednesday 25th is busy.
  14. BoTPug

    Any days but Weds is fine for me. /nolife
  15. BoTPug

    Out at football that day.
  16. BoTPug

    Busy. Monday and Weds are the only days I'm free the whole calendar week.
  17. BoTPug

    Seems there is some issue with next week. I don't want to do a poll because people get unsure about multiple dates and it can get confusing in this timescale. Instead I'll suggest days until we get one that will work. How do people feel about Tuesday 31st October?
  18. BoTPug

    I'll be on
  19. BoTPug

    Lei's on an 8pm finish, I've definitely seen her get online within 20 minutes of that before. We might be lucky this week in that case.
  20. BoTPug

    Tim and Welsper hopefully.
  21. BoTPug

    I'm around, but do we have 2 tanks? Lei and Sharp won't be back until 9pm?
  22. BoTPug

    Sorry, def going out this evening now. Will be home by 9 so if you've not killed it I can jump in to deeps. I got a ret lego today!
  23. BoTPug

    Don't you wish you could block spells?
  24. BoTPug

    Welsper is hitting 940ish equipped, i really ought to be able to survive shit by now, maiden aside. goddamn magic dmg. Antorus really worries me, ToS is 90% phys, maiden aside, but antorus seems to have even more magic dmg than NH...
  25. BoTPug

    I am back this week but then not next week. It's been pretty chaotic recently.
  26. BoTPug

    I'll know in an hour or so if we're going out this evening. If we do I'll be back around 9ish if your still running and need an extra deeps / replace Welsper. I'd like to say I'll def be around but given recent attendance I'm not going to postpone other stuff only to find a wasted evening. :\
  27. BoTPug

    Curve should be priority, but people have to be online for that to happen. Please be online tonight if you can. Not sure if Mark is back this week but hopefully.
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