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  2. BoTPug

    So youll get feared for 20secs, dying/losing threat and/or killing all the ranged dps that has to stack on you, losing tons of dps due to repositioning constantly and then die to the dot anyways cause youre not a dk/dh/drood? oh boy, i can hardly wait!
  3. BoTPug

    Don't worry, I'll be around next week to bask in my paladin superiority.
  4. Today
  5. BoTPug

    Heroic certainly felt more entertaining to fight aswell, and having a warrior tank for the fear makes it quite a trivial matter compared to our last attempts. The only downside is the magic dmg dot, which is a warriors worst nightmare (see krosus, mistress WHY DID WELSPER JUST DIE etc. T_T). Clearly, i need to bring my monk instead (who has 10 ilvls on welsper anyways) and nacey has to racechange to dorf for fearward.
  6. BoTPug

    Great raid, healing is actually challenging again on Heroic and I had a lot of fun. Hope we can keep the progress going even if we only get an hour on Heroic for the next few weeks. It's good to do the Normal skip/clear to get trinket upgrades (and trinkets for those without them). Argus seems to be trivial for us now, even with idiot puggies dying earlier in the fight. I think the only people who died on the last phase were unavoidable orb one-shots and even those seemed to get cheesed half the time (insert Dave laughing maniacally and yelling "I'm a fucking bear!"). Tree was still alive when the boss went down and I assume we were well under the enrage timer. Portal boss (I'm sure it has a name, you can figure it out) fight was very tight, I was OOM at the end but didn't make it to my third potion cooldown due to using Angelform too late in the fight. But we can get better at the execution where we need to so I'm sure we can push further. I should have logs too so will get those up when I remember.
  7. Beginner board games

    Carcassonne has two levels of aggression. There is the strategic castle takeover which can be mean if they have been working on it for a while but they can often see it coming and take moves to block it. The second is joining the entire board into one massive field so that the two innocent meeples you lay down 40 minutes earlier suddenly take control of the world and completely wreck the other players day. If you do the second you're a dick, like me
  8. Beginner board games

    Thanks for all the suggestions. We ended up going to Draughts and played 2 games of Carcassonne. It took around 2 hours as I've never played it before either so it took a while to get going. I see what you mean Mark by how you can be very aggressive, but we ended up mostly building our own bits and even cooperated sometimes. I lost both games xD
  9. To me structured running is like joining a guild; it involves setting a schedule and arranging things around the running as opposed to the other way around. Yeah I'm lucky to have Lee Valley park right next to me, which has a variety of paved, trail, and just grass/mud paths. It's nice to see and feel the seasons changing while you're out there as time goes by. I'm not looking forward to summer! It's too hot and I have terrible hayfever between June-July.
  10. BoTPug

    It went very well. I'm a little torn on the heroic reset point. On the one hand, assuming we can repeat the performance next week, Eonar tier chests are important to aim for. On the other, there are two more bosses before we get our first credit towards the skip which is also valuable. I won't be on at 8 next Thursday to actually influence this decision but I think my preference would be 3 bosses on normal and then extend HC lockout for council (tier) and Imonar (skip).
  11. I need to be more structured with my running, my approach at the moment is to identify how much time I have available that day and that's how long my run is. So yesterday I only had half an hour so went for short quick run, on a sunday I might go for a longer run. On a different note city running is so boring, this week in Hamburg running is just fitness. Yet when I am off road I can enjoy being distracted by the uneven trail and beautiful scenery. Bring on Summer!
  12. BoTPug

    Excellent raid last evening! 4 HC bosses down despite only starting at roung 2100! at this rate, aotc next week!
  13. Yesterday
  14. @dangphat E = Easy LSD = Long Steady Distance F = Fartlek T = Tempo I = Interval H = Hills MP = Marathon Pace Mostly running easy at the moment with a weekend long run. Started to introduce speedwork in the form of fartlek sessions. Once I get above 30mpw I'll weave in aerobic intervals and hills.
  15. BoTPug

    We'll be on, would be nice to get a raid going, has been a while. Please log in if you can .
  16. BoTPug

    Sorry, probably won't be around again tonight. Will be back to normal next week.
  17. BoTPug

    Yeah I'm still tied up on Thursdays at the moment. Might arrive late.
  18. BoTPug

    No absences reported as yet except maybe Mark. If people don't just not turn up, we should be good. Maybe PUG a DPS.
  19. Last week
  20. BoTPug

    I will be about on time this week.
  21. BoTPug

    Is it worth even bothering tomorrow?
  22. I got Seat12 (as I missed the week before)
  23. Istanbul/Damaskus. Also, Cath+Cath, hows that for a joke!
  24. Where in Germany are you? (Posting this from Hamburg) @Welsper
  25. I'm definitely not about Tuesday since I'll be in London from Tues-Thurs next week. Also won't be about for the raid as a result.
  26. I "might" be gone on friday evening, but no clear status on that yet. a snowstorm, which is reasonably likely to hit any moment these days, would cancel my arrangements on short notice and as such id be available. Keys i shall check later. all of these seem perfectly doable with the currents week affixes of course, so its just a matter of "can i get a cos for smooooooth sailing" or not.
  27. Sarah: EoA 13 Todd: VoW 13 I think we're pretty much around any day except Tuesday. If there's no raid tomorrow we could get a couple done then.
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