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  2. Sharp

    Fate/Grand Order

    *gets summon ticket for 7 day login* *Rolls for Tomoe* *NP3 Musashi....*
  3. Yesterday
  4. katou danzo is also damn great, bloody hell. doll/robot joints! but, saving, yes. im more concerned by shutens rate up given how hard i already tried to get her on every single other rate-up so far.. mind of steel indeed. either way, shimousa was quite fun in my opionion, a few typos/mistranslations aside! and i only had to "cheat" a single time with a non-knight team, vs the shuten+raiko matchup. complete bullshit fight, lets give an ai the aoe cc with a base cd of 7, except make it have a cd of 0 instead! surely thats fair! nevermind getting 1shot by amped berserker crits! arrrggg. shame salems bond-boost is utter nonsense, only applying to casters. no variation allowed, good luck finishing all fights with 6 casters. at least theres no "forced-useless-npc-frontline" fights.
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  6. Tiran

    Fate/Grand Order

    Threw some tickets at Musashi/Tomoe/Chiyome, got none of them. My quartz is all for Abi, and anything left over for Hokusai.
  7. I'm on-call this Thursday so will be working late and then liable to get pulled away so no point me being on - feel free to log on and do other things though, but tomb meta will be next week sorry
  8. Sorry but I'm with Welsper on this one.
  9. Hey, the dialogue and the torturer boss are ingame, just probably.. subject to change.. for shame. Also: the final pet battel dungeon: BRD!
  10. Should be up on ptr soon as they already have the nlyalotha isles and boss models and everything... also datamined: DK assets for all allied races -> next xpac wrath of the lich king (banshee queen) 2.0 ? and a personal favourite: Spoilers!
  11. I'd like them to do a seasonal affix that hits you on boss fights rather than trash. Like something happens for every 25% HP the boss losses or something.
  12. never mind grievous, im sure the new seasonal affix will be way better than void-emissary week at least. Ofc, given its the last content patch they might just go all out.. and simply combine the last three seasonal affixes into one. so you get reaping waves + ghuun infest emissaries at the same time!
  13. Actually it makes no difference to Grievous because it's impossible to remove Grievous with Atonement, you have to spam Shadow Mend at each individual target. As such we mostly end up removing it out of combat so the leftover heal absorb from this new thing doesn't matter. The problem is that Atonement itself, which we maintain during all fights, will now build heal absorb and then absorb the incidental healing even if you've taken damage. This is a problem on all weeks. The existing problem with Grievous has nothing to do with this new bullshit, it's simply that our per-design in-combat healing doesn't work in a way in which we can remove Grievous. Have I mentioned how bullshit Grievous is for Disc?
  14. im sure itll work great in combo with grievous! heal em over 90%, but be careful not to hit 100.00001%!
  15. Overconfident is also complete Fuck You to Disc Priests who cannot control overheal even if they wanted to.
  16. damn shame. i do LOVE tomoes design and the sprite is godlike, but after the summer disaster of 516sq for NOTHING im on full savings mode till abi/eresh, with nothing to spare. fortunately, the actual character is also not really intresting, so i can delude myself into not feeling too bad about it. couldnt care less about musashi to begin with.
  17. I'd rather not proceed without anyone so we'll park it for today, there's no rush
  18. Sharp

    Fate/Grand Order

    NP2 Musashi and no Tomoe T_T
  19. I won’t be on. I’ve been at a conference all week and should see my family
  20. I am about, but would appreciate if possible a heads up if we're not on since I have to tidy etc for guests.
  21. Anyone not about? As I've said above theres no point really going unless the people who want metas are all here
  22. Earlier
  23. id imagine, but which curse you get is apparently random, and we dont know if those curses are all there is so far. given that you could just as likely end up with the 25% heal absorb on overheal (better not have any leech on gear/azerite traits on pull! 100dmg overheal = 150k healing gone) , the mechanic seems more worriesome than anything. the curses in general seem badly balanced, the "focus 1 target or -10%!" or any of the killing blow effects are non-issues on raid bosses, but will ruin your m+ runs. the fear seems completely unusable unless you have a fearbreak (with a lower cd than its internal proc rate), as does the 50% slow. The "spawn a thing from below" seems intresting mind you.. how will the dmg work? is it ignoreable? does it scale with m+ modifiers? are the spawns targetable? use two so you can always have 3 target aoe and let the healer deal with dmg you take but do crazy aoe dps even on single target fights!
  24. Won't all 5man tanks want the masochists ring?
  25. Im still looking for the "fun" part on all of that ptr stuff.. theres some tank nerfs, mostly brewmasters, no gcd changes, MORE ap grind, and uh.. oh yes, more island expeditions in the "nightmare visions of nzoth" - but those seem to scale with player count.. all the way down to 1! so ill just solo em i guess.
  26. So its the end of the expansion throw everything at the wall patch. Time for fun!
  27. hey, theres a quest at 70 to unlock your bigger azerite-fireball animation (rank4) in which you get to kill not-sinestra. because there must always be a... chromatic flight dragon consort for deathwing who died quite a long time, sister to ultraxion, who just figured nows the perfect time to get put down. also quite fancy: "corrupted" rings in 8.3, those give an flat 2% dmg/healing in addition to their base stats, but also come with a downside, such as: (edit: see picture) apparently they also want to "change" titanforges due to old gods assaults on the literal titan-forges out in the world, i.e. old.god-forged, madness forged, or hell, cursed. given the above, id wager you get those (or similar effects) as a trade-off for the increased power of the item.. so your new loot can be +15 ilvls, but completely unequipable instead! people are gonna love that!
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